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November 7, 2023

11 free and affordable ways to look after your skin

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Beauty writer Paula Joye has encountered some bizarre beauty treatments over the years, including a moisturiser that was meant to “replicate what it is like to be in a spaceship and how your skin would come out looking if it was put under that sort of pressure.”

Then there was the year everyone was getting Buccal facials which involves having fat removed from your face, something she says you should “never, ever do”.

She admits there is pressure to try each new treatment in the course of her work as a journalist.

“There definitely is, but you definitely can’t,” Joye tells 9Honey.

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Paula Joye beauty advice new book The Glow Up

Joye has now released a new book called The Glow Up in which she shares all the best beauty advice she has learned over her three-decade career and what she has learned is that much of the most effective skin care strategies are free or affordable.

She shared with us her best tips, all of which you can start today.

1. Avoid the sun

”Number one is sun protection, and it is completely free to do it, apart from buying sunscreen, but you can wear a hat, you can wear a T-shirt and clothing,” she says.

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Paula Joye beauty advice new book The Glow Up

“If you do it every day, if you just did that, if you committed to proper sunscreen use and sun protection, you would see a change in your skin in six months time.”

2. Exercise

“The other thing that’s free and brilliant is blood flow. So anything that brings blood to the surface and increases circulation at that top level gives you that flush,” she says.

“People talk about that after run or after sex flush… it’s so brilliant for your skin.”

3. Cold therapy

“Cold therapy is another one that’s free and works really, really well and that’s moving your face from hot to cold,” she says.

Paula Joye beauty advice new book The Glow UpPaula Joye beauty advice new book The Glow Up

“Boil a kettle, pour some boiling water into a mixing bowl, put a towel over the top and steam your face. Just steam, steam, steam your face and then have a twin bowl next to it filled with water and ice cubes and then dunk your face into the ice,” Joye continues.

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“And just repeat that a couple of times and you will have that post facial feel because you’ve really opened up the pores, you’ve sweated a little bit and you’ve shocked your skin so you’ll get that nice natural look that’s absolutely free.”

4. Oil massage

“Massage is free, you can do that yourself, any oil, even olive oil from the kitchen,” she says.

Paula Joye beauty advice new book The Glow Up

“Anything that loosens your muscles, helps take tension out of your face, brings blood to the surface, you’re just going to look better.”

5. Moisturiser

“And the other thing that makes you look really good is moisturiser,” she says.

“So many people say, ‘Oh I’m so dry.’ You look so much better with moisturiser on. Just go and put moisturiser on.”

6. ‘Your face stops at your boobs’

”You should be putting everything on from your hairline to the top of your nipples every day,” she says.

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Paula Joye beauty advice new book The Glow Up

“I wish I’d given more attention to my décolletage and my neck for sure. And I wish that I had loved my body and my face and my beautiful young skin more.

7. Consistency

“Simple habits,” Joye explains. “No matter whether you’re using nine products, seven products, two products, it’s habit. Habit and consistency.”

8. Self love

“I wish I had not ever said a negative word in the mirror to myself about how awesome and beautiful and firm and fabulous my skin was when I was that age,” admits. “What a waste of time.”

9. Double-cleanse

Joye says we should be using cleanser twice at the end of each day.

“People think it’s just makeup but it isn’t, it’s all the free radical damage from the environment, blue light from the computer, it’s literal grime, literal dirt, sunscreen, that all has to come off,” she explains. “Then the second cleanse gets rid of the residual of the first cleanser and then you’re ready for products.”

Paula Joye beauty advice new book The Glow Up

10. Always take your makeup off before bedtime

“If you don’t get that makeup off your face, you may as well sleep with your head in a bin,” she says.

11. Not all products will work for you

“I definitely tell people when they look great and I definitely do ask people if there is a certain thing they like, but your girlfriend is not a doctor and what works for your girlfriend will not necessarily work for you,” she says.

Paula Joye beauty advice new book The Glow Up

“So I am a big believer in asking but also then just don’t expect the same thing because every body skin is different and you just got to work out what yours is and how to treat it the best. Which hopefully the book will teach you.

Purchase your copy of The Glow Up, out now. Get all of Paula Joye’s beauty and fashion advice via her website The Joye.


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