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March 6, 2021

Canberra athlete Jenna Douros to star in ‘Ultimate Tag’ – Canberra Weekly

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Local fitness expert and athlete Jenna Douros will star in Channel 7’s newest sports-entertainment offering Ultimate Tag.

Inspired by one of Douros’ all-time favourite shows, Gladiators, she said the opportunity to be a pro tagger in the Australian iteration of Ultimate Tag is a childhood dream come true.

“When I was approached to go on the show I asked about joining as a pro tagger,” she said.

“I wanted to chase the people and have that element of flair on the show and they said I was a great fit.”

She received just two weeks’ notice she had been cast before being thrust into a month of shooting every day for 14 hours a day.

The schedule was about as gruelling as a mere mortal would find joining Douros for a workout.

“It was a full month of filming every single day chasing after people,” she said.

Douros credited her well-rounded background in myriad sports and dynamic fitness training for her capacity to step up as a pro tagger.

With aspirations to join the Australian Sprint Cycling Team, her personal training style is constantly evolving.

“The great thing I had up my sleeve was a broad balance of skills,” she said. “I train all sorts of different training methodologies because otherwise I get bored really quickly.”

Jenna Douros Ultimate Tag Ricochet

Jenna Douros joined the cast of Ultimate Tag as pro tagger Ricochet; given two weeks’ notice she had been cast, she was thrust into a month of shooting every day for 14 hours a day.

With tag being a ubiquitous game played in primary schools across the world, Douros also brought extensive experience in the game to the show, which allowed her to tap into her inner child.

“It’s something I think every single child goes about … For me it was games like stuck in the mud, and chasies,” she said.

“The difference with tag as a child to Ultimate Tag is the show had extra obstacles to climb over, go under which pose as ways to slow both the pro tagger and contestant.”

Running with a separate male and female competition, Douros praised Ultimate Tag for their dedication to highlighting female athletes like her.

“I feel that having the ability to have a level playing field for a male and female category was really unique and really needed for our day and age,” she said.

“It will inspire younger girls and women to aspire to what they see.”

A born and raised Canberran whose work in the fitness industry has seen her travel across the world, Douros said she loves living in “the adventure capital”.

“I travel a lot and every time I come back home, I’m reminded of how lucky we are here in Canberra,” she said.

“We’re two hours from snow, two hours from beach – what’s not to love!

“The fitness community in Canberra is unlike anything else … it’s a close-knit community, and I think whatever industry you’re in, you’re going to find that here.”

Ultimate Tag will premiere on Channel Seven this Sunday 7 March 7pm.

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