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May 5, 2021

Can a packet of chips be healthy?

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If you’re trying to be healthy, packet chips are usually one of the first things you cut out, right?! Without having a degree in nutrition, it’s fairly safe to say the vending machine variety don’t offer much nutritional value.

But what about the chips you find in the “healthy” section at the supermarket? Is scoffing an entire bag of veggie chips better than the alternative?

Well, not exactly.

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In a recent food comparison, dietitian Susie Burrell pitted plain potato chips against veggie crisps only to reveal what you thought might be better for you, actually isn’t all it’s hyped up to be.

Burrell regularly shares her food comparisons to Instagram. (Instagram / @susieburrelldietitian)

Per 100g, Red Rock Deli Potato Chips in the sea salt flavour contain 1.2g of sugars, while Vege Chips Deli Crisps in the turmeric cheese flavour have 10.2g. When it comes to sodium content, the sea salt chips come in at 511mg, compared to turmeric cheese crisps that have 1050mg — that’s more than double the amount!

“You can see that just because a chip contains some legumes or veggies, or are cooked in a ‘better’ oil they are still highly processed, high fat foods that should be consumed occasionally,” Burrell captioned the Instagram post.

The majority of chips found on your supermarket shelves aren’t nutritionally sound and should only be considered ‘sometimes’ food, but if you’re craving a packet and are after a healthier option Burrell admits the plainer the chip, the better.

“Check the sugar and salt content on the back, lower is best, and avoid flavour enhancers where you can,” says Burrell.

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