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May 3, 2021

Webhead Fitness Bridges the Gap between Personal Trainers and Clients for a Seamless Fitness Experience – The American Reporter

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Fitness journeys can be difficult without the right guidance needed to achieve our desired results. Finding this guidance can be challenging, especially when excellent personal trainers may have limited means to get their brand and names out there for clients to find. Webhead Fitness provides a simple way to connect personal trainers with people who are looking for a healthier lifestyle. 

Let’s start with the founders of Webhead Fitness, Justin and Joshua Marcus. Both professional football players, they understand the importance of staying in peak physical condition and having a trainer who can help create a plan to achieve consistency and more targeted results. 

Growing up in Macon, Georgia, Justin and Joshua experienced first hand both the difficulties of getting access to the right resources to build a brand as a personal trainer, and for athletes to get the training they need to achieve their full potential. Together, the brothers have created a platform that gives athletes, personal trainers and individuals looking to get more active in their daily lives, a simpler way to achieve their goals. 

“Webhead Fitness connects clients with trainers based on their location while also marketing those trainers for FREE. We have a growing team of trainers across the world and anyone looking for a trainer can simply go on our website, create a profile, and instantly get connected with trainers in their area,” says Justin. 

Webhead Fitness is bridging the gap between clients and trainers, especially when it comes to trainers that are new to the industry, and clients that are new to an area or just don’t know where to start when it comes to finding a trainer best suited to their needs. 

Justin and Joshua built their team of trainers based on skill, qualifications and passion for improving the lives of their clients. Webhead Fitness provides trainers recruited to the business with free marketing and ads promoting their brands and skill sets, enabling the growth of the trainer’s client base without any additional work.

Webhead Fitness was founded not only out of necessity but passion. In 2015, Joshua was unfortunately involved in a car accident that put his football career on hold. Joshua worked with a personal trainer to help him get back on track, but he gained more from the experience with his trainer than just better physical health.

“After my accident I had given up on football. The trainer that I was working with helped get me back on track and motivated to play football again. So although I decided against getting back into it, I left with a lot of inspiration because I had a great experience with that trainer and I realized I wanted to do this for a living – find a way to help personal trainers grow their businesses and help individuals get into a better and more positive mindset when training,” says Joshua. 

This idea of strengthening both physique and mind is exemplified in Webhead Fitness’ name. “Web” portrays how clientele are reached, trainers are marketed and the business is promoted – through the web across all social media sources and any digital platforms that can be used for promotional purposes. The second part of the name, “head”, represents the idea that while fitness has an obvious physical component, it also has a mental component that can be easily overlooked. 

“Your brain functions more productively when you are training compared to when you are actually performing a sport or activity that you trained for. Since training is so important we want to ensure that clients are getting the best possible experience and are in the right state of mind to help them achieve their fitness goals as efficiently as possible,” says Justin. 

To date, Webhead Fitness has expanded globally with trainers and clients in 23 States as well as Canada and France. But building a business of this calibre did not come without its fair share of setbacks. Webhead Fitness was first launched in February of 2020, right around the beginning of the global pandemic.

“We had a lot of publicity surrounding the business at the time. We had gotten a lot of people excited about our brand, but the pandemic really changed people’s ideas of fitness. The entire model that we created had to change with the closures of gyms and the physical distancing restrictions,” says Joshua. 

In the digital age, having an online presence is extremely important, even for personal training which people may consider to be generally an in person activity. The pandemic has encouraged the growth of an additional model that allows interaction with Webhead Fitness’ clients digitally via zoom calls for one-on-one training as well as instagram live sessions. On Webhead Fitness’ YouTube channel there are various at home workouts including HIIT cardio that can be followed along without any equipment required.

“The pandemic caused closures of gyms and made it difficult for people to stay in shape and for trainers to grow their business. So we pivoted in a new direction adding a more sustainable virtual model. We found a way to encourage people to workout by making it easier for them to find trainers who they can work with from the comfort of their home.  We’ve helped trainers expand their business and brand since the pandemic by giving them exposure to a wider client base,” says Justin.

So what does the future of Webhead Fitness entail? Expansion into more countries, and the celebration of the NEW partnered gym in ATLANTA that’s opened called Go Hard Fitness located at 2080 Defoor Ave NW, Suite 240, Atlanta, GA, 30318.

Stay up to date on Webhead Fitness’ new and exciting ways to stay in shape by following their Instagram page @webheadfitness for their FREE Instagram live HIIT cardio workouts every Friday at 6pm est and FREE Yoga every Sunday 10am – 12pm est. Or become a member & join the Webhead Gang on their website www.webheadfitnessLLC.


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