Mills shares classy handwritten notePatty Mills shared his journey with fans. Photo: @balapat.


Patty Mills has documented his wild journey home to Australia, posting photos of himself in hotel quarantine in Sydney.

Mills on Friday night posted images from a hotel in Sydney as part of an Instagram stories barrage that showed his return home following the Boomers’ bronze-medal win in Tokyo.

Mills and his Boomers teammates have been celebrating in style since the win over Slovenia in the bronze-medal play-off — and were seen drinking beer off their medals during their final days of partying inside the Tokyo athletes village.

Video of the partying included a clip of Mills and teammates jigging to Men At Work’s Down Under anthem.

Now Mills has shown what came after the initial partying.

Mills flooded his Instagram stories with pics on Friday night of him bringing his bronze medal back home.

The snaps include a photo of a classy handwritten note Mills was given by an airline employee during the flight home from Tokyo.

The note was written on official Japan Airways stationary and it included a simple letter to thanks to the 33-year-old.

The handwritten note was one of several nice little touches Mills was able to experience on his flight from Tokyo to Sydney, which was clearly slightly more comfortable than what his fellow passengers would have enjoyed in cattle class.

“Congratulations on your bronze medal,” the note given to Mills read.

“We are glad to see you onboard today. Please take care of yourself and we are looking forward to seeing you again.”

Mills Instagram barrage included a series of photos being posted with captions of lyrics from the Seekers’ cult classic I Am Australian.

He is now serving his two weeks of quarantine in isolation in Sydney.

Last week, Mills signed a two-year, $16 million deal with NBA heavyweights the Brooklyn Nets, which will see him play alongside the likes of Kevin Durant, James Harden and Kyrie Irving.

Mills will be hoping to add another NBS championship ring to hang alongside that bronze medal