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June 2, 2021

Local fitness guru Kellee Cameron returns victorious from bodybuilding competitions – The Singleton Argus

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WEAPON is one word that could describe the humble, mother of three, local bodybuilder Kellee Cameron. Kellee, over the past six weeks, has competed in three different bodybuilding competitions in the sports model category across the country.

There are two seasons of competitions in bodybuilding; Season A, which takes place across April and May, and Season B, which takes place across September and October.

“The preparation for a competition itself is the most time consuming thing,” said the fitness model.

GOING FOR GOLD: Personal Trainer and mum of three Kellee Cameron has swept up several gold, silver and bronze medals for bodybuilding over the past six weeks.

GOING FOR GOLD: Personal Trainer and mum of three Kellee Cameron has swept up several gold, silver and bronze medals for bodybuilding over the past six weeks.

“I haven’t competed in a competition for over two years, so the excessive cardio exercise and special dieting leading up to these competitions was extremely challenging for me to be able to get my physique up to competitive standard.”

The first competition Kellee entered in was a Sydney based competition in which she walked away victorious with two first places and a third towards the end of April.

The second competition that she entered took place in mid May titled ICN (iCompete Natural) City Nationals, in which Kellee again won a first place and two second places.

The most recent competition, the INBA (International Natural Bodybuilding Association) Melbourne Championships held in Victoria, Kellee swept up a successful three gold medals.

“All competitions were very tough, some sections I was only up against a handful of other girls then other sections like the open age I was up against around fifteen other competitors.”

Despite the heat of the competition, Kellee admits the experience is positive with all competitors supporting one another.

“The atmosphere at the comps is just unreal,” she continued. “When you’re in the bodybuilding world, every day people struggle to understand why bodybuilders like myself do this to ourselves.”

“Then you go to a competition and you are surrounded by other women who are all in the same boat as you and you can relate to one another. It’s a very empowering thing,” Kelllee added. The fitness fanatic first delved into the world of body building in 2015 after a friend recommended she try it.

“I found that after I had kids, I lost myself a little bit. I didn’t feel fantastic about myself and I lost sight of who I was.

“I wanted to have something for me that I could work towards and now I hope to inspire other women that it isn’t all over after you have children, no matter how old you are!”

The hard working mum runs her own fitness and nutrition business Kel’s Crew Fitness & Health, and is also contracted to work under the Shed Fitness for group classes.

“I absolutely love my job. It is so rewarding watching and helping people achieve their goals and just seeing them as happier people. I want people who come to my classes to feel included and welcomed, that’s what my group fitness is all about.”


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