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October 13, 2023

‘Not necessary’: Why this dentist advises to not rinse after brushing your teeth

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It’s as natural a part of your routine as breathing – after brushing your teeth, of course you’d rinse the toothpaste out of your mouth. But one cosmetic dentist is causing confusion after suggesting that there is no need for that last step after all.

Dr Shahira Saad, a cosmetic dentist from California, shared in a TikTok video that rinsing toothpaste out from your mouth after brushing is unnecessary, causing much confusion from her followers.

Watch the video above.

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Dr Shahira Saad Tiktok cosmetic dentist

“You should spit and not rinse after brushing your teeth”, explained the dentist, “By rinsing after brushing your teeth, you’re essentially washing away all the active ingredients that re-mineralise your enamel and decrease sensitivity.”

Commenters were baffled by the suggestion.

“How do I get all the foamy tooth paste out of my mouth when I’m done brushing?” one questioned, to which Dr Saad replied, “By spitting or a very light rinse without swishing.”

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Cute little curly child girl rinses her mouth with water, looking at mirror and spits water into the sink, at domestic bathroom, side view.

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“I thought we had to rinse so we don’t swallow the toothpaste,” another added, with Saad replying, “Isn’t it crazy! If you read the directions on the back of your toothpaste it will often tell you to spit not rinse.”

She added that even she didn’t know this fact until she went to dental school.

She also added that using mouthwash after brushing is also “not necessary”, as it will also wash away all the helpful ingredients.

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If you must use it, she recommends one that is “alcohol free and has a pH higher than 5.5.

“If it meets that criteria than before you brush or as a refresh in the day. If it’s a fluoridated rinse like ACT it can be used after you brush,” she said.

She also shared a few more tips, namely that even if you feel the urge, you shouldn’t brush your teeth straight after vomiting.

Young woman brushing teeth

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“By brushing your teeth right away, you’re essentially scrubbing all that acid directly into your teeth, which can wear away enamel and cause sensitivity.

“By waiting 30 minutes, you’re allowing your saliva enough time to neutralise all those acids, so you can safely brush your teeth.”

Instead, she suggested rinsing out your mouth with water or even add a bit of baking soda to your water to bring the pH of your mouth back to basic.

Saad also advised not to get a tongue piercing, as it can cause “irreversible damage” to your teeth by causing cracks and chips ion your enamel 24/7. “Is it really with the risk?” she questioned.


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