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April 5, 2021

The fiddly step Martha Stewart skips in her ‘beauty routine’ green juice

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Martha Stewart has revealed the “special green juice” she swears by as part of her beauty routine.

Having maintained a glowing presence on camera for decades now – and is even known for her ‘pool-selfie’ thirst traps – the 79-year-old did the generous thing and shared her recipe with her Instagram followers.

The queen of the kitchen shared a comprehensive tutorial on how to make the juice, and the fiddly step she skips in the process.

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Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart says she drinks the juice daily as part of her ‘beauty routine’. (Instagram)

Combining spinach, celery and herbs she grows herself, Stewart adds a hint of flavour with citrus fruits, pineapple and ginger.

“It really does keep my skin looking really good, it keeps my hair nice and thick, and I really believe in drinking green juice each and every day,” she said in the video.

Saying a “really good juicer” is well “worth the investment”, Stewart blends all the ingredients together, throwing in three stalks of celery, parsley and mint.

“Don’t forget the leaves!” she says, adding that they’re an essential ingredient with “lots of nutrition”.

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When it comes to throwing in slices of orangs, Stewart doesn’t peel them – instead, she segments the fruit and adds a few wedges with the rind still on.

She also throws in her favourite fruit, pineapple, with all the spikes on the skin as well.

“Don’t peel the pineapple!” she urges viewers.

Unlike many green juices, Stewarts avoids kale and cabbage.

“There’s nothing in [the her juice] that’s gonna make you burp. I just don’t like the taste of [kale] in a juice. I use it all the time in salads,” she says.

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Martha Stewart
Unlike many green juices, Stewarts avoids kale and cabbage. (Instagram)

Topping off the juice with “an inch or two” of ginger, Stewart packs in several handfuls of spinach leaves picked from her greenhouse in the summer.

“All of this comes right out of my vegetable greenhouse,” she says, blending the concoction.

Once the fruits and vegetables are liquified, Stewart swigs from a glass, explaining the recipe is “not too thick.”

Stewart’s recipe makes just over half a litre of juice and can be kept in the fridge for a day or two, tops.


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