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September 30, 2021

‘Ridiculous’: Victorian golfers fume at toilet ban MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – SEPTEMBER 23: Premier of Victoria Daniel Andrews speaks on September 23, 2021 in Melbourne, Australia. Victoria has recorded 766 new COVID-19 cases, the highest number of new cases in the community since the current Delta variant outbreak began. The record infection numbers come as Melbourne braces for another day of protests despite current COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. Thousands of people have been demonstrating across the city since Monday over lockdown restrictions and vaccine requirements. (Photo by Asanka Ratnayake/Getty Images)

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Victorian golfers were furious to discover all indoor facilities – including toilets – had been banned due to strict Covid-19 guidelines.

Victorian golfers were left fuming on Thursday after “ridiculous” Covid-19 restrictions banned the use of all indoor facilities – including toilets.

Melbourne golf clubs welcomed guests back after the Victorian government allowed them and tennis courts to open for the first time in several weeks.

However, indoor areas of the clubs, including toilets, remained shut to patrons under the restrictive guidelines.

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On Wednesday evening, Golf Australia (GA) informed members in an email: “Please note, toilets must remain closed at your facility.

“This is different from previous advice received on this topic, and GA will make urgent representations to government on this point as we understand full well that this is a significant impost.”

Speaking on radio station 3AW, Royal Melbourne Golf Club captain Andrew Kirby called the restrictions a “joke” and a “breach of human rights”.

“I know the blokes can do a number one in the trees, but there are lots of women playing,” he said.

“We’ve been through this opening and closing and opening again so many times that you’d think they’d get it a little more down pat. To be honest, I think the problem I see is too much micro-regulation of it.

“Golf courses have really gone out of their way to embrace Covid-safe, scores are done on an app, you don’t touch anything, we’re vaccinated, so we’re trying to work with it and make it safer.

“Maybe there’s been a miscommunication or something has been misconstrued but we have staff there, we have lots of women playing, we have people with medical conditions – they need to use the toilets.

“It’s just a bit disappointing after the excitement of opening yesterday.”

3AW radio host Mark Allen tweeted: “Seriously – the toilet ban that @VicGovAu wants at golf courses in Melbourne is the stupidest thing I‘ve ever heard … I’m assuming that all the toilets in parks across our city will be closed as well?”

Albert Park Golf Course resident professional David Diaz said the toilet ban was “quite ridiculous”.

“I know some courses, they have to lock their toilets. It’s just odd,” he told The Age.

“But anyway, we’re happy to get out there and play.”

The Herald Sun’s Caleb Bond tweeted: “If the shambolic reopening of golf and tennis clubs in Victoria is any indication of how the rest of the state will open up, then God help us all.”

On Thursday, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said he’d asked the public health team to look into the toilet ban.

“That team works as hard as they possibly can,” he told reporters.

“These directions are a good deal more complex than they might seem sometimes, but the good news is, there’s a query been raised, it’s being followed up, and, hopefully, there can be a positive response to that quite soon.”

Earlier this month, before golf clubs were permitted to open, Mr Andrews said the sport was “not safe” in Victoria, announcing that “recreational activities that require the use of a facility” would remain prohibited.

“You can’t allow everything, you can’t agree to everything, we essentially have prioritised family time, so people being able to connect with another family, another household, outdoors,” he told reporters at the time.

“I would love nothing more than to be able to go and hit a golf ball, but that’s not safe. It will be, though, at a point in the future.”


The Best Non-Pumpkin Fall Beers to Try This Season

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Just like that, pumpkins have returned. While you may be OK with pumpkin made into a pie filling, roasted with vegetables, pureed into a soup, or maybe even added to a seasonal latte, it’s understandable if you think there are certain places it just doesn’t belong. When it comes to fall beers, there are two camps: Those who pumpkin and those who don’t.

But what makes for a good autumnal beer without the polarizing gourd? Chris Swersey, competition director of the Brewers Association, thinks it could be anything with a “little more malt backbone.”

“Fall beers generally have more toast, biscuit, cookie-like flavor attributes,” Swersey tells Men’s Journal. “They tend to have a bigger body, fuller flavor, maybe more alcohol. There’s a little bit more to chew on, which is nice on a cold day. They also tend to support the heavier meal choices you make in the fall, like stews and meat courses. ”

Some styles that fit within those parameters include browns, porters, stouts, Oktoberfests, Marzens, ambers, dark lagers, and Munich dunkels. Here are 12 of our favorite pumpkin-free fall beers to sip all season long.

Note: Some of the beers below have limited availability online. Click the links to the brewers’ websites to see if you can find some at a store near you.

The Best Non-Pumpkin Fall Beers

Short’s Pure Michigan IPA fall beers
Short’s Pure Michigan IPA Courtesy Image

1. Short’s Pure Michigan IPA

IPAs generally aren’t considered fall beers—their profiles often skew too citrusy or tropical to be appropriate for sweater weather. This is one of the exceptions. Short’s can only make this in the fall—it’s a harvest beer. Brewers work with local producers to secure hops and grains fresh from the fall harvest, which means it encapsulates the best of these ingredients and it’s as fresh as it gets. It marries the lightly fruity hops with rich, warming malts for a well-balanced seasonal sipper.

[Limited availability;]

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Firestone Walker Oaktoberfest
Firestone Walker Oaktoberfest Courtesy Image

2. Firestone Walker Oaktoberfest

That’s not a typo. Firestone’s seasonal suds are aged in French oak barrels (hence the name) for a soft mouth feel and earthy flavor notes. The beer also calls upon Bavarian hops and Bavarian Augustiner lager yeast, so even if it is a bit of a change-up from a standard Oktoberfest, it’s one of the best versions you’ll get outside of Germany.

[$11, 6-pack;]

Get it

Samuel Adams Octoberfest
Samuel Adams Octoberfest Courtesy Image

3. Samuel Adams Octoberfest

While not new, the Sam Adams Oktoberfest is a notable Marzen-style fall beer. Smooth, roasty, and with just the right amount of biscuit and caramel, it’s very true to the genre. In fact, it’s so spot-on that it has won more than 125 awards, including some in Germany, since debuting 32 years ago.

[$11, 6-pack;]

Get it

DuClaw Sweet Baby Jesus Porter
DuClaw Sweet Baby Jesus Porter Courtesy Image

4. DuClaw Sweet Baby Jesus Porter

Porters, originally from London, are named because of their popularity with street and river porters: The sweet, dark beer was robust and caloric enough to support the demands of the job. Historical porters would have been fairly basic, but this Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter from DuClaw is pure over-the-top indulgence.

[$10, 6-pack;]

Get it

Dogfish Head Camp Amp fall beers
Dogfish Head Camp Amp Courtesy Image

5. Dogfish Head Camp Amp

There are two consumables that go best with a campfire: s’mores and beer. This milk stout from Dogfish Head serves up both. It’s brewed with marshmallows, graham crackers, cocoa nibs, cinnamon, Madagascar vanilla beans, and smoked malt. On a chilly fall night, it makes an excellent companion.

[Limited availability;]

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Leinenkugel’s Hofbrau Collaboration Lager fall beers
Leinenkugel’s Hofbrau Collaboration Lager Courtesy Image

6. Leinenkugel’s Hofbrau Collaboration Lager

Wisconsin-based Leinenkugel’s and Munich, Germany-based Hofbrau are some of the oldest breweries in their countries (154 years old and 532 years old, respectively), so it’s safe to say they know a thing or two about making a good lager. This amber abides by Reinhetsgebot (a famous German purity law that states beers can only be made with malt, hops, water, and yeast), which translates to a clean, crisp, and refreshing beer.

[$10, 6-pack;]

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Breckenridge Autumn Ale fall beers
Breckenridge Autumn Ale Courtesy Image

7. Breckenridge Autumn Ale

Even though it’s said to be inspired by brewmaster Todd Usry’s childhood memories of fall in Virginia, this brown ale is decidedly grown-up. The nutty, dark fruit, chocolate, and toffee-like flavor attributes make for a fall beer that, as the label reads, is good for “after rakin.’”

[Limited availability;]

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Harpoon Flannel Friday fall beer in a mug, a can, and a bottle
Harpoon Flannel Friday Courtesy Image

8. Harpoon Flannel Friday

While you may have to retire your tank tops and flip-flops this time of year, you don’t necessarily need to trade in your IPA. Bready, sweet, and piney, this incredibly drinkable and hoppy amber ale from Harpoon is perfect for hop-heads who want something with a little more autumnal oomph.

[$11, 6-pack;]

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Allagash North Sky
Allagash North Sky Courtesy Image

9. Allagash North Sky

Generally speaking, if you’re craving a stout, it’s because you want something smooth. This Belgian-inspired stout from Allagash is pure silk: Caramel, chocolate, and a whisper of pine define this roasty, sweet, and super sippable beer.

[$14, 4-pack;]

Get it

Clown Shoes Undead Party Crasher fall beers
Clown Shoes Undead Party Crasher Courtesy Image

10. Clown Shoes Undead Party Crasher

Coffee, chocolate, smoked malts, and lactose dominate this full-bodied American imperial stout. But there’s one very unique secret ingredient that your tastebuds probably won’t perceive: holy water. How’s that for a spooky-season beer?

[Limited availability;]

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Jack’s Abby Smoke & Dagger fall beers
Jack’s Abby Smoke & Dagger Courtesy Image

11. Jack’s Abby Smoke & Dagger

There’s a misconception in beer that anything darker than red is going to be heavy. This black lager from Jack’s Abby proves that’s not the case. While there are some toasty chocolate notes, they’re more to balance out the smokiness of the malts used. It’s complex, but isn’t something that will weigh you down.

[$9, 4-pack;]

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Second Self Mole Porter
Second Self Mole Porter Courtesy Image

12. Second Self Mole Porter

Inspired by co-founder Jason Santamaria’s family recipe for Oaxacan-style mole sauce, this full-bodied and well balanced porter is spiced with three varieties of chiles, cinnamon, cacao nibs, and cloves.

[$12, 6-pack;]

Get it

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Obé Fitness review: What to know – Medical News Today

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We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Here’s our process.

Obé Fitness offers various workout programs to suit people of all fitness levels. The programs are also suitable for those who are traveling or trying to build strength before going into labor. Individuals can also find fitness equipment, such as ankle weights and resistance loops, available for purchase on the platform.

This article explores Obé Fitness in more detail, looking at its membership plans and some of its training programs. It also discusses the pros and cons of the brand and the health considerations relating to exercising indoors.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All information is purely research-based.

Obé Fitness is a subscription service that offers live and on-demand workout classes for people who live in the United States and Canada.

Users can join the Obé Fam Facebook group to meet other individuals and post recipes, books, and travel recommendations.

According to the Obé Fitness website, the exercises are suitable for all fitness levels, and people who are just starting do not need any equipment. However, those who wish to increase their workout intensity can consider using fitness tools, such as resistance loops, sliders, and ankle weights.

In addition, a person can view the instructor page to learn more about the Obé Fitness instructors and the exercise classes each of them leads.

Obé Fitness has a rating of 1 out of 5 stars from customer reviews on the Better Business Bureau website, which lists 32 complaints from the past year.

Most of the complaints revolve around customer service issues, as customer care representatives were unable to issue refunds.

Reviewers also wrote that although the online registration process is easy to follow, users have to call during limited business hours to cancel their subscription.

The company also has a Trustpilot page with an average rating of 3 out of 5 stars. Customers have complained about the cancellation policy, having experienced similar issues to the reviewers on the Better Business Bureau website.

The company offers three membership plans:

  • Monthly: $27
  • Quarterly: $65
  • Annual: $199

It provides 22 daily live classes and more than 6,000 on-demand classes, and users can also access training programs to exercise with world-class instructors.

Individuals who subscribe to the quarterly and annual plans can benefit from brand partner discounts, including those from Talkspace and WHOOP. They can also attend level-up club classes and receive gift cards for the Obé shop.

All membership plans come with a free trial.

Below, we look at some of the specific training programs that Obé Fitness offers:

Runner’s Hub

This program is suitable for people who go running — whether they are just starting out as runners or training for a marathon. It includes guided warmup sessions, strength training sessions, and recovery exercises.

In some of these classes, people may need to use weights and foam rollers.

The platform also offers an advice page for those new to running, suggesting, for example, that they stay hydrated and warm up before exercising.

Postnatal Hub

This program helps individuals build their strength after giving birth, and it also supports their postnatal transitions.

Some of the sessions a person can participate in include:

Prenatal Hub

The Prenatal Hub helps a person build strength safely while pregnant and prepare their body for labor.

Below are some exercises that this program offers:

  • strength training
  • cardio boxing
  • dance cardio
  • HIIT
  • restorative yoga

Obé Fitness also offers some tips related to prenatal fitness. For instance, it suggests that people replace situps with goblet squats and full planks with kneeling planks.

Travel Hub

The Travel Hub program is best for individuals who want to exercise while traveling. The classes do not require any equipment, but people may need to use a towel or a suitcase in some cases.

The exercises on offer include:

  • pilates
  • HIIT
  • hip hop dance cardio
  • strength training

Obé For Your Workday

This training program offers short exercises that individuals can perform at their work desk to help boost their energy.

These include:

  • desk stretch
  • pilates stretch
  • calming meditation
  • desk mobility

The Obé Fitness Shop stocks various fitness tools, equipment, and accessories, such as:

  • Ankle weights: Each ankle weight weighs 1.5 pounds and costs $25.
  • Resistance loops: Resistance loops come as a set of two and cost $18.
  • Sliders: Sliders come as a set of two and are double-sided, with one padded side and one coated side. They are also lightweight and suitable for travelers. People can use the sliders on any surface that they use for exercise. The cost is $25.
  • Stainless steel water bottle: This water bottle has a copper-plated inner wall that keeps drinks hot or cold, and it also comes with an insulated lid. It weighs 16.9 ounces and costs $30.

People who use Obé Fitness may wish to consider the following pros and cons:

The American Lung Association (ALA) states that physical exercise can reduce the risk of some health conditions, such as:

A 2020 study affirms that exercising indoors can be helpful for children and young people if they need to self-quarantine and cannot exercise at the gym.

Some companies are even offering free online classes to help individuals stay active during the pandemic. A person with sufficient space at home may also wish to use home gym equipment, such as treadmills and exercise bikes.

The ALA also recommends that people exercise indoors if the outdoor pollution level is high.

However, those who train indoors may not experience the same health benefits as those who exercise outdoors due to limited space, equipment, and accountability, among other factors. Moreover, an older multi-study analysis found that outdoor exercise can improve a person’s self-esteem and mood.

People with underlying health conditions should ask a doctor what type of exercise would be best for them.

Learn more about exercise and fitness here.

Other platforms that offer workout programs for individuals who prefer exercising at home include:

  • Peloton: Peloton stocks exercise bikes and treadmills, and users can download the Peloton app, which offers various workouts, such as stretching and cycling. The app comes with a 30-day free trial, after which people pay $12.99 per month. Learn more about Peloton here.
  • NordicTrack: NordicTrack is well-known for its home gym equipment, as it offers treadmills, bikes, elliptical machines, and more. Users can download the iFit app, which comes with a 30-day free trial. The app provides indoor and outdoor classes and allows people to text their instructors with comments or questions. Learn more about NordicTrack here.
  • MYX Fitness: MYX Fitness offers one membership for up to five users, starting at $29 per month. Individuals can benefit from weekly workouts, heart rate monitoring, and progress tracking. Learn more about MYX Fitness here.

Obé Fitness offers a variety of workouts for indoor exercises, including postnatal, prenatal, and travel training programs.

Working out can provide numerous health benefits, but a person should seek medical advice before exercising if they have an underlying health condition. A medical professional can determine the types of exercises suitable for each individual and advise on whether they need to change their fitness plan.

Other companies manufacture home gym equipment and offer a membership plan for those who use subscription apps. Therefore, a person should research all of the options available to them before signing up for a particular service.


Best spring salad recipes for weight loss, energy, immunity, and stress

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Spring has arrived, and with it a yearning for light fresh foods after months of high-calorie takeaway and heavier winter meals.

Long gone are the days when a salad translated into some lettuce, a few slices of tomato and a couple cubes of cheese (if you were lucky). Now, it’s far more common to find salads that are as hearty as a main meal, and also packed full of fresh foods that make them such a good option nutritionally.

If you’re loving your salads at the moment, here’s more salad inspiration tailored to your own lifestyle goals, from reducing stress to shedding kilos.

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Chicken breast
Lean protein in the form of chicken breast is ideal for muscle repair. (Pexels)

A spring salad for… muscle repair

Chicken quinoa salad

When it comes to good-quality, lean protein you cannot go past chicken breast — with at least 20 to 30g of good quality protein per serve, when it’s teamed with nutrient-rich quinoa you have a balance of carbohydrates and protein to support muscle growth and repair that is made in heaven.

All you need to do is then add some extra virgin olive oil and fresh salad veggies, and your body and your muscles will love you. Perfect as a post-workout meal.

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Tuna nicoise salad
Leave the potato in to keep cravings at bay. (iStock)

A spring salad for… weight loss

Tuna nicoise salad

Weight loss comes down to achieving a balance between calorie, carbohydrate and protein intake and for this reason, a tuna nicoise is the perfect salad choice if fat loss is your goal.

Packed with plenty of greens, eggs for protein and good fats and tuna, which is both rich in protein and low in fat, along with its light dressing makes this retro classic the perfect salad choice to complement your fat loss goals.

You can even ditch the potato if you prefer to keep your nicoise lower in carbs, although a few pieces of potato will help to keep your blood glucose levels regulated so you don’t crave sweet food later in the day.

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Girl eating a salad
Brown rice is ideal for an energy hit. (Pexels)

A spring salad for… for energy

Brown rice salad

If energy-rich meals is the focus of your diet, you cannot go past a wholegrain such as brown rice to give you a nutritious energy hit.

If you team your rice with some sashimi salmon, edamame, grated carrot, radish and a little sesame and soy, then you have created your own energy-rich poke bowl. Perfect for a hit of omega-3 fats (thanks to the salmon) and plenty of nutritious carbs for energy thanks to the brown rice.

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Salads are a great way to boost your immunity naturally, especially if you include beetroot and walnuts. (Pexels)

A spring salad for… boosting immunity

Beetroot walnut salad

After the year we have had, it is any wonder people are interested in eating for immunity, and a couple of nutrient-rich superfoods that tick the box when it comes to immunity are beetroot and walnuts.

Beetroot is exceptionally rich in antioxidants that help to protect the body’s cells from infection, while walnuts are also a good source of Vitamin E and zinc, both nutrients involved in immune function.

If you team your favourite beetroot, feta and walnut salad with prawns, you will further boost the zinc content of this yummy salad.

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Salmon avocado poke bowl
Salmon is associated with positive mood and low anxiety. (Pexels)

A spring salad for… reducing stress

Salmon avocado salad

Of all the evidence we have that points to the calming effects of food, salmon comes up time and time again as one of the foods associated with positive mood and lower risk of developing anxiety.

If you team some delicious Tassal salmon with Vitamin E-rich avocado, some fresh greens and a little mustard or olive oil, then you will create a tasty, nutrient-rich meal packed full of the nutrients associated with better mood.

Author Susie Burrell is a leading Australian dietitian and nutritionist, founder of Shape Me, and prominent media spokesperson, with regular appearances in both print and television media commenting on all areas of diet, weight loss and nutrition.

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The best snacks to eat when you are working from home


September 29, 2021

Beefed-up bodybuilding ‘mutant’ Nick Walker is no mere mortal x x x xx x x

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Nick Walker is not made like mere mortals — and the 27-year-old bodybuilder proved as much by achieving a recent career highlight.

Nick Walker is still on cloud nine after taking out the prestigious Arnold Classic on the weekend.

Inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger, the annual competition pits the world’s most hardcore bodybuilders against each other and there were some seriously wild rigs on show this year.

Last year’s event was postponed because of the pandemic and 27-year-old Walker clearly used the time to his advantage, becoming the youngest winner in 30 years.

The American — nicknamed “The Mutant” — pipped Iain Valliere for top spot after the pair faced off in the final comparisons.

“One of the greatest feelings I have ever felt, but what made this even better was seeing how happy my friend @iainvalliere was for me,” Walker wrote on Instagram on Wednesday night, alongside a video of him being announced as the winner.

“Like I always said winning feels so good, but the memories and friendships made, nothing compares.”

Terrence Ruffin finished first in the Arnold Classic Physique component of the event, Missy Truscott won the Fitness International award and Jennifer Dorie took home the trophy in the Bikini International competition.

Schwarzenegger, the bodybuilding icon who transitioned into an acting career in Hollywood before turning his hand to American politics, was on hand to present some of the awards.

“Congratulations to all of the winners at this year’s @arnoldsports classic! You are all true champions, and I look forward to seeing you guys very soon,” he wrote on social media.

Walked picked up a winner’s cheque worth $AUD180,000 for his troubles but there’s no time to rest. He’ll be back in action early in October at the Olympia Fitness and Performance Weekend.

In addition to the Arnold Classic title, Walker also took home the Most Muscular award.

He only turned professional last year and also won this year’s 2021 New York Pro before continuing his hot streak at the Arnold Classic.


How to Take a Punch, According to a Pro Bare-Knuckle Boxer

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Nobody wants to get punched. Even professional fighters avoid getting punched as best they can. Unfortunately, whether it’s outside a bar or inside a boxing ring, fists have a way of finding faces. So how to take a punch? We could think of no better man to ask than Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship heavyweight king Joey Beltran, who has also competed in MMA under the UFC and Bellator banners. Beltran is revered for his granite chin and toughness, and he definitely knows a thing or two about getting hit, whether it’s by naked knuckles or a gloved fist.

Here’s how to take a punch like a pro.

Preparing to Take a Punch

If you suspect there’s a punch coming your way, you might be compelled to try some boxing-specific exercises to bulk up your neck and jaw. Beltran isn’t sold on these. As far as he’s concerned, a person’s ability to take a punch comes down to their inherent toughness, and not much else.

“In my opinion, it’s more about genetics,” Beltran tells Men’s Journal. “I personally have never done any neck exercises or jaw-strengthening exercises. I’m not saying they’re bad, but I have a good chin, and I think it’s God-given.”

A better idea? Work on preparing yourself for the impact mentally. Beltran believes that this kind of preparation can be useful, if only to help you accept that there’s a good deal of pain headed your way.

“If it’s a bare-knuckle fight or an MMA fight, I just try to have full acceptance of what’s about to happen,” he says. “I’m OK with it. In a way, I actually kind of enjoy it. I don’t feel like I’m doing my job until I get punched in the face.”

Taking a Punch

There’s a fist flying toward your face. Now what? Priority number one is to get out of the way, but if you can’t, Beltran has a few tips.

First and foremost, keep your eyes open.

“It all boils down to that old boxing cliché: The punches that you don’t see coming hurt the most,” Beltran says. “I think that holds true whether it’s a street fight or an MMA fight or a bare-knuckle fight.”

Second, keep your head and jaw in the right position: Mouth closed with your chin lowered close to your neck to protect it. Don’t turn away from the punch.

“You’re in a fight,” he says. “Grit your teeth, definitely don’t have your mouth open, tuck your chin, and keep your eyes wide open.”

Third, roll with the punch. Tilt your head and body in the same direction as the punch to lessen the force of the impact. But don’t overdo it, says Beltran. If you move too much, you’ll increase your risk of being knocked down, particularly if you’re untrained—and that’ll leave you in an even more vulnerable position. To avoid that, keep your feet planted and your knees slightly bent in an athletic stance. Roll with the punch and then return to center.

Or, you could try what Beltran does.

“I have more of a caveman mentality,” he says. “If I see it coming and I can’t get out of the way, I’m just going to tuck my chin and boom: Smash my head into their hand.”

Recovering From a Punch

The good news, according to Beltran, is that the pain of getting punched doesn’t typically set in until the fracas has faded. You can thank your adrenal glands for that.

“If I get hit, right when they announce the winner, that’s when the adrenaline usually starts to wear off,” he says, “and I’m like ‘oh, man.’”

Of course, not everyone takes punches for a living. Adrenaline may not be enough to stave off the pain and wooziness of getting hit. In that case, Beltran recommends tying up with your opponent. Get close and hook your arms under their armpits, thereby removing the space required for them to land more punches.

“I tuck my chin and try to grab a hold of the guy,” he says. “But that’s in an organized context. If I get [hit] like that on the streets, I’m going to go for the nuts.”

While there are few things worse than getting badly rocked in a fight, the good news is that you should regain your composure reasonably quickly—so long as you don’t get clocked again. In Beltran’s experience, it usually takes about 20 to 30 seconds for the dizzying effects of a punch to wear off.

The Positive Side of Getting Punched

There aren’t many silver linings to getting punched. It hurts. Even so, Beltran believes there’s one positive that can be extracted from the experience: If you can survive a good punch, at least you know what you’re made of.

“I definitely think you should get punched one time in your life,” he says.

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Pullman introduces the Fitness Squad | TravelDailyNews International – Travel Daily News International

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PARIS – Pullman Hotels & Resorts, a leading brand within the Accor group, introduces the Pullman Fitness Squad – an exceptional group of fitness ambassadors from around the world, specially chosen to lead Pullman wellbeing and fitness initiatives, represent Pullman Power Fitness and oversee the full range of Pullman X Les Mills live classes, on-property bootcamps and other special events.

Pullman Power Fitness offers guests a dynamic, energizing and state-of-the-art workout experience that blurs the boundaries between a conventional hotel gym and a boutique fitness brand. With the announcement of the Pullman Fitness Squad unlocking even more potential, Pullman along with the brand’s fitness partner Les Mills are excited to present a diverse group of well-known Les Mills fitness professionals: Anthony Oxford, Maxime Vigeant, Fiona Fransisca, Gary Mulholland, James Thomas and Jojo ZhouRong.

“We are pumped to announce the Pullman Fitness Squad. As influential leaders in the fitness world and now dedicated ambassadors for Pullman Power Fitness, they will help us bring our strategic global partnership with Les Mills to life at Pullman hotels around the world,” said Mehdi Hemici, Senior Vice President, Loyalty & Partnerships, Accor. “Forward-thinking, hyper-connected and ambitious, each Fitness Squad member was selected by Pullman guests to represent Pullman’s passion for fitness and performance. To make the most of the newly expanded program, we will also work very closely with each squad member to showcase Pullman’s strengths with their own respective communities, add greater value for local fitness enthusiasts and attract new members to the Pullman world.”

More than a gym, Pullman Power Fitness taps into a new era of training diversity, integrated technology and the support of a like-minded community to help Pullman guests stay on top of their fitness game. The partnership with Les Mills unleashes the full experience of the Pullman Power Fitness community, while also leveraging the world’s largest creator of choreographed exercise-to-music group fitness classes. As a result, Pullman X Les Mills is the world’s first boutique fitness hotel offering with around-the-clock innovative fitness classes, in-room fitness amenities, challenging boot camps and Fitness Squad events.

“We are really excited to partner with Pullman, offering LES MILLS On Demand in all Pullman hotels which will help more people access the benefits of fitness and help us with our mission of creating a fitter planet,” said Anna Henwood, Chief Marketing Officer, Les Mills International. “We want people to enjoy our workouts and the collaborative live streaming of a LES MILLS BODYPUMP inspired workout will help people globally to kickstart their fitness journey towards health and happiness.”

In November, Pullman and Les Mills are joining forces with the aim of setting the Guinness World Record for the largest virtual fitness class. The event will be hosted in Dubai, at Pullman Dubai Downtown, with all six ambassadors from the Power Fitness Squad in attendance to teach separate parts of the virtual fitness class that will be live streamed globally.

“The announcement of the new squad members is a game changer and an exciting next step as we push to change the face of hotel fitness through the Pullman Power Fitness experience,” said Emlyn Brown, Global Vice President, Well-Being, Luxury & Premium Brands, Accor. “The consumer demand for innovation in fitness concepts is abundantly clear and we listened carefully to those valuable insights throughout the creation of this program. Through the talented new ambassadors and partnership with Les Mills, we are pleased to provide our guests with challenging and inspiring workout offerings, allowing them to feel and perform at their best, no matter where they are.”

Over the coming months and into next year, the Pullman Fitness Squad will work with select Pullman properties to create results-driven, engaging and interactive fitness bootcamp experiences and events in some of the world’s most beautiful destinations.

Pullman Hotels & Resorts is pleased to introduce the Pullman Fitness Squad:

  • Anthony Oxford – Based in the UK, Anthony has been in the health & fitness industry for 13 years undertaking a variety of roles including fitness and sales and marketing. Most recently, in his role of Les Mills UK Trainer & Presenter, Anthony delivers masterclasses and training to instructors and has also represented the brand on a global scale. As a personal trainer he has an extensive client base, operating both in person and online.
  • Maxime Vigeant – Personal coach and Fitness Trainer, Maxime has worked with Les Mills in New Zealand, California, Florida, Amsterdam and his native homeland of France where he is a Pro-Trainer for Les Mills. Maxime is a Martial Arts international champion, and winner of the Elite BodyAttack Challenge at the World Body Fitness Show in Paris in 2016.
  • Fiona Fransisca – Recognized as the Middle East Fitness Personality of 2020, Fiona earned the Hall of Wellness Award alongside her work as an International Master Trainer and Presenter for Les Mills. As an online health coach, Fiona is well-known across Dubai, Hong Kong and Indonesia for her Masterclass films, presentations and Les Mills group fitness classes.
  • Gary Mulholland – Based in Auckland, Gary is known for his ability to ‘supercharge the superpowers’ of those on his team and brings expertise in content creation, strategy, entertainment, and digital production. As a Senior Account Director with Anuvu, Gary has a history of award winning projects in the entertainment, broadcast and digital media industry at a global scale, with Air New Zealand as one of his top accounts.
  • James Thomas – A Rutgers University graduate, James specialized in Exercise Science. Now based in Chicago, he’s been educating for almost ten years as a Les Mills National Trainer and International Presenter. He’s worked in various capacities with a number of elite clubs such as Midtown Athletic Club in Chicago and Equinox in New York City.
  • Jojo ZhouRong – Jojo brings more than ten years of experience with Les Mills and is currently an Advanced Training Trainer for Les Mills China. A professional swimmer, sports education major and coach for Reebok, Jojo brings unique credentials with AASFP certification in nutrition and weight management; aquatic fitness and master training.


How beginners can start getting fit and strong for summer (and beyond)

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You’ve heard the old saying “Summer bodies are built in winter“, which implies that, if you’ve left it till spring to begin your fitness kick, you’re never going to be ready for the beach. Well, here’s the good news: that’s total BS.

“It’s never too late to get started!” says Amelia Phillips, fitness and nutrition expert.

(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

If you rip into your workout program today, you’ll earn instant results — and while they’ll admittedly be of the internal kind at first (muscle adaptation, improved heart and lung function, boosted metabolism) Phillips says visible external results are likely to follow in as little as a week.

If you made hard-won gains for last summer that disappeared when you went into winter hibernation, don’t stress. When you return to exercise, your progress will come back faster than if you were just starting out again.

“We have ‘muscle memory'” Phillips explains. “So if you’ve been fit before, your muscles will respond to exercise faster, even if you’re older.”


How to stick to your health and fitness goals

We’ve literally all done this before: vowed to get healthy, worked out like a demon and eaten sensibly for a few weeks, then somehow returned to the exact same routine we were in before making that vow.

It’s almost always the same two factors standing in the way of you and your fitness goals, Phillips believes.

“Without doubt the two biggest culprits are a loss of focus and lack of organisation,” she says.

To stay focused, she advises breaking down your big, vague, long-term goal into more manageable chunks that you can tackle months and weeks at a time.

“Let’s say you want to lose weight,” she says. “Set yourself a monthly target, but then set yourself a realistic weekly action plan — for example, burn 500 calories every session and train Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.”

“You’re less likely to skip sessions when you understand the role of each workout,” she adds.

To get organised, set aside a little bit of time every week to lay out exactly what you’re going to do in the coming days.

“Mark your workouts in your diary like a meeting, and pre-plan your meals for the week,” Phillips says, advising you to have healthy frozen meals on hand to prevent the temptation of takeaway. (Click here for 9Honey Coach’’ guide on how to become a mealprep pro.)

(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

“Also know your weak moments — is it 3pm, 8pm, or Friday night drinks?” she asks. “Have healthier alternatives on hand.”

Find your motivation

To help stick to this fitness kick, Phillips believes it’s useful to take some time to think about why you didn’t stick to your past fitness kicks.

“What were the top three reasons you fell off the wagon last time? How can you prevent this from happening this time?” she says.

It might simply have been that you didn’t have a strong enough motivator on past occasions (Phillips points out that the desire just to look good “won’t cut it”) — meaning you need to search for more solid motivation.

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The biggest mistakes made when starting a health kick

The 14 mistakes everyone makes on a health kick


September 28, 2021

‘Poor people’s food’: Philippoussis ashamed, reveals dire money troubles Silvana and Mark Philippoussis at a Ferrari event in Melbourne in December 2019

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Used to a playboy lifestyle full of fast cars and wild purchases, Mark Philippoussis became ashamed when money troubles finally hit.

Australian tennis great Mark Philippoussis has opened up on his shame about not being able to provide for his family during one of the darkest periods of his career.

In Tuesday night’s episode of Channel 7 program SAS Australia, the contestants are asked to be honest with everyone about what they’re most ashamed of. For Philippoussis, that revolved around the belief he’d let his loved ones down when he was forced off the court through injury and wasn’t making the same money he did in his prime.

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“Family’s my world. It’s my priority. My everything. I had a dream to become a professional tennis player and my family put everything on the line,” Philippoussis said. “My father had a good job in the bank business and quit because he said he wanted to help me fulfil my dreams — so he let go of his dreams and I worked very hard and I was lucky enough to fulfil my dreams.

“And the good news was that I could take care of my family so they don’t have to work again. My father or mother didn’t have to work. But I’ve gone into a tough situation with injuries where everything stopped.

“When you’re an athlete, the last thing you want to think about … They always say, ‘Save for a rainy day’. And I feel like you’re weak if you feel like you might get injured and you have to have something to back up to — that’s a sign of weakness.

“You can’t think that way because you’ve got to keep going, you’ve got to get back from injuries and you’re going to be OK.”

But no amount of wishful thinking could protect Philippoussis forever. The Wimbledon finalist and former world No. 8 hit rock bottom after his sixth knee surgery in 2009, where the emotional toll of seeing his family suffer hurt far more than any lingering physical pain as money struggles hit hard.

“I was out for a few months. I couldn’t afford much, actually. I had to ask friends just to shop for food,” Philippoussis said.

“We would always, just, for seven days in a row we’d have this cabbage pasta that ends up being one of my favourites but my mum calls it ‘poor people’s food’ because it’s so simple, it’s just cabbage with some spices and pasta.

“I felt very much ashamed because they gave their dream for me and my responsibility was to look after them. I was in a dark place and had depression. There’s no greater pain in my heart than watching my loved ones suffer because of my actions.”

Philippoussis has spoken previously in the series about his “ridiculous” lifestyle as he spent absurd amounts of cash out of boredom – just because he could. When sponsorships and tournament prizemoney were flowing during his peak, he had more coin than he knew what to do with.

He owned numerous flashy sports cars and around 15 motorbikes. Then there was the time the man who helped lead Australia to Davis Cup glory in 2003 paid $100,000 on a whim for a brand new Dodge Viper simply because he didn’t want to get a taxi home, only to sell it the very next day.

But life in 2009 was a world away from that sort of extravagance. That year, Philippoussis faced a legal battle to keep his $1.3m family home as he fell behind on mortgage repayments.

“I haven’t played tennis since 2006, and tennis is one of those sports where if you don’t play, you don’t get paid,” he told the Herald Sun at the time.

“Paying bills and no money coming in has been tough for a number of years, but everyone has to go through that.”

Pittman opens up on money struggles

Philippoussis’ fellow SAS Australia contestant, former track star Jana Pittman, also revealed the role money played in her greatest shame. The four-time Commonwealth Games gold medallist and 400m hurdles specialist – who also competed in the two-person bobsleigh at the 2014 Winter Olympics – pursued medicine after her sporting career finished and felt like she’d failed as a mother when she could no longer afford basic necessities for her kids.

“I think my most shameful moment was in my final year of medical school. I thought I’d budgeted well for my family, as a single mum of three kids to get through medical school,” Pittman said. “And then I found myself unable to pay the mortgage and unable to put food on the table for my three kids because I’d decided to chase success again.

“So I had to go, cap in hand, to my old 70-year-old parents and ask for money to survive that year. It’s fairly humiliating to think, at 30-something years old, I was almost on the street with my three kids.

“All this success – what does it mean if you can’t provide for your family? So that was pretty shameful and I’m a bit nervous to admit that to people.”


Recap: Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach Super Drift Events

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For fans of racing, last weekend’s Super Drift events were icing on the cake. They were part of the Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach weekend, a motorsport festival on the streets of Long Beach. And, along with the IndyCar main event, Formula DRIFT was putting on a show.

The Super Drift event here traces its history to 2005. That’s when Grand Prix organizers invited Formula DRIFT to put on a drift demo. The next year, a standalone event was created, and it’s been part of the Formula DRIFT schedule ever since.

The event is a little different, taking place on turns 9-11 on the Grand Prix track. Drivers race through heats until one winner remains. However, a condensed schedule means this isn’t a full Formula DRIFT event with 32 drivers. Instead, the Long Beach Super Drift event invites eight drivers to duke it out over two nights of competition.

Fans had a nice surprise on Friday night with the return of Forrest Wang in the Achilles Tire/Yellowspeed Racing/NRG Innovations Nissan. Wang has been absent from Formula DRIFT since the 2019 season. That’s also the year when he won both Super Drift rounds. This year, however, he didn’t take the top spot.

On the first night, Jeff Jones in the Jeff Jones Racing/GT Radial Nissan 370Z came out on top. He defeated Wang in the first round and, after a One More Time, eked past Justin Pawlak driving the Falken Tire Ford Mustang. Finally, Jones overtook Michael Essa in the FCP Euro/Liqui Moly/GT Radial BMW M3 in the final round.

On Saturday, it was Pawlak’s night to shine. After he beat Essa in the first round, the speed of Pawlak’s Mustang was too much for Wang in the Final 4. An all-Mustang final versus Trenton Beechum in the Clonex Racing/Nexen Tire Ford Mustang did not come to pass, as Beechum had car problems that left him in the pits. All that was left was a victory lap for Pawlak.

Next up for Formula DRIFT PRO and Link ECU PROSPEC championships is the final round at the Irwindale Speedway on October 22-23.

For more information on schedule, tickets, and drivers, visit

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