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April 2, 2024

A dietitian’s guide to resetting your diet after Easter indulgence

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Hands up if you have eaten your body weight and chocolate this past few days.

You are certainly not alone, and while there is nothing wrong with indulging on special holidays, there is certainly a time when enough is enough, especially when you consider that Easter eggs and Hot Cross Buns have been available in supermarkets since Boxing Day.

So, if you need a little help to reset your diet and healthy lifestyle choices while there are loads of tempting treats still in the house, all you need is this step-by-step guide to find some balance again.

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Put it away

One of the most significant causes for “junk” food intake is availability. This means that if your house or kitchen is packed full of Easter chocolates and the contents of Easter show bags, it is going to be hard to resist no matter how much self-control you have.

As human beings we will eat the foods readily available to us, so if you want, or need to keep the Easter chocolate, you need to pack it away – out of sight, out of mind.

Develop the best rule for you

One of the issues with professionals telling us what to do, for example, “throw away all the chocolate”, or “ration yourself 20g a day”, is that human beings need agency over their decisions.

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In the case of Easter chocolate, this means that you are the best person to decide how to manage it moving forward.

Some of you may know that you are unable to self-regulate and need to give it away, while others may feel comfortable enjoying a controlled portion each day.

Focus on what you want to eat

The issue with giving more attention to your Easter treats, is that it will only result in you thinking about them more, and increase the chance that you will continue to eat, and overeat them.

On the other hand, shifting your focus to the foods you know are better for you and the meals that make you feel good will help you to retake control of your nutrition.

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Take some time this week to plan out your meals and snacks; choose a couple of new, healthy recipes to try, and you may even find you can melt some of the Easter chocolate down and use it in a healthy recipe, like homemade banana bread or cookies to use some of it up.

Have a few light days

After a few days of celebratory overeating, there is nothing wrong with having a few lighter days to help buffer the extra calories consumed.

Make sure you continue to eat regular meals and snacks, but with a focus on lighter options. Think healthy but low-calorie meal options such as salads, soups, plain yoghurt with fruit and fish and vegetable-based meals.

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These meals are lower in calories overall, whilst still offering plenty of key nutrients, protein and dietary fibre for fullness.

Get moving

One of the biggest issues with food focused holidays is not only that we eat more, but that we are often far less active, socialising and skipping our regular exercise sessions and walks.

One of the easiest ways to get back to feeling your best is to focus on moving your body. Not only will this help to buffer any Easter overindulgence, but it is a good thing to focus on for mood, digestive health and to reacquaint yourself with real hunger.

Plus, for those of us about to lose the extra daylight associated with daylight savings, it makes sense to use our last week of evening light wisely.

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