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February 12, 2024

Fishbowl is offering discounts to customers for exercising, but there’s a catch

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While fast food and exercise aren’t two things you usually see going hand in hand, Fishbowl is working to change that narrative. 

The healthy salad bar specialises in customisable, Asian-inspired fresh bowls and boxes, and they’ve decided to give Aussies a bit of extra encouragement to exercise. 

Fishbowl is rewarding customers for going on a run by giving them a discount on their meal. 

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If you’re struggling with the pressure of the cost of living crisis and happened to have some version of ‘be healthier’, or ‘exercise more’ as a New Years resolution, then this is the perfect deal for you. 

Basically, all you have to do is log a 5km run on the fitness app Strava to score some cash off your meal. 

Once your run is logged, make sure to link it to the new Fishbowl app, and you’ll get $5 off your order. 

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With bowls starting at just $11.90, the $5 discount means those who participate can snag a bowl for as little as $6.90.

Fishbowl co-founder Nic Pestalozzi said, “It’s essentially a virtual weekly run club that any one of our customers can participate in.

“We want to get people moving so they can feel their best. “We all know that finding the motivation to exercise can be hard, so that’s why we wanted to provide a little incentive to our customers to keep up their fitness journey.

“We’re essentially paying customers to move and feel better about themselves.”

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However there is one catch: the deal is only available on Mondays and Tuesdays. 

To score the discount, customers will have to complete their run and purchase their meal across those two days, so it’s going to be a healthy start to your week!

The Run 5K, Get $5 Off deal kicks off on Monday, February 12 and runs for six weeks. 


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