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June 24, 2021

Roxy Jacenko’s sleep diary: ‘Does a stiff drink count?’

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Welcome to the 9Honey Sleep Diaries where we get people to share their sleep habits. From what puts them to sleep to what ruins their sleep, everyone’s got a sleep story…

To kick off the series, PR expert and entrepreneur Roxy Jacenko talks us through her bedtime routine, which sounds equal parts manic and productive.

“Jacenko-Curtis squad,” Roxy Jacenko captioned this Instagram pic. (Instagram / @roxyjacenko)

What time do you start to wind down for bed?

I always get home by 6pm then it’s onto working out what’s for dinner and finishing of the day’s emails — 9.30pm would be when things start to quieten down in our home!

Do you have any pre-bed rituals?

In winter I have a bath and use a good amount of Radox bath salts — it’s a habit. The day’s face is removed using a Sante by Enjo cleansing pads and then I jump into bed and continue with my emails.

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What time do you get into bed?

When the kids do! I swear days start getting longer during school holidays. Getting Pixie and Hunter to bed is a total handful, it starts at 7.30pm and at 10.30pm we are still trying.

It means getting to bed isn’t likely until after 11pm of a weeknight!

Roxy Jacenko with her children, Hunter and Pixie, and pets. (Instagram / @roxyjacenko)

Who shares your bed?

When it’s not my husband it’s Pixie and Hunter — laying every which way — and Oreo the Pomeranian, leaving a slither of space for me!

What disturbs your sleep?

What I eat! I have a real sensitivity to meat and anything too salty, leaves me laying wide awake all night.

What do you listen to?

Most of the time Shopify beeps for new orders for my newest business [Pixie’s Fidgets] — nothing sounds sweeter than the twang of a new order — sick I know!

Roxy and Pixie. (Instagram / @roxyjacenko)

What’s your sleep position?

I’m a side sleeper — closest to the door so I’m first out in the case of an intruder!

What do you wear to bed?

My Christmas pyjamas from Peter Alexander all year round. Literally!

What do you dream about?

What I didn’t get time to do that day and what’s on for the next day — the joys of being an entrepreneur!

Do you take anything to help you sleep better?

Does a stiff drink count? Or should I say, multiple!!

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

First, the children. Second, the dogs. Third, the rabbit. Good morning from the Vaucluse Zoo!

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Do you set an alarm?

No, with the racket in my place I have a permanent alarm.

Do you snooze?

Never!! There is no time!

What time do you wake up?

7am each day, I am not an early riser!

What’s your one tip to getting a good sleep?

Don’t eat a heavily salted or heavy meal pre-bed time! Quality bedding is also key — I just purchased a new duvet from Woollstar and it’s HEAVEN.


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