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December 9, 2020

How Scary Is Surfing Jaws? Nathan Florence Shows Us

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Once again, Jaws lived up to its name. With a massive swell slamming into the Hawaiian islands last week, the world-famous big-wave spot went into full psycho mode.

With 50-foot waves on tap, a handful of elite watermen tested themselves against the Jaws of the Pacific. While a few came away with some absolutely mind-bending rides, many others were simply gobbled up and spit out.

This video edit from pro big-wave surfer Nathan Florence provides a great example of just how powerful this wave can be. With a mix of both regular and POV footage, you get a sense of just how much water these guys (and girls) are dealing with out there.

The surfing starts at the nine-minute mark and as you’re about to see, playing with Jaws is a very dangerous game.

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