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March 6, 2021

‘Wild’: Monster drive stuns golf worldBryson DeChambeau stunned the golf world again. Graphic credit: @PGATour

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Back in January, Bryson DeChambeau made a startling statement, which is hard to believe given he seems to be setting distance records every week.

But even for a man capable of belting 414-yard drives, this seemed maybe a stretch too far.

In an interview with, DeChambeau claimed he wanted to attempt to drive the green of the par-5 6th hole at Bay Hill Club and Lodge.

The sixth hole at Bay Hill is a 590-yard dog leg par five.

There is a direct line from the tee to the green though which makes it only around 340 yards but it would require the ball to remain in the air the whole way.

DeChambeau is no ordinary golfer though, constantly testing the boundaries of the sport and captivating even the most casual viewers in the process.

So at the time he boldly declared to “If I play this year I will definitely do it.”

“No. 6 at Bay Hill is one of those I’ve been eyeing. I think I can do some pretty cool things on it.”

DeChambeau had cheekily played with the crowd in the opening rounds and later teased on social media that he may try it if the conditions were favourable.

“Thought I would attempt to carry the 6th hole today (340 with the carry),” he wrote.

“Wind was brutal and I came up short (only gave it a few tries) but might be something I go for if the conditions are right. We’ll see.”

Then it happened on Sunday morning, with DeChambeau becoming the first player to go for the green on the 6th at Bay Hill since John Daly as he successfully cleared the water with a 370-yard carry.

The end result of course had the golf world stunned.

It was the longest drive on the 6th hole since 2003.


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