Video: Andy Lee savagely trolls Novak Djokovic over visa scandal x x x x x x


Andy Lee’s Guess Whom is back for the 2022 Australian Open but he just couldn’t help himself after the Novak Djokovic saga.

Andy Lee just couldn’t help himself.

Novak Djokovic’s controversial visa cancellation has sparked outrage on both sides of the debate at various points over the past fortnight but Lee decided it’s apparently not too soon to laugh about the whole affair.

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The Aussie funnyman — one half of the popular radio, TV and podcast duo Hamish & Andy — has been a staple of the Australian Open coverage in recent times and has filmed numerous sketches with stars in Melbourne, challenging them to games of “Guess Who”, or as the clips make clear, “Guess Whom” for legal reasons.

Lee played a game with Djokovic that was aired during the 2020 Australian Open and he decided to use a little creative licence to repurpose that old video for today’s audience.

Lee posted a heavily edited clip — we repeat, heavily edited — on his Twitter account to poke fun at the deported Serbian superstar.

This video is not real — it is footage that was filmed years ago — but Lee jumped back in front of the camera and used the editing booth to produce his comedic skit.

While you generally ask several different questions, Lee made it appear as though he only needed to ask one: “Does that person over there, have a legitimate visa to be able to stay in the country?”

After a long pause, a ponderous Djokovic replied: “No.”

Lee then knocked everyone out on his board except Djokovic and said: “Am I Novak?”

“It’s another loss for you this week,” Lee continued. “You have stayed pretty calm about it though.”

Djokovic then flips the table and says: “What do you mean calm? This is crazy”.

The original video back in 2020 saw Djokovic pick up a card with Aussie veteran Sam Stosur and accidentally take aim at her style. Lee picked up the man across the table from him.

Lee, who traditionally asks uncommon questions for Guess Whom, asked: “Am I stylish enough for a high-end clothing brand to want to use me as the face of it?”

After five painful seconds where the anguish is written all over Djokovic’s face, the world No. 1 eventually responds with a flat “No”.

While there were several questions back and forth, the question that saw Djokovic snap — although clearly for comic effect — was: “Is this person very calm?”

Lee replied: “I would say … calm.”

After knocking a few out, Djokovic said: “Novak Djokovic out for sure.”

It left just Roger Federer, which was clearly the wrong person.

A sheepish Lee said “I though you were pretty calm” and he threw the table, with Novak adding: “What do you mean calm? This is crazy.”