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December 23, 2023

These Are the Most Popular NFL Players of 2023 Based on Google Searches

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The NFL had another huge year, and a few star players stole the spotlight. Sports betting outlet Bettingtop10 Canada recently determined the most popular NFL players in America according to Google searches. The study ranked every position and compiled a list of America’s NFL “Dream Team” based on the most-searched-for players. The site analyzed Google data across 2023 for all 2,421 players in the NFL to reach their conclusions.

Of the quarterbacks, New York Jets star Aaron Rodgers was the most Googled in America, with an average of 2.5 million people searching his name each month. The study notes that a large number of those searches are due to ongoing interest in Rogers’ torn Achilles tendon, which he suffered during the opening game of the season against the Buffalo Bills.

Travis Kelce was crowned the most commonly searched-for tight end, with his name garnering more than 1 million dedicated searches per month. Of course, a high volume of this traffic comes from curiosity regarding his romance with Taylor Swift.

The swell of support for the Kelce family hardly stopped there. Travis’ brother, Jason Kelce of the Philadelphia Eagles, was the most-searched-for center in the country. More than 420,000 people search for him every month. Once again, a lot of this interest is thought to be due to Travis’s relationship with Taylor.

But coming out on top of the NFL was Damar Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills. He was not only the most-searched-for defensive back in America, but his name garnered the most Google searches of any player in the NFL. Fans searched for Hamlin more than 7.1 million times each month. The 25-year-old just returned for his first regular season game after suffering a cardiac arrest during a January 2 match.

“America’s fascination with NFL players frequently extends beyond their on-field performance, with injuries, romances, and rumors of their personal life, influencing who the nation searches for the most,” a spokesperson for Bettingtop10 Canada shared in a statement.

The year’s most popular players were then drafted onto America’s hypothetical Dream Team. Hamlin, Rodgers, and Kelce were easily the most-searched-for players of the year. They were joined on the Dream Team by Odell Beckham Jr. (825,667), Ezekiel Elliot (587,500), and Chris Paul (575,917), amongst many others.

“The ‘NFL Dream Team’ aims to showcase the players who have captured the nation’s attention the most over the past year, in order to create the perfect team lineup,” Bettingtop10’s spokesperson explained.

You can find America’s full Dream Team roster of the most popular NFL players below.


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