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February 2, 2021

Unanswered question in Eddie McGuire pile-on after bombshell reportScott Pendlebury and Nathan Buckley.

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Port Adelaide great Kane Cornes has questioned why Collingwood coach Nathan Buckley and captain Scott Pendlebury both escaped scrutiny following the release of a report which claimed the club is guilty of “systemic racism”.

Collingwood conducted an internal club investigation last year, the findings of which were made public on Monday.

The investigation found Collingwood’s responses to instances of alleged racism were “at best ineffective, or at worst exacerbated the impact of the racist incidents”.

The report also said Collingwood responds to racism claims through the prism of protecting the club’s brand and reputation, rather than addressing the issues directly and instigating meaningful change.

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Collingwood President Eddie McGuire faced a tsunami of criticism this week, which intensified after declaring the report’s findings were a “historic and proud day”, but Cornes believes other figures at the Magpies should be held accountable.

“I wonder how Nathan Buckley is feeling on the back of this, how he was feeling watching that press conference,” Cornes said on SEN SA Breakfast on Tuesday morning.

“Of course, ‘Bucks’ has been at the Collingwood Football Club since 1994. He’s been a strong leader and behind Eddie McGuire the most famous name at the Collingwood Football Club.

“He would be embarrassed right now. He would be ashamed not stamping this out earlier under his leadership and under his watch as captain, as assistant coach and as coach.

“I’d also wonder how Scott Pendlebury is feeling. He’s been captain since 2014, he’s the most decorated player to ever play for the Collingwood Football Club, he played with Heritier Lumumba as well.

“It’s not all on Eddie. I think Eddie misread the room badly (at the press conference). His opening remarks were off, but a lot of what he did say was good and positive and that they’re desperate to make change.

“They weren’t denying any of the allegations. You could tell they want to be better and be a pillar for society and the AFL and be a club that sets the benchmark.

“But Scott Pendlebury and Nathan Buckley would have some culpability in this as well. I’m looking forward to hearing them speak.”

Collingwood addressed the media in a press conference on Monday, during which McGuire claimed it was a “historic and proud day” for the club.

McGuire apologised for the remarks at the Collingwood Football Club’s Annual General Meeting on Tuesday evening.

“The opening remarks from Eddie, were … well he didn’t read the room at all,” Cornes said.

“So to say that, this was his biggest mistake.

“To say that it is a ‘proud and historic day’ for the football club was the wrong thing to say.

“What he should have said and what he failed to do was apologise for it on behalf of the football club and the clear failings that have gone on at Collingwood as a result of this report.

“The word ‘sorry’ wasn’t used. That was his biggest mistake yesterday, not saying sorry, and the use of the word ‘proud’ and it being a historic day for the club.”


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