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May 15, 2021

Tempo Fitness System Features 3D sensors and AI – Women Love Tech

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Tempo is a complete home fitness system based on advanced 3D sensors and AI, which analyzes a user’s motion and provides real-time feedback and personal guidance.

At first glance, it looks like a smart television with a nice entertainment stand that holds all of your home gym equipment. However, it also has a touchscreen and advanced fitness coaching.

Tempo Fitness Features

  • Complete home fitness system with personalized feedback
  • 3D sensors track your motion and analyze your form
  • Tracks your progress and counts reps for you
  • Recommends the correct weight for lifting
  • Personalized programs and class recommendations
  • Premium cabinet and 42-inch touchscreen monitor

Tempo provides personalized classes designed for your fitness goals. These include cardio and strength training, HIIT, boxing, mobility, recovery and yoga. You’ll be provided with instant feedback and powerful tracking. You can enjoy different workouts with both on-demand and live classes.

Train with fitness coaches like Melissa Boyd, Natalia Roberts, Bryan Fobbs, Colby Landry, Cole Charlton, Clarence Hairston and more. Tempo is designed for all fitness levels.

You’ll join the Tempo community where you can view a live leaderboard.

Tempo Quotes

“Tempo was launched on the premise that the most advanced and versatile technology can unlock human potential by redefining the personal training experience. Today, our AI uses 3D sensors and is trained on over 5M workouts over 40K hours to give our users the most effective and personalized workouts possible,” said Moawia Eldeeb, Co-Founder and CEO of Tempo. “This new funding allows Tempo to further develop its AI to expand our class categories and content offerings.”

tempo studio fitness
Image Credit: Tempo

“The fitness landscape has transformed dramatically as more consumers seek home fitness solutions. By providing personalized AI-generated feedback through its computer vision technology, Tempo delivers the experience of working out with a personal trainer to consumers in their homes,” said Jeff Housenbold, Managing Partner, SoftBank Investment Advisers. “We’re excited to partner with Moawia and the Tempo team to support their ambition to help people progress in their fitness journeys at home.”

Tempo Studio Review by iJustine

You can purchase accessories like folding bench, folding squat rack, weight plate storage, kettlebell system, competition plates, Olympic barbells, Essential plate bundle, resistance bands, yoga block, yoga strap, heart rate monitor, workout mat, recovery roller, water bottle and gym towel.

tempo studio fitness
Image Credit: Tempo

The Tempo Studio is available for purchase at starting at $2,495—or $69/month for 36 months with financing—with additional bundles available. A separate $39 monthly membership per household unlocks unlimited, AI-powered training spanning Tempo’s expansive offering of fitness classes, available both live and on-demand.

About Tempo

Tempo is a fitness company that develops innovative products to help people progress in their fitness journeys. The Tempo Studio is the first home fitness studio that includes real-time guidance and competition-grade weights to help members reach their fitness goals. Tempo’s AI-powered 3D sensors corrects form, counts reps, and recommends weights—providing a more effective and safer workout in real-time.

Tempo is built for all levels, from beginner to advanced athlete. We provide personalized products that can grow with our members as they progress towards their goals.


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