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March 10, 2021

Princess Diana’s former PT reveals the exercises she hated – and same

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Like most Aussies, Cameron Falloon made the pilgrimage to the UK in his 20s to travel and work his way around Europe. Little did he know that a chance gym session would see him land a job as Princess Diana‘s personal trainer in the year before her tragic death.

Depending on her schedule, Fallon trained Diana two to three times a week for an hour. Their sessions together focussed predominantly on strength and resistance training with attention paid to leg- and core-based exercises.

Princess Diana (1996-1997)
Princess Diana (Getty)

“She was very strong and had really worked hard on her posture,” says Fallon, who admits the change in her physique became noticeable through the endless photos taken of the royal during her whirlwind romance with Dodi Fayed. 

She trained in secret with Fallon and the team at Earls Court gym. “This was her private space where she could have her time to herself,” says Falloon, who is now back in Australia and the founder of Body Fit Training.


“We respected her privacy so no one ever spoke about her training at the gym, so it was a place she felt comfortable and safe in, it was really good for her.”

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Falloon describes Diana in the gym as internally driven and fun to be around, and like anyone who has ever set foot in a gym, the princess had a love/hate relationship with her trainer.

“She was very personable, obviously, so she was easy to talk to and get along with, she had a great sense of humour. 

“Certainly like most trainer/client relationships there’s an element of love/hate and there was no doubt there’s those times when you maybe get called one or two things you’d rather not be called. Like anyone, the reality of it is she’s got two arms and two legs and she’s a human being and has emotions and feelings and that doesn’t change in the gym when you’re under a little bit of stress because of that last set of reps you’ve got to get out — it hurts but she enjoyed it and certainly loved being pushed, hence she was always looking very fit and strong.”

As for the exercise Diana didn’t enjoy?

Weighted walking lunges (and to be honest the feeling is unanimous).

“I recall a day making her do some weighted walking lunges and that didn’t go down too well,” remembers Falloon, fondly.

“She really enjoyed training, leg strength was a big focus of what we did, she was very good with squatting and deadlifting and Romanian deadlifts so a lot of the big lifts she enjoyed, but certainly, I do recall a day where I was maybe not seen in such great light when she was doing some weighted walking lunges — it was getting a little bit tense [laughs].”


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