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December 29, 2023

The 10 Men’s Fashion Trends You Should Know for 2024

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The new year is an excellent opportunity to evaluate your personal style. Updating and upgrading how you present yourself requires thought, and often, expert advice. So below I offer 10 guidelines to consider, experiment with, and, if they genuinely resonate with you, incorporate for 2024.

Style trends currently favor the more relaxed, less fussy. That’s important to observe, but the advice offered here possesses a timeless quality. I believe fashion choices shouldn’t be solely dictated by trends as those who adhere too strictly to them often lack originality—never a good look. However, it is a good look to stay current and in touch with the cultural style zeitgeist. You will look and feel better, and people will notice. Above all, authenticity is key, and you should wear what works for you.

Menswear trends tend to be cyclical, and just as a particular garment or fit is happening now, the pendulum always swings. The following suggestions are meant to cast a wider net, offering generalized and timeless style tips for what to wear in the coming year(s).

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Why You Should Trust Me

In addition to writing for Men’s Journal, I have covered topics ranging from menswear, fragrances, watches, grooming, and styling for Inside Hook, Robb Report, Esquire, and Men’s Health. I served as the market editor at Esquire for several years, scouring the industry for the best garments and goods that were not only worth the investment but also made for compelling stories and good advice for our readers.

I have always tried to add a timeless element to whatever I have written, as although trends are interesting and relevant to a degree, my heart has always been drawn to more perennial guidance and themes. My obsessive-compulsive tendencies are both a blessing and a curse and while I often delve into researching items to the point of exhaustion, it’s this approach that often positions me as a go-to person for advice. Whether it’s about coats, colognes, or turntable needles, people recognize that I’ve done the legwork. I enjoy inspiring others around me to seek out their unique interests in things that might make their life better.

Avoid: Skinny jeans.
Embrace: Straight leg, relaxed jeans.

From left: Buck Mason, Madewell, Levi’s

We are referring specifically to jeggings or jeans that look like they could be peeled off a guy’s legs. When your jeans leave you with no room to breathe not only is comfort sacrificed, but they are also reminiscent of what dominated jeans shelves about 10 years ago. Instead, opt for a slim or straight relaxed fit throughout the leg that gives some space, allowing for a more stylish silhouette. I like a slight taper as long as there is room throughout. You want to wear your jeans and not have them wear you.

Try these jeans: 

Buck Mason Japanese Selvedge Full Saddle Jean, $175
Madewell 1991 Straight-Leg Jeans, $138
Levi’s 501 Original Fit Jeans $74 at Levi’s

Avoid: Pointy Chelsea boots.
Embrace: Durable slip-on boots

From left, clockwise: Taylor Stitch, Beckett Simons, Blundstones

About seven years ago you couldn’t walk anywhere without seeing a pointed Chelsea boot (often paired with skinny jeans!). This is a timeless style, but in the current relaxed and easy-going fashion climate, they may appear a bit too refined and posh. Instead, consider trying a rounder slip-on Chelsea boot, such as a Blundstone, which has experienced a fashion resurgence in the past few years. These versatile boots pair well with relaxed and straight-leg jeans or trousers, not to mention, they will be more durable in inclement weather.

Try these boots:

Blundstone Rustic Brown Chelsea Boot, $215
Beckett Simonon Silva Boots, $300
Taylor Stitch Redwood Waxed Suede Ranch Boot, $348

Avoid: Leather biker jackets.
Embrace: Bomber jackets

From left, clockwise: Buck Mason, Huckberry, Thursday Boot Co.

Disclaimer: A leather biker jacket is undeniably timeless. However, bikers have become too commonplace—a far cry from the edgy, iconic styles of the Ramones or Marlon Brando. We’re not suggesting donating it, but perhaps retiring it for a while. Instead, try a versatile, leather bomber jacket. A stylish bomber carries the same timeless essence as a biker jacket but exudes a more mature and refined aesthetic that effortlessly complements any outfit—and is just as cool. Rooted in military history (as is most menswear) a bomber jacket makes for a utilitarian, compelling alternative to the over-saturated biker jacket.

Try these bomber jackets:

Buck Mason Bruiser Leather Bomber Jacket, $598
Huckberry Golden Bear Leather Bomber, $1,280
Thursday Bomber Jacket, $349

Avoid: Stiff suit blazer with padding.
Embrace: Unstructured jacket with texture

From left, clockwise: Todd Snyder, Bonobos, Industry of all Nations

A tailored blazer is a crucial building block in a guy’s wardrobe and its fit and versatility are key for any situation that requires tailoring. A stiff, padded, and lined blazer gives the impression that you simply separated a suit jacket to pair with jeans and chinos. Instead, opt for an unlined and unstructured blazer. They are refined, no fuss, and mold to your body better, pairing well with everything from wool flannel trousers to chinos to jeans. Bonus points if it has some texture and scrunch, not a straight, sheeny matte finish. Extra bonus points if it is double—breasted.

Try these jackets:

Todd Snyder Italian Knit Madison Sport Coat, $698
Bonobos Jetsetter Unconstructed Italian Wool Blazer, $400
Industry of all Nations Clean Blazer, $240

Avoid: Lots of Jewelry.
Embrace: One of each type.

From left, clockwise: David Yurman, Tom Wood at Mr. Porter, Miansai

With accessories, less is usually more, and for most men, that principle especially applies to jewelry. While figures like Keith Richards and Johnny Depp can effortlessly pull off wearing enough bracelets and rings to circle the earth, that is part of their unique brand (again, authenticity is key). For most guys, I recommend following the “one of each” rule: one bracelet, one ring, and one necklace. These accessories should serve as an extra 10 percent that adds character, personality, and originality to your look without overpowering it.

Try these accessories:

Avoid: Shackets.
Embrace: A chore jacket

From left, clockwise: Quince, Huckberry, Alex Mill

Don’t get me wrong, I do like an open overshirt. A chore jacket, however, has become a quintessential piece in any man’s wardrobe, and it certainly deserves to be. The iconic French chore jacket, usually dyed in an indigo blue but available in many colors, features a utilitarian design that seamlessly complements any outfit, imparting an air of tailored ease. Its numerous pockets add practicality, and the silhouette is celebrated for its simplicity, durability, and historical charm. A chore jacket is the perfect middle ground when a blazer is too tailored, and a shirt jacket is too casual. Wear them all day, every day.

Try these chore jackets:

Huckberry French Moleskin Work Jacket, $275
Quince Organic Comfort Stretch Chore Jacket, $60

Avoid: V-neck sweaters.
Embrace: Cardigan sweaters.

From left, clockwise: Alex Mill, Banana Republic, Everlane

Crewnecks have dominated fashion trends in recent years, with V-necks sometimes appearing a bit stuffy when layered over a collared shirt and sloppy with a T-shirt underneath. Enter the cardigan sweater. Despite their cyclical resurgence, cardigans maintain an enduring style and deserve recognition as a timeless menswear essential. What sets cardigans apart is their versatility—looking equally stylish with a T-shirt as they do with an Oxford shirt paired with a knit tie.

Try these cardigans:

Banana Republic Brayden Cashmere Cardigan, $170
Alex Mill Hockney Cardigan, $175
Everlane The Cloud Relaxed Cardigan, $188

Avoid: Pique polo shirts.
Embrace: Knit polo shirts.

From left, clockwise: Todd Snyder, Marine Layer, J.Crew

Save the pique polo shirt for golf courses and beaches. The knit polo shirt, combining the comfort of a knit sweater with the silhouette of a polo and cutaway collar, has been a staple in the stylish man’s wardrobe for years. Drawing inspiration from the enduring vintage aesthetics of the 50s and 60s, knit polos effortlessly blend cool sophistication with timeless appeal. Pair one with a blazer for a chic, dressed-up appearance, or wear casually with shorts or jeans; it all works. Start with a solid color as the texture and collar make a statement on their own, then consider variations or piping for added character. 

Try these knit polos:

Todd SnyderLightweight Cashmere Montauk Polo, $348
J. Crew Cashmere Short Sleeve Polo, $70
Marine Layer Greyson Sweater Polo, $88

Avoid: Ornately patterned dress shirt.
Embrace: A simple, chambray shirt.

From left, clockwise: Taylor Stitch, Faherty, J.Crew

Dress shirts are a wardrobe necessity, but excessive patterns like paisley or diamonds are an eyesore. (Faint stripes and plaids, however, are tasteful and timeless.) A simple chambray shirt exudes an effortless chic that complements a knit tie as easily as it works with casual denim. It is a simple, yet versatile choice, making it the perfect go-to collared shirt in your wardrobe. Less is often more.

Try these chambray shirts:

Faherty The Tried & True Chambray Shirt, $148
Taylor Stitch The Ledge Shirt, $102
J. Crew Organic Cotton Chambray Shirt, $90

Avoid: Monk-strap shoes.
Embrace: Round-toe loafers

From left, clockwise: Mr. P, Allen Edmonds, Grenson

Monk straps have a timeless appeal; however, in the current trend cycle, their buckled strap appearance might seem a bit too ornate and regal. Consider opting for leather loafers, but not just any ordinary pair. A rounder toe and chunkier sole provide a more robust and casual vibe. My favorite way to wear them is with white socks and light-wash jeans, yet their versatility shines as they effortlessly complement tailoring or virtually anything else.

Try these round-toe loafers:

Grenson Ernie Leather Loafer, $480
Mr Porter Scott Polished Leather Loafers, $355
Allen Edmonds Freeport Weatherproof Penny Loafer, $173


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