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January 16, 2021

Shay Mitchell Talks Lockdown Fitness, Diet And What’s Keeping Her Sane Amid The Pandemic – Forbes

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If you’ve ever checked out Shay Mitchell’s Instagram, you’d know that health and fitness are an integral part of the Canadian actor’s routine life. So much so, she even considers exercising her “therapy”.

And even though the coronavirus lockdown might have thrown her fitness routine for a loop, the 33-year-old isn’t letting her health goals fall by the wayside. 

However, taking care of herself during these strange and stressful times hasn’t been easy. “I’ve been taking everything one day at a time and being gentle with myself when I need to be,” says the You actor. “I always try to remain positive, but there have definitely been days where I just have not been up for working out or taking as good care of myself as I’d like. I’ll get into a good routine but then falter.  One day off becomes two. Two becomes five. But I don’t beat myself up over those days,” tells Mitchell.  “We’re humans going through a really challenging time and I think we are all entitled to off days,” she adds.

Amid lockdown, Mitchell’s workout routine involves walking on the treadmill or riding the peloton daily and then doing some isolated exercises either first or last thing in the day. “Chasing after my one-year-old has also been a surprisingly great workout,” adds the Pretty Little Liars alum. 

One of my big goals for 2021 is to integrate small changes that I know I can stick to instead of trying to implement a sweeping change, she tells. To do just that, Mitchell has recently partnered with digital fitness and nutrition platform, Openfit, to launch Four Weeks of Focus—a workout program developed by fitness trainer and influencer, Kelsey Heenan. “It’s 30 minutes a day, five days a week—for four weeks only.  It’s a very realistic commitment and that in and of itself makes it exciting and easier to stick to,” Mitchell notes. The fitness program will not only give members a sneak-peek into Mitchell’s fitness journey but also provide them the opportunity to work out with the Canadian star and her friend Stephanie Shepherd during the four-week program.   

“2020 was a tough year, so I’m excited to be starting 2021 off on the ‘right’ foot on a personal level by taking care of my health and wellness,” says Mitchell. 


When it comes to staying fighting fit, Mitchell is also particular about what foods she puts in her body.  Typically, the Canadian star kickstarts her day by filling up her five-gallon water jug and rehydrating—”to flush my lymphatic system,” she explains. “For breakfast, I do fresh fruit with oatmeal,” Mitchell says. “Or sometimes ramen,” she laughs.

“For lunch, one of my go-to’s is a huge salad with a small side of grain or pasta, kind of like a Buddha bowl,” tells the Béis Travel founder. For dinner, Mitchell usually has a light, protein-rich meal like fish with sautéed veggies and gluten-free pasta. 

She usually steers clear of dessert, but that doesn’t mean the actor doesn’t enjoy not-so-healthy comfort foods every once in a while. On her cheat days, Mitchell loves to indulge in tacos, pizza, ice cream, Rice Krispies, boba (bubble tea) or Bahn Mi (sweet and savory Vietnamese sandwich).

In addition, Mitchell has also made it a point to focus on her mental and emotional well-being during these uncertain times by nurturing the relationships that are most important to her. “I have been checking in with my friends and family more often than I used to, to stay sane,” she tells. Other than that, “I’m doing what I can to safely help and I’m keeping myself busy with side hustles,” adds the actor and entrepreneur.

When asked what’s her go-to wellness rule in life Mitchell replies, “if it doesn’t feel good don’t do it.” “It’s okay to take a day off, it’s okay to cheat. We’re all people and while it’s essential that we challenge ourselves, some days you just have to give yourself a break,” she says. “But on the days you don’t need a break, hit it hard,” she suggests. 

For people who are struggling to stick to their fitness resolutions (raises hand and looks around), Mitchell says that it’s important to remember that the hardest part is to get started—or getting back on the horse after you’ve been slacking off. “Once you rip off the band-aid you will start reaping the benefits of your hard work and will be more motivated as a result,” she notes. 

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to work those muscles and get sweating!


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