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March 5, 2021

How your star sign can determine your workout style

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Finding a workout style that will keep you motivated to show up and give 100 per cent every time is always a challenge — exercising can get repetitive and the chances of you quitting when you’re not enjoying it are high, we totally get that. So why not look to your star sign for a bit of workout inspiration?

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Astrologist and transformational therapist Teymara Wright — who has worked with stars like Michael Jackson, Marcia Hines and Lionel Richie — and Genesis Health + Fitness fitness expert Sam Merza think it’s possible to find your right fitness match by looking to your zodiac sign for guidance. And at this stage, we’ll try anything.

“Who knows, there could be something in it!” says Merza, who admits searching for the missing key to better wellness is a major goal for most.

“It’s definitely a great reminder that, whether we fit the stereotype of our star sign or not, our personalities do play a big role in the fitness choices we make if we want to be able to stick with them — because what works for one person, may not work for you.

“So try out different things, listen to your body and that little inner voice and find an approach that resonates. You’ll be far more likely to persist, maintain your motivation and achieve your goals if you do.”

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Astrologist says: Being the first sign of the zodiac indicates an individual who will be driven to achieve their goals. You like control of every aspect of your life, including your fitness.

Trainer says: Setting goals was made for you — so set them out, set them high and keep a copy somewhere you can see it daily. Work out a weekly training schedule, use a fitness monitor/app to monitor and control your progress so you are always working towards a particular target, like a six-week challenge or a half marathon.


Astrologist says: Determination is the name of the game when it comes to Taureans. Your love of rich foods can create a challenge when it comes to sticking to a healthier eating plan.

Trainer says: You’ll benefit from group settings that have a semi-competitive element built in, for example where effort-levels are compared during the session. Keep balance in your approach to food and remember, healthy food choices don’t necessarily mean bland choices. Access to a nutrition portal or finding a ‘healthy foodie’ will help inspire you.

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Astrologist says: Variety is the name of the game when it comes to the health and fitness of someone ruled by this sign. Whether it’s exercise or food, same-same will not appeal.

Trainer says: Mixing up your routine with lots of different exercise classes will be beneficial to prevent boredom. The gym environment is great for Geminis because it offers lots of choice under one roof. It’s also a good idea to make a fitness bucket list that you update as new fitness trends and technology emerge. Whenever you need to spice things up, look to your list for ideas.


Astrologist says: Cancerians tend to go on a bit of an emotional roller coaster ride when it comes to food and exercise. You need to feel nurtured and not deprived of all treats to succeed.

Trainer says: You may benefit from working one-on-one with a personal trainer who can help guide and support you along the way and through life’s wobbly moments. Make sure you build in rewards along the way as you reach certain milestones, whether it’s a new fitness outfit, a massage or a special dinner treat.


Astrologist says: “I will do it my way as I know what’s best for me!”. That’s Leo’s for you. You like to make the decisions for yourself and you’ll then be very driven to succeed, be the best and look the best.

Trainer says: It’s great to take charge but work with a trainer initially to review your ideas and refine your approach and check in every now and then for a review. Working out in groups and public places will allow you to push yourself harder. You’re also inspired by physical changes and progress, so being part of a fitness community or using your own social media account as a ‘fitness diary’ can keep you motivated and inspire others.


Astrologist says: Virgos will pull everything apart and mix things up to suit themselves. Having options is important — and with those in your pocket, you can then be extremely disciplined.

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Trainer says: Gathering a collection of your tried and tested favourite activities/workouts to have at your disposal will work really well so that you can have choices on hand to suit your mood. Independent, self-directed activities like swimming, walking running, hiking or paddle-boarding are also great for you.


Astrologist says: Everything has to be balanced and make sense. You need to understand the ‘why’ behind what you’re doing and what specifically will be required as part of the process.

Trainer says: You’ll benefit from working with a PT who can help you create a plan and explain the approach — either that, or spend time doing plenty of reading and research before you create a plan. To achieve balance try combining low intensity workouts such as yoga or Pilates, with your strength and cardio routines so you get the most out of your week.


Astrologist says: On a good day, you’ll stick rigidly to your workout and eating plan. If things aren’t working in other areas of your life, you find it hard to be disciplined and will resort to emotional eating if things get tough.

Trainer says: Getting outside or to the pool for some of your exercise is a good idea. It’s also best if you train first thing in the morning — this allows less room for the challenges of your day to mess with your fitness routine. Having access to an online platform/at-home option is also a great back-up.



Astrologist says: As the action-oriented sign, it’s all about adventure. You will stick to a program if you see quick results — slow and steady isn’t your style.

Trainer says: Group personal training is great for you because you get a sense of your progress through comparison with others, which gives you the instant feedback and gratification you need. You’re at risk of injury through over-exertion, so training under the watchful eye of a trainer will help you manage those energy levels and focus on form. Training in the evenings may also yield a better result.


Astrologist says: Capricorns are perfectionists that run a very disciplined approach to everything they do. You are very good at routine and won’t baulk at a very structured eating plan. You like to have full control but will listen to advice from those who have achieved what they want.

Trainer says: You’ll benefit from a fitness program that’s scheduled, so lock in your plans/book in your sessions a week or two ahead. Given you’re at risk of being too hard on yourself, a mentor or training partner will help as will adding in some fun fitness activities like zumba. It’s also super important to schedule in rest days and not underestimate the value of less intense forms of exercise including stretching and breathwork.

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Astrologist says: Freedom, freedom, freeeeeedoooom! You love to be out and about and a part of groups. You also tend to live in your head a lot of the time, and this allows you to work on things internally and sort things out.

Trainer says: Being part of a social fitness community is ideal — somewhere where you train with others and also have extended ways to connecting with those people outside the training location, like a closed Facebook group/platform. At least one meditation session a week will also give your mind the quiet time it deserves to focus on you.



Astrologist says: A love of luxury and rich foods sits with this sign, so you need to do or eat anything that feels like you’re being nurtured. You love your friends, so they can be a great source of motivation. Getting started may feel overwhelming.

Trainer says: If you’re having trouble getting started, commit to one small change you can make and repeat a few times per week — walking is the simplest thing you can do. Involve your friends in your fitness by taking on challenges together (febfast, fun runs, obstacle challenges) and perhaps choose a friend or two to train with regularly.

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