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March 31, 2021

How ESPN Studio Host Maria Taylor Went From Athlete to Sideline Reporter

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ESPN studio host and sideline reporter Maria Taylor isn’t just the most stylish personality in sports broadcasting. She’s one of its best prepared and most determined.


The Basics on Maria Taylor:

  • Age: 33
  • Height: 6’2″
  • Hometown: Atlanta
  • Favorite Southern food: Anything smothered
  • Power fashion: Black leather jacket

Men’s Journal: How did you go from being a basketball and volleyball player at University of Georgia to reporting on the sidelines of a Steelers vs. Giants Monday Night Football game?

Maria Taylor: I told my athletic director I wanted to work in sports broadcasting from day one. I got my first job because he called Learfield/IMG [sports marketing company] and said, “You have to give Maria a job because she’s in my face every day.” When I got to ESPN I went to my bosses and said, “Hey, one day I’d like to host College GameDay. What are the steps to get me there?” Closed mouths don’t get fed.

And by 2017 you were hosting GameDay. Could you always rattle off stats?

At Georgia you’re in SEC country and don’t have a social life if you don’t go to games. That’s when I fell in love with football. But when I started GameDay everyone knew football inside and out, it’s their life’s heartbeat. Luckily my game analyst Matt Millen would take me to practices and we’d watch film. That’s how I really learned the game.

How do you stay in shape when you’re on the road?

You can always do a HIIT workout. Whether that’s doing burpees or mountain climbers, mix that in with 20 minutes of cardio. Everything I do is interval training because I was a volleyball player, and your game is spent in 30-second spurts.

What part of the athletic mindset powers you off the court?

Fail fast.

Please elaborate.

In a game a lot of mistakes are made, but it’s about how you handle it. So if you miss a layup you instantly get back in the layup line or on defense. Expect more in the next play. The mentality has to be: I’m going to improve. I give myself grace and push myself forward.

Best career advice you ever got?

It was from Robin Roberts—make everyone in the room believe that there’s no place you’d rather be from the time you start out making coffee, which I’ve done, to when you get to host the NBA Finals. Your reputation is going to precede you. Make sure it’s a good one.

Sports are rife with alpha personalities. Who’s intimidated you?

The Hall of Fame coaches you run into, the Nick Sabans of the world. There’s just an aura that comes with them. But I’ve learned to shift the intimidation away from me. I just really respect what they do and who they are.

So you weren’t intimidated when you met Barack Obama at the Duke vs. UNC game where Zion Williamson blew out his Nike and injured his knee?

That was my first time being completely starstruck! We had an inkling Obama might show up because Zion was playing and everyone had been coming to see him, like Jay-Z and LeBron. After I found out Obama was coming I decided to say, “Because of you and Michelle I can be who I am now.” Then he came up and said, “Hey, we love watching you on Get Up!” I was shocked to think that he had even heard my voice. And he was in that black bomber jacket—it was cool Barack Obama, cool #44.

What are you most proud of career-wise?

The first time I worked a National Championship football game was in Atlanta, my hometown, and my alma mater was in the game (2018). The whole time I thought, “This is where you belong.” And hosting the NBA Finals for the first time. My dad texted me, “What is my daughter doing on the halftime show of the NBA Finals?” I said, “Yeah, I don’t know, Dad, but we’re here though.”

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Hot cross calories: How to choose the healthiest hot cross buns this Easter

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No Aussie Easter is complete without having an elderly relative force you to consume a hot cross bun with the fruit in it. It’s not that the fruit variety is bad — it’s just that they simply aren’t as good.

But that got us thinking — is it possible to spend all Easter shoving buns in your face (of all varieties) and still retain a rockin’ bod? And if so, which hot cross buns should you choose?

(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

It’s a dilemma that Susie Burrell, registered dietitian and founder of Shape Me, has been advising on for years. She believes that the key to stopping Easter becoming a feast of biblical proportions is to keep the portions sensible, while still enjoying a hot cross bun or two — as feeling guilty about the calories will likely make you feel worse.

“Hot cross buns are a special treat and there’s no issue enjoying a small, traditional bun with a little butter over the Easter period,” Burrell tells 9Honey Coach.

“What’s the real issue is that these buns have been available since Boxing Day, and each year they get larger and larger, and more packed with extras such a choc chips.”

It’s important to remember that a hot cross bun is technically a “discretionary food”, so if you’re worried about too many hot cross calories causing your buns to sag, it’s best to stick to just one or two.

“There isn’t really a ‘healthy’ way to eat hot cross buns. It’s more about your portion size and being mindful of the extra fat you’re adding to your diet when you slather on the butter and margarine,” says Burrell.

(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Fruit, no fruit or chocolate – what’s the healthiest hot cross bun?

Historically, hot cross buns were made without milk because dairy was forbidden during the Christian period of Lent. But nowadays all it takes is a walk amongst the shelves of any local supermarket to see that the ingredient list of a modern bun is no longer sacred.

The dough of your modern hot cross bun can be filled with all manner of delicious ingredients from chocolate chips to coffee to Nutella — but what’s the healthiest option?

For Burrell, the key to keeping Easter as low-cal as possible is to choose a traditional non-fruit hot cross bun and keep the portion size sensible and small.

“It’s important to remember that the smaller the bun is, the lower the carbohydrate content will be and the smaller amount of calories it will have,” says Burrell.

“The variety with dried fruit does add some sugar — but dried fruit is also a key part of a traditional hot cross bun, so it’s hard to avoid. The chocolate variety on the other hand can add an enormous amount of sugars into your diet.”

(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

According to Australian bakery Brumby’s, a traditional hot cross bun will set you back about 858 kilojoules (roughly 200 calories apiece), and that’s before you add butter or margarine.

If you decide to splurge and go for their Nutella-flavoured variety, you’ll consume an extra 150 calories as the price for all of that hot hazelnut goodness.

Considering the average adult daily energy intake is estimated to be around 8700kj, that means you could theoretically consume 10 traditional hot cross buns (without butter or added goodies) and still remain under the limit.

Sure, by doing this you would miss out on almost all of your critical nutrients (and likely have a cracking stomach ache) — but an Easter without some form of suffering just isn’t right.

(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

If you’re watching your waistline, keep Easter to just one day

Whether you celebrate on Good Friday or Easter Sunday, if you’re keen to keep the calorie count of Easter down, it’s pivotal that you set boundaries on when it’s okay (and not okay) to gobble down the $2 shop chocolate your grandmother bought you.

“My biggest piece of advice would be to make sure you limit Easter treats to the Easter holidays,” says Burrell.

“A great strategy is to buy your own Easter gift — like one chocolate egg — with the intention to consume only what you’ve bought yourself on Sunday.”

But just because you want to keep trim doesn’t mean you have to spend Easter counting out the carrot sticks, says Burrell — as long as you keep it to just one day.

“It’s important to enjoy yourself on Sunday, but try to avoid giving yourself ‘permission’ to overeat for four days just because it’s Easter.”

The healthiest Easter chocolates you could indulge in this long weekend

How much exercise it takes to burn off your favourite Easter chocolates


The quick at-home workout that promises flat abs

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Pilates is known to improve strength and tone while helping to maintain a healthy posture, it’s the perfect workout for every type of body, young and old. So when we find a Pilates workout that promises defined abs and a tighter core we simply must share. 

Kirsten King, owner of Fluidform Pilates and creator of the at-home program Fluidform at Home, is the master at programming exercises that are short, sharp and successful at targeting the areas that are often hard to tone; and, thankfully, you don’t need to leave your home to get results.

This ab workout features controlled planking, a focus on mindful breathing and easy-to-follow cues to help you achieve each of the exercises in the correct way. It’s not about fast, uncontrolled and incorrect crunches, instead it’s all about nailing the correct technique to target those hard-to-tone stomach muscles. All you need is a Triadball and you’ll be feeling the burn tomorrow.

The workout is part of the Fluidform at Home online program, so if you want more head to to sign up for the Pilates program that’s got a celebrity following.


5-move workout: Cardio at home

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“I don’t exercise because I hate the gym.”

Sounds like something you’d say? Then try this cardio workout to get fit at home — no gym or equipment needed.

Want more 5-move workouts? Go here for every entry in the series

The cardio circuit in this video has five moves, and for each move there’s an easy exercise option and a hard exercise option — choose the one that suits your fitness ability.

After you’ve warmed up do each exercise for 40 seconds, take a 20-second break, then move onto the next one. Once you’ve finished all five, take a 60-second break (if needed), then repeat the whole circuit at least four times. Download an interval timer app on your phone to keep track on the timing.

Exercise 1

Easy: Toe taps — step. Standing with your feet about hip-width apart, reach down with your right hand as you pull up with your left foot. Drop your foot to the ground, then repeat on the other side. Follow that pattern for the whole set.

Hard: Toe taps. A similar set-up as above, but with a higher tempo. Try to hold the same pace through the whole 40-second interval, but if needed, drop back to the easier version of the exercise.

Exercise 2

Easy: Alternating lunge. Stand upright with your feet hip-width apart. Imagine you’re standing with each foot on parallel train tracks — take a big step forward, keeping your front foot on that train track (not in front of your other foot, as if you’re walking a tightrope). Lower yourself until your back knee is almost touching the floor. Keep your chest up and your weight on the front foot as you drive off the floor. Alternate legs throughout the set.

Hard: Jumping lunge. Keep your weight on the front foot and jump from leg to leg, using your arms to gain momentum. If this gets tough, drop back to the alternating lunge rather than stopping.

Exercise 3

Easy: Jumping jack. This is an exercise classic. Two pointers: First, work at a tempo you can maintain the whole 40 seconds, and try not to slow down (and definitely don’t stop). Second, keep the movements sharp — no sloppy jacks! If the jumping jack is a bit too high impact to you, keep the arm movement but step out to the side instead of jumping, one foot at a time.

Hard: Star jump with squat. Add a squat into the movement. By the end of this set, your legs should buuuuurn.

Exercise 4

Easy: Seal jack — step side-to-side. Start standing upright and step out to the side with your left leg, bending your right knee as you do. Step back in and stand upright, then repeat on the other side. As you step in and out, your arms open and close in front of you — keep them straight and level with your shoulders.

Hard: Seal jack. This is similar to a traditional jumping jack, but your arms come in front of you instead of overhead. Keep your arms straight and level with your shoulders to hold the tension in them, and make each movement short and sharp. (No sloppy seal jacks!)

Exercise 5

Easy: Low-impact burpee. Start in a standing position and squat down, bring your hands to the floor and step each of your feet back until you’re in a high push-up position. (You can also jump both feet back together, for slightly added difficulty.) Depending on your ability level, add in a push-up here — do it from your knees to make it easier, if you need to. Step each of your feet back in between your hands (or jump them back together), then stand up. That’s one burpee.

Hard: Burpee. Aah, the dreaded burpee. Start in a standing position and squat down, bring your hands to the floor and jumping back with your feet at the same time. You’re now in a high push-up position — the perfect place to do a push-up. (You can lower your knees to the floor to make the push-up easier, if need be.) Reverse the movement pattern to come back to standing — that’s one burpee. Count how many you do in the first 40-second set, then try to beat it each set.


‘I’m a skinny guy and I can’t gain muscle — what should I do?’

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Most health talk focusses on weight loss, but for some people – particularly young men – it’s maintaining or gaining weight that is the challenge.

So if you want to stop feeling scrawny and add muscle, what can you do?

Obviously, you need to train smart — but all those workouts may be wasted if they’re not supported by what you eat.

Simone Austin, advanced sports dietitian and author of Eat Like An Athlete, shares her nutrition strategies for gaining weight the healthy way.

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Remember carbs and fat

The words “muscle gain” and “protein” tend to go hand in hand, but Austin says that if you want to gain weight, you can’t forget about the two other macronutrients: carbohydrate and fat.

“Sometimes these people are restricting their carbohydrate intake and thinking all they need is protein, but they need carbohydrates and good fats too,” she says.

“That will give you the extra calories you need to run your metabolism and do your training, then you can use most of the protein [you consume] to replace cells and hormones, create new muscle mass and run your immune system.”

The focus should be on high-quality carbs like whole grains, grainy breads and brown pasta, as well as oily fish, nuts, seeds, avocado and dairy foods for fats.

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Eat more

For a lot of skinny people, Austin says the challenge is to remember to eat more.

“Some people are not that fussed about food – they just eat to survive – and if they’re hungry and doing something else, they might just ignore it and continue what they’re doing,” she says.

“But you need extra calories to run your metabolism and do your exercise and training.”

If you struggle to eat much, Austin says you should be focusing your efforts on foods that are energy-dense.

“For them it might mean nuts, seeds, avocado, eggs, cheese and tuna,” she says.

“Add extra virgin olive oil to your vegetables and salads and [make sure you] eat every few hours.”

You want to make sure you eat within the hour prior to exercising, then have some protein and carbohydrates straight after your workout.

“That will replace the calories you lost in exercise, so you can spare the extra ones to grow muscle,” Austin explains.

When it comes to protein, Austin says you want around 20-30g of protein per meal, as well as quality carbohydrates and fats.

“Two eggs would have 12 grams, two slices of toast would give you another four grams, then you might have a glass of milk or some fetta cheese with it,” she explains.

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Eat clean

If you’re naturally skinny, it might feel like you have a licence to eat as many chips, burgers or chocolates as you like, but Austin says this is so-called “dirty bulk” is misguided.

“That food isn’t very nourishing,” she says.

“For one, it’s not good for your gut bacteria, and therefore not good for your mood. It’s also not good in terms of risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer because poor fats increase our cholesterol level.”

Austin says it’s important people don’t mistake being skinny for being healthy.

“You can be thin and have high blood pressure and high cholesterol,” she says.

“Weight is not necessarily a measure of your health – skinner doesn’t mean better.”

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Be patient

Weight gain can be a slow process, so give yourself plenty of time to reach your goals — and acknowledge that naturally slender fellas are never going to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“It can be very hard for someone to put on weight, just as it can be hard for others to take weight off,” Austin says.

It’s important to take a balanced and relaxed approach to weight gain, trying to enjoy the process of eating wholesome, hearty foods and building strength and fitness.

At the same time, using some meditation techniques or taking time out from busy schedules can actually help too.

“When people are stressed or anxious, it can increase the burning of calories, and that’s not good either,” Austin points out.

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Freo gun snares major awardFremantle star Kiara Bowers was named the best player of 2021 by the AFLW coaches (Photo by Dylan Burns/AFL Photos via Getty Images)

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A five-vote performance in the final round of the AFLW season was enough for Fremantle star Kiara Bowers to secure the AFL Coaches Association player of the year award.

The midfield, who is also favourite to taker out the AFLW best and fairest award, had to overturn a suspension at the tribunal just to play in the final game against North Melbourne.

Bowers would have finished second to GWS gun Alyce Parker if she didn’t play, with the Giants midfielder grabbing eight final round votes to loss by three.

She also would have been ineligible for the league best and fairest.

It’s been a stunning 2021 season from Bowers who finished with 62 votes for the season, polling coaches votes in eight of the nine rounds, including four perfect tens.

Fremantle coach Trent Cooper said Bowers was “every coach’s dream”.

“I know all the coaches put a lot of time and thought into who they vote for each week and it was great that opposition coaches recognised the great impact she had on games right across the season,” he said.

“From a coach’s point of view, she’s every coach’s dream. Not only is she super talented but she works extremely hard and sets a great example for her teammates and then also delivers on whatever the coaches are asking that is best for the team.

“It’s a rare person that can combine all of those aspects and we’re very lucky to have her at Fremantle.”

Fremantle will play Melbourne in the first qualifying final this Saturday in a bid to keep alive their hopes of a maiden AFLW premiership.


1st – 62 votes – Kiara Bowers FRE

2nd – 59 votes – Alyce Parker GWS

3rd – 57 votes – Jasmine Garner NMFC

4th – 55 votes – Brittany Bonnici COLL

5th – 53 votes – Brianna Davey COLL

6th – 49 votes – Anne Hatchard ADEL

7th – 48 votes – Ellie Blackburn WB

8th – 47 votes – Monique Conti RICH

9th – 45 votes – Ebony Marinoff ADEL

10th – 44 votes – Georgia Patrikios STK


March 30, 2021

Trust Me Vodka Sends a Message in a Bottle

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This article was produced in partnership with Trust Me Vodka

Mankind’s most impressive discoveries and innovations occur at the junction of seemingly disparate areas of human knowledge: biology and technology merge to produce the miracles of biotechnology; genetics and engineering have become inseparable, promising a brighter future. Examples abound, yet one alcohol producer has made a bold move to marry two surprisingly distant elements—spirits and art. Ernst Hemingway was famously quoted as saying “write drunk, edit sober.” Indeed, many famous writers imbibed to find inspiration for their written art. Trust Me Vodka, the producer of one of America’s premium vodka brands, draws inspiration from art. It’s literally displayed on each and every bottle, which in turn inspires those who drink it.


Getting noticed in the crowded alcohol market is not an easy task and requires ingenuity, talent, and a core idea capable of moving product to consumers. Visual attraction helps, of course. The spirit of creativity displayed by Trust Me Vodka manifests in truly distinctive branding with a whole story to tell on every bottle. Banksy made a name for himself by putting his art on concrete walls, pavements, and fences—and Trust Me Vodka uses its vodka bottles as a display for talented creators’ works of art.

Since 2017, 15 artists have had the opportunity to create the art seen on each Trust Me Vodka bottle. Trust Me is constantly scouting for up-and-coming artists all over the world. In 2017, the first artist to commit their art was Jeff Soto—a budding artist known for his variation of Pop Surrealism and street art. No empty Trust Me bottle needs to be recycled since they’re also a genuine collectible item. Like postal stamps at the time of the stamp collector craze, each bottle is a limited series that stands a good chance of becoming a collectible item after each of their 20,000-bottle series is sold out. With art that varies from contemporary to modern to abstract, the Trust Me bottega is made up of multitalented artists.

At a time of overall food and drink sensitivity, producers have to cater to different dietary preferences, with alcoholic beverages being no exception. Trust Me Vodka comes in two kinds of spirits—organic vodka distilled from wheat, and vodka for gluten-sensitive drinkers made from a unique sort of Idaho-grown potatoes. Both beverages have distinctive smoothness and a crisp yet kick-free profile. In a bid to expand its range of premium beverages, Trust Me has recently launched a premier line of bottled cocktails that include the famed bloody Mary and sex on the beach, exotic kamikaze, and a pear-cucumber mix, among others. Trust Me mixologists do wonders, as the name would suggest.

The message in a bottle that Trust Me is sending is that of an uncompromised commitment to excellence through rare creativity. To learn more about Trust Me Vodka, visit their website or follow them on Instagram.

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Lose the Pandemic Weight With TeamUp Fitness | State | – The Times Herald

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PHILADELPHIA, March 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — New studies show that the COVID-19 pandemic has led to unwanted weight gain and increased isolation and loneliness even for healthy people. The TeamUp Fitness platform aims to help cure both problems by encouraging people who are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and connecting them socially with like-minded people.

A peer-reviewed study published recently on the JAMA Network and cited in The New York Times concluded adults under shelter-in-place orders gained more than half a pound every 10 days — roughly 2 pounds per month. A peer-reviewed study from University of Cambridge medical school professors published last month said people are at risk from isolation from social distancing and could benefit from intervention strategies. This is why the TeamUp Fitness app is so important for the social connections the platform provides, along with the many features to keep a person motivated and inspired to drop the extra pounds.

Frank Peperno of TeamUp Fitness said those new trends exacerbate what is already a serious health problem. “The American Heart Association found more than 42 percent of U.S. adults have obesity, and it is widely known that obesity can worsen the outcomes of COVID-19, increasing the risk of hospitalization and even death,” said Peperno, Chief Marketing Officer at TeamUp Fitness. “The TeamUp Fitness app is the perfect platform to connect people who are passionate about fitness and nutrition but are also looking for a partner to keep them motivated.” 

TeamUp Fitness is a social, lifestyle, and fitness connection dating platform created to bring the fitness community together.  

Among the platform’s features is the “Let’s Connect” feature where members can connect with nutritionists to get an expert opinion on the best diet for them.  Members can also connect with fitness trainers from around the world who are available to provide workout tips and regimens based on your fitness goals. Having a fitness trainer helps people be accountable to their goals and also be sure that they are doing the right types of workouts that have the potential to meet those goals, rather than wasting time on an unsuitable workout routine. Having a team of experts, including nutritionists, trainers, and like-minded fitness gurus, is the way to lose weight and even get back in the dating scene. 

The TeamUp Fitness app is free to download on the Apple Store or Google Play Store. 

About TeamUp Fitness

TeamUp Fitness is a Social, Lifestyle, and Fitness Connection – Dating platform developed to bring the fitness community together. Connect, find, match, and chat with new fitness friends, new workout partners, fitness professionals and possibly find your Fitness Soulmate.

Download the free app on the Apple Store or Google Play Store today.


Alexis Quintal

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TeamUp Fitness App

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SOURCE TeamUp Fitness App


Rapper known for indulgent food show sheds 58kg in a year: ‘You can see my ankles now’

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A rapper known for his luxurious lifestyle and decadent food show has stunned fans with his 58kg weight loss.

Ariyan Arslani, better known as Action Bronson, 37, has toured the world indulging in the finest cuisines along the way on his famed TV show F*** That’s Delicious.

But the artist, TV host and professionally trained chef embarked on a new journey committing to a new diet and fitness routine for the last year resulting in his transformative weight loss.

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Bronson tells The New York Times, prior to his pandemic-induced health kick, he was “eating like I was a child, like I was a growing boy, anything in sight.”

“I knew I wasn’t in a good place. I could barely fit in this chair. My stomach would catch on the sides,” he shares.

Adopting a routine of constant workouts and nutrient rich food, Bronson forewent the lavish meal plans featured on his show that spanned five seasons, swapping indulgent, often multiple course meals, for tailored healthy options.

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Action Bronson
“I knew I wasn’t in a good place. I could barely fit in this chair.” (Instagram)

The Queens born New Yorker, known for spreading him charm across the globe, fuelled his famous show with a fervent passion for culinary skills and authentic cuisine, but has since limited his indulgences in pursuit of a better lifestyle, as consumption without consequence began to take its toll.

Bronson said the popular series, that aired four seasons on the VICE Network, and its fifth on YouTube, promoted a way of eating that “became comfortable, to where it wasn’t just the show.”

The rapper even likened his off-air indulgences to doing “heroin every day.”

Prompted to take action, like his namesake, in the pursuit of better health, Bronson signed a contract to write a self-help book, F*** It, I’ll Start Tomorrow, due in April.

As coronavirus hit in March last year, Bronson committed to a fitness regime of walking, jogging and drinking nutritionist-approved green juice occasionally as meal replacements as well as grilled chicken and sweet potato.

Within two months, the rapper lost 27 kilos.

Action Bronson
“You see my ankles now — they’re like model ankles.” (Instagram)

After building his stamina, the musician fell back into his childhood love of bodybuilding, adding weight training exercises to his regime.

Since March last year, the musician has clocked a 58kg weight loss, and admires the self-worth that’s accompanied it.

“You see my ankles now — they’re like model ankles.”


Affordable activewear guaranteed to get you up and moving

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If you’re planning to kick-start a new exercise regime, we’re guessing you’ll be on the hunt for affordable activewear to help you smash your fitness goals in comfort, and style.

To help, we’ve rounded up the best workout wear buys. From the $25 trainers that will go the distance to the two-set that looks way more expensive than its $40 price tag, and the $25 Best and Less tights everyone is trying to get their hands on, there’s plenty here to shop.

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