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March 14, 2021

Samantha Jade’s day on a plate

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‘It’s definitely important to eat healthy and be good to your body, but a little bit of chocolate won’t hurt anybody’

Samantha Jade is a busy woman. Even through a pandemic that forced the cancellation of a number of her live shows, and the postponement of her wedding to fiancé Pat Handlin, twice, the 33-year-old singer still managed to lock in studio time, get a ‘COVID puppy’ and maintain a healthy way of life, where balance (and a little bit of baking) was key.

Recently we spoke to Sammi to find out what her typical day on a plate looks like, and you’ll be surprised to know it’s a delicious mix of coffee (always), Sirena chilli tuna (same!) and barbequing with her her soon-to-be-hubby.


“Coffee is my first thing of the day, always. I love my coffee. I literally get excited the night before about it. I’ve never been a massive breakfast person, unless we’re going out for breakfast. But usually for me it’s just yoghurt with granola and fruit — I love that.

“But if I go out for breakfast I’ll always order the avocado toast with a side of poached eggs and maybe some bacon.”

Mid-morning snacks

“On a typical day, if I’m working I’ll push through to lunch, but if I do snack I’ll have fruit or maybe some pea snaps — I love them! If I’m in the studio I’ll definitely bring some of those with me because I forget to eat when I’m in the studio in the zone.”


“I love salads, which a lot of people don’t, but I really enjoy it. I like to make it myself because I enjoy making big exciting salads. So I’ll do tuna — chilli tuna is my favourite. If I make it I’ll make it with herbs and spices — my dad is Anglo-Indian so I’ve learnt a lot about how to make spicy stuff — or I’ll just have a can of tuna, Sirena chilli tuna, which is so good and so easy because if I’m in the studio and I don’t have time I’ll just pick one of those cans up and buy a nice salad, and then I’ll add walnuts, salt and vinegar, tomato and maybe pumpkin if I’m making it at home alone.”

Afternoon snacks

“I’ll probably have another coffee, decaf. If I get snacky I’ll definitely do my coffee and maybe a muffin. When I was in lockdown I was baking so I would have something like that with a coffee, maybe, but not always.”


“If I’m in the studio I’ll try to make it home for dinner at an okay hour, depending on how the session is going, but Pat [Handlin] is really good at barbecuing, he is amazing at it.

“So we’ll have a steak or he’ll do meat on the barbie and we’ll usually do roast veggies, or he’ll make a salmon, which he is really really good at too, or we’ll do a chicken. But it’s usually protein of some sort and vegetables. We try not to do carbs after 5-6pm, ‘we try’ is the important part there, but if we do have carbs it will be brown rice or something healthy.”


“I’m a chocolate girl! There is not one night that I don’t feel like chocolate and that is my thing, even when I was training really, really hard. I love working out, but if I’m in the studio I’m so into that I don’t have the time so I always make sure we do a 30-minute walk with the puppy every morning — I definitely get some kind of exercise in every day but chocolate is something through all of those things I will have at night. I’ll have a few squares of chocolate with my tea — I usually have a sleepy tea, it really just relaxes me for the day.

“It’s the little joys like that. [Chocolate] brings me joy. I get excited for that moment at night. I learnt young with big things in my life, like losing my mum, it’s definitely important to eat healthy and be good to your body and that’s very true, but a little bit of chocolate won’t hurt anybody, it’s all about being consistent, you got to have balance!”

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