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May 3, 2021

Evolve 365 Provides Customised Fitness Help To Anywhere At – GlobeNewswire

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Dallas, Texas, May 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Via Influencivewire — The fitness industry had dramatically changed during the year 2020, when the pandemic started. Many people have a different perspective on what to expect when they are looking for fitness coaching due to the negative impact on everyone’s health due to the lack of physical activity and lack of education. Most individuals were used to meeting their coaches in person and getting their motivation and guidance. But once that shifted due to the restrictions, people started to deviate from their health goals because they did not know what to do without having someone in front of them. The opportunity to create something unique to help people struggling with their health goals was there, but Patty Sanchez knew it was something more than guidance and exercise. As a result, Evolve 365 was created, a Fitness program that will end this crisis and help any individual who needs the assistance of a coach with the option of exercising anywhere at any time.

As E365, it is a fitness brand based out of Dallas, Texas. Young entrepreneur Patty Sanchez founded it to help people who struggle to reach their fitness goals due to their busy lifestyles without the necessity of being present. Patty started coaching many years back by working in a local gym while still working in the medical field full time in hopes to earn and save enough to make coaching a full-time job. The program built for this fitness professional carries a lot of perspective from someone who, as a single parent and working two jobs, struggles to find time to witness the struggle of many people losing sight of their objectives. 

Patty said: I knew that to make permanent changes, I had re-educated people on shifting their mindsets of wanting fast results to changing daily habits that will help them build a foundation for achieving their goals and maintaining them for longer than 3 months. I wanted to create something that would challenge people’s way of thinking because I know that is where true evolution takes place.”

Evolve 365 is rapidly growing; to adapt to the growth and keep the strong/close accountability with every client, they have and are continuing to expand as a team while innovating their coaching style to adapt to each client and their sophisticated platform.  

Patty also commented that she is currently developing a new module where Evolve 356 would be teaching their clients about the pillars of nutrition, exercise phases, and steps to building better habits. This concept will provide clients with the foundations to become independents and more effective while still obtaining results regardless of whether they are exercising at home or a local gym with a trainer on duty.

Another great uniqueness about this innovative program is that 365 provides individualized support for each client. They customize the nutrition based on who their client is and what they do for a living. They analyze the schedules of people that don’t have time to cook or exercise. With the meticulous way to develop their fitness programs, they successfully get their clients to adhere to their plans, whether it’s 20 minutes or 2 hours that they have available. Patty said, “E365 believes that the key to the permanent solution to better healthy habits is by not only being told what to do but by being taught how and why”.  

In my Patty’s experience, people want to see results instantly and without any effort by cutting out their favourite foods, alcohol completely and torturing themselves with extra cardio. This tends to lead them into developing a bad relationship with food and exercise because it is no longer about fitness being a lifestyle but a chore to undo their bad choices. It was described that it is unfortunate that many people still sign up for programs that offer quick results due to the lack of knowledge. If I would happen to ask you, would you rather have a quick fix or permanent solution, which would you pick? Most people want quick things, and the easier, the better. However, what comes easy, goes easy don’t they say? Evolves 365 is all about providing long-lasting results that can change a person’s life with a program applied to anyone despite your location and availability. 

With seventeen years of experience, Patty Sanchez was able to have built a brand that stands out among other fitness, not only because of their clients’ results but by delivering an outstanding coaching experience while creating one of the biggest fitness communities from people around the globe.  

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