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December 5, 2023

10 Easy-to-Use Razors for Men in 2023

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Whether you’re an electric guy or prefer the crisp, clean edges of a safety razor, finding the right grooming tool can make or break your beard. Guys, it’s 2023. You don’t have to settle for the simple razor your mom bought you in high school.

Are you ready to claim your manhood and find the right razor for your skin? Well, hop in because we’re going to Razor Town. Before we head there, let’s cover the basics. The best razors for men provide a comfortable, painless shave that eliminates nicks, cuts, bumps, burns, and breakouts.

Shaving is the step in your grooming routine that should feel—almost—like a religious experience. You get to worship every inch of your soon-to-be hair-free skin as you glide the razor over your face, legs, or pits, and with the right razor, it should be a comfortable, painless experience.

We gathered the ten best shaving razors for men in 2023 so your skin can remain healthy and nick-free. When paired with an effective skincare routine, you can get a close shave and never have to worry about bumps and burns again.


The unique, precise design and “holy cow that really works” shave is what makes Single Edge SE the best razor for men in 2023. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of razors available. What makes Supply superior? They simplified the blade, patented a new Nickstop™ Technology that reduces nicks and cuts by 75%, and made shaving so easy that men don’t have to stop and think about it.

Instead of worrying about razor bumps, burns, and cuts during your next shave, you can spend all your time thinking about more important things—like when the next season of Stranger Things is coming out or whether or not you’ll have time to get milk before picking up your kids.

Shaving often takes up a large portion of men’s time, especially if you have thick, fast-growing facial hair. What would you do if you could get that time back? Single Edge SE is a safety razor designed to give you a close shave without worrying about nicks, cuts, or other pesky things like razor bumps.

Safety razors are a safe hair-slaying tool for anyone, from tweens sprouting their first wispy beard hairs to ancient sea mariners that shave once a year. With Single Edge SE, you can shave everywhere on your body: legs, head, pits, and even where the sun don’t shine. NickStop™ Technology is equipped with a safety bar with 16 fins to guide hair to the blade, provide a smooth shave surface, and prevent hair from getting trapped between the blades. The tech decreases cuts and increases shaving satisfaction.

Supply’s Single Edge SE safety razor is the best shaving razor for men in 2023 and is suitable for every beard. Not to mention it comes with the Black Label Blade Pack, a pack of 8 razor-sharp blades that will get you through more than a few seasons. Each blade only costs $1, stays super sharp for about 8-12 shaves, and one pack is typically a 90-day supply—or longer.

Supply’s razor and blade combo can save you hundreds of dollars compared to flimsy multi-blade options. Here’s the math: shaving with Supply typically costs $30 per year, and purchasing cartridges or blades for multi-blades razors will run your costs up to $150 to $200.

2. Harry’s Winston Razor

Get It.

A hefty grip and luxurious ergonomic shape make The Winston from Harry’s our number two pick. It’s a travel razor designed to make shaving easy wherever you are in the world.

Imagine landing in Istanbul and cursing the gods because you didn’t have time to shave before your flight. But then, lightbulb. Your Winston razor is nestled safely in your toiletry bag, waiting for its next big day. You pull it out—along with the small bottle of shaving cream that past you packed as a gift to future you.

The shave experience is the same, even in a foreign land where everything is different. The five German blades on the razor remove facial hair without tugging or pulling. Each blade is designed for your face, and you experience the precise trim it offers as you vanquish hair under your nose and near your ears.

“Achieving a close shave while halfway around the world isn’t so tricky,” you think, at least not with the second-best shaving razor for men in 2023.


Bevel, a business run by black men for black men, noticed a gap in the market. Where are all the razors for men with thick, curly, or long hair? The kind that won’t cause nicks, cuts, bumps, and razor burn?

With that thought in mind, Bevel engineered a single-blade Safety Razor to help those with coarse and curly hair get a close shave without the typical tug and pull that causes unwanted irritation. It’s designed from top to bottom to cater to this hair type and improve the experience for men with different hair types.

Bevel Safety Razor is the best shaving razor for men with curly or coarse hair that provides an irritation-free shave.

4. Merkur 34C Heavy-Duty Safety Razor

Get It.

Ignore the long dinosaur-like name and instead focus on the important things. Like the fact that this safety razor is effective for novices to experts, and it provides a close shave, even for coarse hair.

While the long name is distracting, it’s just telling men that the product has a heavy-duty handle that makes it easier to move the blade safely around your face. The device is a classic safety razor with double edges that provide an effective, clean shave.

Merkur’s safety razor is the best choice for men who want a heavier handle and tool that helps men get a smooth, controlled shave.

5. Gilette SkinGuard Razor

Get It.

Give your rough-and-tumble beard a good talking to with a gentle, skin-safe razor that’s made for every skill level. You don’t have to be a professional barber in the Wild West to work this guarded razor. (Although if you want to hop into a time machine and become a barber in the 1820’s Wild West, we won’t hold you back).

SkinGuard razor stands out because it’s an easy-to-use, low-difficulty razor that offers precision. The grooming tool is engineered to lubricate your skin while keeping the blades’ pressure light. As a dual-blade razor, it can get close to your skin and offer a tight shave, but it’s not quite as impressive as a 5-blade cartridge.

SkinGuard Razor is the best shaving razor for men with sensitive skin who want a user-friendly tool.

6. Philips Norelco OneBlade Electric Trimmer and Shaver

Courtesy Image

Get It.

It’s electric! OneBlade is an electric razor with multiple attachments to make grooming easy. Inside the trimmer-shaver package, you’ll find the tools you need to shave every type of hair, from facial hair to other hair.

Men love the tool for its versatility and ability to shave, trim, or detail. Not to mention it can do it dry or wet. Electric razors are an excellent option for men with sensitive skin or those dealing with acne because they don’t get as close to the skin.

OneBlade is the best electric razor for men who want a versatile shaving device that can tackle any type of hair—while still being gentle on the skin.

7. Gillette Mach3 Razor

Get It.

Affordable, classic, with a simple design—Gillette Mach3 has a lot to love. The razor has a three-blade cartridge, which is where the shaving magic happens. Guys without experience can use the razor and—hopefully—walk away with a nick-free face.

We really love the affordability of this shaving product and the fact that it’s easy (and cheap) to switch out the cartridge. Gillette Mach3 razor is the best choice for dudes new to shaving or those who like super affordable grooming products.

8. BIC Flex3 Disposable Razors

Get It.

From your favorite pen-maker comes a disposable razor you can use and toss away. BIC Flex3 Disposable Razors are excellent for guys who shave infrequently or silly goose’s that forget to add a razor to their toiletry bag before going to the airport.

If you ever find yourself up a creek without a razor, the disposable option from BIC is one of the best. Even though it’s a quick-use product, the blades come sharp and have great pivot and contour, which makes it easier to remove hair.

9. Wahl All In One

Get It.

Keep this lovely lady in your shaving kit or toiletry bag because it will come in handy. Wahl All In One is a beard-, nose-, and ear trimmer that works for most hair types. Using the trimmer is easy as pie and can have your beard in shipshape in under ten minutes.

We’d like to note that it’s not the best option for a close shave, but it does an excellent job of helping maintain the shape of your beard.

10. Parker SR-1 Barber Straight Razor

Get It.

We have some quick advice if you’re dipping your toes into the waters of straight razors. 1. Be careful. 2. Be very, very careful. 3. When you think you’re being careful enough, we’d like you to double it.

While straight razors aren’t the stuff of nightmares, they are notoriously tricky to use. That’s where an introductory straight razor comes in handy. Parker SR-1 Barber Straight Razor is meant for straight newbies (not that kind) and gents who want to be at-home barbers. We believe in you (just remember our advice)!

Parker SR-1 Barber Straight Razor is the best shaving razor for men in 2023 who want to start using a straight razor.

What You Need to Know About Shaving Razors for Men

Choosing a razor isn’t as easy as it sounds. The right razor for you depends on a number of factors, including your budget, lifestyle, and type of hair. Here are key features to look for as you shop and some tips to get the most from your razor.

How to Shop for a Razor

Finding the right style of razor will help you get a closer shave with less irritation. Here’s what you should be looking for.

Razor Type

There are five main types of razors:

  • Cartridge razors are an easy, relatively safe option, and replacing the blades is as easy as stepping into a grocery or drug store. When men learn to shave, they typically use a cartridge razor.
  • Electric razors make fast work of shaving but typically don’t offer as close of a shave as others.
  • Safety razors offer a close shave and have only one blade. They are easy to replace and are more eco-friendly.
  • Disposable razors are convenient, affordable tools that last three to 10 shaves. They often have two to five blades.
  • Straight razors are more complicated and often used by professionals or men who want a super close shave.

The type of razor that works best for you depends on your grooming routine (how often you shave) and your facial hair (short versus long).

Ease of Use and Difficulty Level

Ease of use reflects how easy a product is to use. If you’re shaving your beard daily, you’ll want a razor that shaves quickly without much fuss or maintenance. But if you prefer shaving weekly or bi-weekly, then a fancier tool that requires more time may be appealing. Check reviews to see how time-consuming it is to shave with each razor and find one that fits your lifestyle.

You’ll also want to consider your level of experience. Are you a total beginner, or have you been shaving for decades? Knowing what level of difficulty you can handle will guide you to the right razor.

Hair and Skin Type

Understanding your hair and skin type will help you lock down the perfect shaving tool. While all the razors we picked are great for removing facial hair, they all work differently for each hair type.

If you have thick, long beard hair, you’ll need a sturdier razor that can handle more hair. If you regularly shave stubble or short facial hair, a different type of razor may help you get a smooth close shave.

Also, consider your skin. Men with acne or oil-prone skin will likely have pimples and blemishes that should be avoided while shaving. Grooming tools like electric trimmers are a great solution and are less likely to irritate the skin.


When it comes to grooming and self-care products, price matters. If you’re a daily shaver, you’ll likely need an economical razor as blades dull every three to 10 uses (depending on the blade).

Men who shave less frequently may feel comfortable spending more on shaving products as they’ll have to replace their tools less frequently. Whatever type of shaving device you choose, consider how often you use it, whether it comes with replacement blades, and how long a particular device will last before you need to buy a new one.

High-quality razors that prevent irritation typically cost between $40 and $80. Any gents interested in budget-friendly products should look for razors that have easy replacement parts, like a safety razor, as they’re often the most affordable and long-last option.

Top Tips and Tricks for Shaving

Enjoy a closer, nick-free shave with our top tips and tricks.

Get Your Hair and Skin Wet

The trick to prepping your skin and hair is to get them wet. Use warm water to soften hairs and remove dead skin cells and excess oil. If you really want to prep your skin, use your daily face wash and gentle exfoliator before shaving. This clears the pores of debris and buildup and means there’s less gunk to clog your razor blade.

Use Shaving Gel or Cream

While some gents like to go in raw with no shaving gel or cream, we don’t recommend it. It may work for some skin types, but men with dry or sensitive skin should use shaving gels or creams formulated for their skin type. Shaving creams are an extra line of defense and help prevent mishaps like razor bumps, burns, or nicks and cuts.

Keep Your Razor Dry Post-shave

Instead of leaving your razor in the shower (we know, we do it too) or on the bathroom counter in danger of the sink splash zone, store it in a dry location. Before putting it away, dry it off with your hand towel. Placing a razor in a dry area prevents bacteria growth and keeps your razor in tip-top condition. A clean razor is a good razor! When bacteria does grow on your blades, it can cause extra irritation to your skin and may cause problems when ingrown hairs occur.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of razor is best for acne?

Many teenagers or acne-prone guys use multi-blade razors to remove facial hair, but they may cause extra irritation like redness, razor bumps, and nicks to already irritated skin. Consider switching to a safety razor with a single blade or an electric razor. Safety razors are easy to maneuver and make it easy to avoid raised pimples or inflamed areas. Electric razors may be a good choice for guys with larger areas of inflamed skin because they don’t go as close to the skin, making them easier to avoid.

Those with acne should always use a sharp blade. So toss out that dull disposable razor if you’ve used it for a few months. Also, be sure to use light pressure and gently shave the face, especially where you have blemishes and acne, as this helps prevent nicks that can worsen your skin symptoms.

What razor gives the closest shave?

Straight razors provide the closest possible shave, but they’re usually used by professionals. They have a sharp blade that easily slices hair and can be used next to the skin. Learning to use a straight razor takes time, and straight razors should always be used cautiously.

If learning to use a straight razor effectively isn’t in the cards for you, a safety razor is the next best option. Safety razors help you get a close shave without the risk of nicks and cuts.

What’s the best shaving razor for men in 2023?

Single Edge SE is the best shaving razor for men in 2023. With Nickstop™ Technology, this safety razor makes shaving easy and painless. You can get a close, comfortable shave and walk out of the bathroom feeling refreshed and fabulous. 


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