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March 18, 2024

Mijenta’s New Tequila Is the Perfect Bottle for Bourbon Lovers

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Mijenta is the latest top-shelf producer to hop on board the trend of cristalino tequila—and it’s entering the space in a decidedly experimental way. Known for its award-winning, additive-free offerings, with a strong focus on sustainability, the brand has crafted its Cristalino using a symphony of oak staves sourced from forests all across the U.S. 

An eight month maturation imparts upon the agave spirit a parade of confections, including coconut, maple syrup, and toffee. During that time, the liquid picks up a straw-like hue, as it evolves into a reposado style of tequila. Mijenta’s proprietary filtration process not only removes the coloring, but it also repositions—front and center—some of the vegetal agave notes from the underlying distillate.

“As a result of the meticulous process, our Cristalino possesses the richness of an añejo, drinks like a reposado, and is perfect for cocktails that require a clear spirit,” says Mijenta co-founder Juan Coronado. “As this style continues to grow in popularity, this expression will make an excellent choice for mixologists and cocktail enthusiasts.” Coronado goes on to recommend using it as a base for your next espresso martini. 

Mijenta’s team of pro mixologists also developed a cocktail specifically for the new release, called el yerberito. It combines 2.5 ounces of the liquid, stirred over ice, with a bar spoon each of Yellow Chartreuse and dry vermouth, along with a couple of dashes of lavender bitters and a pinch of salt—strained and served up in a martini glass.

If that preparation is too elaborate for your home bar, fret not. The $120 bottle quaffs great on its own, poured neat into a snifter. And a growing number of tequila aficionados are doing just that. 

According to the latest data from Nielsen, dollar sales growth of the cristalino style is up 39 percent year over year. It’s an incredible stat when you consider that this nascent category didn’t exist before 2011. Nevertheless, it’s easy to understand the appeal. Since the tequila is cask-aged but enters the bottle as a clear spirit thanks to charcoal filtration, folks who fear brown liquor yet still want to enjoy sweet caramel complexities from the barrel, can have it both ways. If you’re looking to see what all the fuss is about, Mijenta’s latest expression exists as a worthwhile, additive-free springboard from which to dive in.

Mijenta Cristalino Tequila

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$130 at Total Wine

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