The Best Fitness Watches for Strength Workouts in 2022


After a demanding workout, it’s validating when your watch notices the effort you exerted. Wearing a fitness tracker during your strength workouts, whether you’re deadlifting or rowing or powering through a bodyweight routine, is like having a personal coach on your wrist keeping track of your progress and your overall health, too. Fitness watches make it easier than ever to get deep insights into your workouts and performance.

Some features to look for when shopping for a watch for workouts include heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen testing, recovery time estimates, and sleep and stress tracking. Bonus features include GPS tracking for outdoor efforts, music integration to keep you entertained, and downloadable meditation and workout sessions to mix up your strength sessions.

Keep in mind the size and comfort of fitness watches as well (though these characteristics can sometimes be tricky to gauge online). Most brands have generous return policies, but always check before you buy. You don’t want your watch getting in the way of pushups or floor routines. The good news? Fitness watches and trackers are generally more affordable than the beefier mountaineering and cycling watches while still offering some of the same metrics.

Below, we’ve detailed the specs and benefits of six of the best fitness watches and trackers for strength workouts.

The Best Fitness Watches for Strength Workouts in 2022

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