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June 26, 2021

Brayden Maynard slammed for ‘unforgivable’ act against FremantleBrayden Maynard (centre) was dejected after he conceded a 50m penalty that “turned” the game Fremantle’s way. (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

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Collingwood defender Brayden Maynard has been criticised for an “unforgivable” error which “turned” the game in his side’s close loss to Fremantle.

Maynard was left frustrated when the umpire determined he had given away a free kick for front-on contact, as he went in without his eyes on the ball, even though the contact was initiated by Fremantle’s Liam Henry.

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The Magpie took some time to give the ball back to Henry, in fact waiting until he saw a replay of the incident on the Marvel Stadium scoreboard, and then delivered some “choice words” to the umpire.

That saw Maynard pinged for a 50-metre penalty which put Henry at the top of the goalsquare, kicking a simple goal which saw the Dockers reclaim the lead midway through the fourth quarter.

“Unforgivable! Unforgivable Brayden Maynard, caught up in the emotion of the game. He’s a leader, you cannot do that,” Brisbane great Jonathan Brown said on Fox Footy.

“He hadn’t given the ball back and he still wanted to remonstrate with the umpire. Unforgivable, that is. Collingwood had all of the momentum; needs to be better than that.

“A lot of booing going on … but it was a free kick and he didn’t give the ball back. He didn’t have eyes for the ball and umpires always look for eyes for the ball. He looks for the replay and then wants to go on with it. Initially not giving him the ball back, the umpire was going to give him the benefit of the doubt, but still he wanted to carry on.”

Many observers, including Geelong champion Cameron Mooney, felt Maynard was indeed unlucky to be pinged for the free kick, but deserved to give away the 50-metre penalty because of how he acted after it.

“He‘s a little bit stiff there on the free kick. He does pull up just before he gets to the contest, and it’s Henry who makes the contact with him,” Mooney said post-game on Fox Footy.

“So you get a little bit frustrated. He gives the ball back, I think the umpire gave him the benefit of the doubt but then there was obviously some close words.

“I can understand it, he was frustrated, heat of the moment, but unfortunately that’s where the game turned right there. They were flying, then all of a sudden Henry kicks a nice, easy goal, and the momentum turned back into Fremantle’s favour.”


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