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December 17, 2020

Umpire savaged over ‘ridiculous’ robberyVirat Kohli looked like he wanted Oxenford “dragged” as well.

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Day one of the first Test between Australia and India was all about patience with runs at a premium as India compiled 6/233 by the end of the day.

But umpire Bruce Oxenford has come under fire after a one short call during Virat Kohli and Ajinkya Rahane’s partnership during the night session.

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The MCC laws state “A run is short if a batsman fails to make good his/her ground in turning for a further run.”

The pair had been running well between wickets when off the final ball of the 71st over Oxenford, who was at square leg, called one short, taking another run off the Indians.

While it hardly seems like a big deal, the call was incorrect upon replay with the umpire getting slammed for the decision.

Virat Kohli blew up on the field when he saw the replay as he was the one called short despite just sliding over the line.

It comes as the match is officiated by two Australian umpires — Oxenford and Paul Reiffel — due to COVID-19 making it difficult for independent umpires to travel around the world.

On Fox Cricket, Shane Warne was furious over the call.

“Can India say we want to review that because that’s wrong?” Warne asked. “Bruce Oxenford has got that wrong. Bruce Oxenford has got that wrong I mean c’mon mate, it wasn’t that close, Jesus Ox. C’mon mate, you should review that umpire. Robbed. Virat, India, that’s not good enough Bruce Oxenford.”

Michael Hussey said: “Even the position he was standing wasn’t right on the line to get the best view either. He was sort of behind square a couple of metres.”

Adam Gilchrist said it was likely because the umpires didn’t want to be in front of the camera at square leg.

Another replay saw Warne fire up again.

“That is over the line, so what is he doing? Ridiculous,” Warne said.

“That sort of pettiness from an umpire drives me crazy. They’re the sort of things that …”

At the same time, Pat Cummins was bowling and was called for back-to-back no balls, stopping Warne in his tracks.

“If this is behind the line, then he should be dragged,” Warne said. “Get another umpire and drag this bloke.”

Luckily for Oxenford, Cummins was only just over the line or Warne sounded like he was prepared to run down himself to remove the umpire.

Adam Gilchrist said of a replay of Kohli blowing up that he was “slightly less animated than Shane Warne”.

“That’s fair enough too,” Warne added. “He’s right to react like that, it’s just silly. It’s just over officious that you just don’t need to be.”

Mike Hussey said that Kohli had “had to work hard for every run and have one taken away”.

Legendary ABC cricket commentator Jim Maxwell also blew up over the call, demanding any line calls to be judged by the third umpire.


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