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June 24, 2021

Most Affordable (and Expensive) Airbnb Beach House Rentals in America

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If you’re itching for a getaway, it’s hard to beat renting a beach house. Lucky for you, new research from Airbnb shows exactly where you should go (and where you should avoid). A nationwide survey has revealed the beach towns with the most affordable Airbnb rentals and the spots where renting is most expensive.


Most Affordable Beach House Locations in America

If you’re looking for a beach getaway on the cheap, here are the most affordable coastal cities for Airbnb rentals:

  1. Port Arthur, TX
  2. Melbourne, FL
  3. Eureka, CA
  4. Wilmington, NC
  5. Long Beach, CA

Port Arthur’s nightly rentals are a very reasonable $95, but has just 43 listings, so you might want to book soon if you’re interested in a trip there. The other four all have average daily rates under $150. They vary on the number of available rentals, however.

On the plus side, Port Arthur (located just 90 miles east of Houston) scored a respectable 7.03 out of 10 in the survey’s overall “Beach Hotspot Score.” This metric analyzes factors like average rainfall, air quality, and average temperature to determine how well-suited a place is to beachside lounging. For comparison, the top-scoring city by that measure, Galveston, TX, notched a 7.64. Other oceanside hot spots like Miami Beach and Panama City, FL, and Lahaina, HI.

Most Expensive Beach House Locations in America

Of course, there are plenty of places where renting an Airbnb is an expensive proposition.

  1. Nantucket, MA
  2. Malibu, CA
  3. Montauk, NY
  4. Laguna Beach, CA
  5. Bar Harbour, ME

Iconic East Coast summer destinations Nantucket, MA and Montauk, NY top the list of most expensive beach towns with average daily rentals of $808 and $670, respectively. On the West Coast, Malibu, CA is the priciest spot with an average daily rate of $651. You can peruse the full survey results here.

But if a little sunshine and a swim is all you’re after, you might not even need to schlep to the beach. You can always take a dip in a classy hotel pool—you’ll get primo skyline views and you won’t have to deal with sand in your beer, either.

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