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December 31, 2023

Fitness experts share their number one piece of advice

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It’s the time of year when, whilst riding the highs of the new year, new me energy, many become curious about improving their health.

Despite the best of intentions, sometimes it is challenging to embark on a change towards starting to work out or exercise more.

We have asked a group of fitness experts what their top tips are when it comes to growing fitness, to keep the ball rolling past the new year

Five trainers have shared their advice with 9Honey Coach, read on to find out what their top tips are for people who want to start exercising.

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Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines – Sweat trainer and global fitness star

The worst thing that you can do is jump fully into a routine and try and change your entire life. So like, people, women get these sudden bursts of motivation. And they’re like, eliminate everything and then go full ball.

But the key is, which is the hardest thing to do, is to start small. It’s just adding in things rather than subtracting things. So add a workout, nail the one workout, and add in another workout.

Now there are two workouts, like don’t add in five days. Don’t sign yourself up to a gym that you’re not going to be able to travel to, start with the home workout. And master that. That would probably be my top advice. And don’t cut out food groups – never!

Chontel Duncan – Gym Owner & Online Trainer

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chontel duncan gym owner and trainer

My number one piece of advice is grounded in sound principles.

To start, it’s crucial to establish a well-structured routine for your week, meticulously plotting when you’ll engage in your workouts.

This level of organisation will set the stage for success, ensuring that you’re adequately prepared. However, alongside this, you must cultivate a mindset that’s both adaptable and resilient.

Flexibility is essential because life can throw unexpected challenges your way, whether it’s a sudden parenting obligation or unforeseen interruptions. Without this adaptable mindset, your workout sessions may be derailed, leaving you disheartened.

Conversely, when you possess the ability to pivot and seize opportunities, you can compensate for missed workouts, perhaps scheduling them for the following day. This blend of structured organisation and a flexible outlook is the key to a successful fitness journey.

Katie Martin – Personal Trainer with SWEAT

katie martin sweat personal trainer

Start small and slowly. A walk or a 15-minute at-home workout may be the best place to start. Gradually over time you will add more workouts to the week, extra steps etc… Build your habits over time.

If you rush the process and try to overhaul your entire lifestyle at once, you are most likely going to crash and burn and fall back into old habits. 

Ben Lucas – Director of Flow Athletic

ben lucas flow athletic trainer

I have a few pieces of advice. The first one is to find a workout that you enjoy. If you don’t like spin class, try HIIT, Strength, Running, Barre, Pilates etc. The options for keeping fit are endless, so find something you enjoy or mix it up. 

Secondly, make sure it is convenient for you to attend. If the class times don’t match your schedule, or the fitness studio is too far away, you are unlikely to attend. Find something that is convenient, or even opt for an online workout.

While I have more tips, I will add that when you are getting into a routine, it is easy to forget about things and let them go. Therefore I recommend you put your workouts into your diary and keep them as you would any other appointment until attending your workouts becomes normal for you.

Prue Harvey – Training Educator at BFT

prue harvey personal trainer

Do your research! Understand first your “why” for training & what your goals are! 

Find the mode of training that aligns with these long-term goals, not just a quick fix! 

If a studio/gym has no reason or methodology behind its training, you might be in the wrong place!


December 30, 2023

Is it safe to run in the heat? Here’s everything you need to know before heading out

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If the mercury is cranking but you still want to maintain your running fitness, there are some important things to be aware of before you lace up your trainers and hit the pavement.

Of course, running on a treadmill in the air-con is a much more comfortable move – but not always feasible. 

If you’re a runner, or getting into running, here’s what you need to know to help you perform without putting yourself at risk.

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Shot of people running along the beach

How your body responds to hot running

When we get hot, our body releases sweat, which helps us cool off as it evaporates from our skin. The hotter the weather, the more you’re likely to sweat and get dehydrated.

In hot, dry climates, the sweat evaporates really quickly, which can accelerate dehydration. Plus, as more blood pumps to the skin to try and release heat, the heart has to pump harder and you will likely find your heart is beating faster even though your intensity has stayed the same.

In humid climates, your body’s evaporation rate declines because there is already lots of water in the air, which can cause your body to overheat and force you to slow down.

On top of that, the heat and sun cause an elevation in your core body temperature, which makes running much harder.

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The risks of hot running

All of these elements combined can put your body at risk of overheating.

“Major signs of overheating are a dry mouth, headache and blurry vision. The first sign from the outside of the body is a red face,” Mark Howard from Running Coach Melbourne told 9Honey Coach.

“‘If any of these are present stop exercising and get some fluids in the body and apply an ice pack [to the armpit, neck, head and groin] to cool you down.”

Overheating can cause heat exhaustion, possible fainting, or muscle cramps that can lead to injuries if you push too hard.

“Older runners without a large fitness base could even be at risk of stroke,” Howard explains.  

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Prepping for a hot run

If you want to go for a run, then the obvious best idea would be to run first thing in the morning before the sun is high, or at night after the sun is setting.

“Wear a hat and sunscreen and stick to shaded areas as best as you can, especially on days that are over 35 degrees,” Howard says.

“Avoid eating salty foods that will dehydrate you. Fresh fruit is an ideal pre-run snack.”

Silhouette of a woman drinking form a cold water bottle. She is exercising at sunset or sunrise. City of Sydney in the background. Copy space.

If you go to the bathroom and your wee is dark yellow then you are dehydrated – for optimum hydration, you should have clear urine.

“It’s important you don’t run for long periods without hydration,” Howard points out.

“Drink plenty of water before, during and after a run, or drink an electrolyte sports drink during your run, which can assist with delivering fluid and fuel around your body to keep you running at an optimum level.”

Face it: You’ll have to run slower

If you’re going to run in the hot weather, then don’t aim for a PB because your body’s physiological processes are going to slow you down.

“On hot days, you might like to do shorter sessions, such as interval or speed training,” Howard suggests.

“Train somewhere with ample shade so when you are in recovery mode you can stand or sit in the shade.”

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Young woman running

While Howard says he never usually recommends treadmill running, he makes an exception on hot days.

“Running on treadmills is not recommended by professional running coaches because it puts too much impact on the body,” he says.

“But if the temperature is over 40 degrees then it would probably be best if people stayed in the air con and run on the treadmill.”


December 29, 2023

The 10 Men’s Fashion Trends You Should Know for 2024

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The new year is an excellent opportunity to evaluate your personal style. Updating and upgrading how you present yourself requires thought, and often, expert advice. So below I offer 10 guidelines to consider, experiment with, and, if they genuinely resonate with you, incorporate for 2024.

Style trends currently favor the more relaxed, less fussy. That’s important to observe, but the advice offered here possesses a timeless quality. I believe fashion choices shouldn’t be solely dictated by trends as those who adhere too strictly to them often lack originality—never a good look. However, it is a good look to stay current and in touch with the cultural style zeitgeist. You will look and feel better, and people will notice. Above all, authenticity is key, and you should wear what works for you.

Menswear trends tend to be cyclical, and just as a particular garment or fit is happening now, the pendulum always swings. The following suggestions are meant to cast a wider net, offering generalized and timeless style tips for what to wear in the coming year(s).

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Why You Should Trust Me

In addition to writing for Men’s Journal, I have covered topics ranging from menswear, fragrances, watches, grooming, and styling for Inside Hook, Robb Report, Esquire, and Men’s Health. I served as the market editor at Esquire for several years, scouring the industry for the best garments and goods that were not only worth the investment but also made for compelling stories and good advice for our readers.

I have always tried to add a timeless element to whatever I have written, as although trends are interesting and relevant to a degree, my heart has always been drawn to more perennial guidance and themes. My obsessive-compulsive tendencies are both a blessing and a curse and while I often delve into researching items to the point of exhaustion, it’s this approach that often positions me as a go-to person for advice. Whether it’s about coats, colognes, or turntable needles, people recognize that I’ve done the legwork. I enjoy inspiring others around me to seek out their unique interests in things that might make their life better.

Avoid: Skinny jeans.
Embrace: Straight leg, relaxed jeans.

From left: Buck Mason, Madewell, Levi’s

We are referring specifically to jeggings or jeans that look like they could be peeled off a guy’s legs. When your jeans leave you with no room to breathe not only is comfort sacrificed, but they are also reminiscent of what dominated jeans shelves about 10 years ago. Instead, opt for a slim or straight relaxed fit throughout the leg that gives some space, allowing for a more stylish silhouette. I like a slight taper as long as there is room throughout. You want to wear your jeans and not have them wear you.

Try these jeans: 

Buck Mason Japanese Selvedge Full Saddle Jean, $175
Madewell 1991 Straight-Leg Jeans, $138
Levi’s 501 Original Fit Jeans $74 at Levi’s

Avoid: Pointy Chelsea boots.
Embrace: Durable slip-on boots

From left, clockwise: Taylor Stitch, Beckett Simons, Blundstones

About seven years ago you couldn’t walk anywhere without seeing a pointed Chelsea boot (often paired with skinny jeans!). This is a timeless style, but in the current relaxed and easy-going fashion climate, they may appear a bit too refined and posh. Instead, consider trying a rounder slip-on Chelsea boot, such as a Blundstone, which has experienced a fashion resurgence in the past few years. These versatile boots pair well with relaxed and straight-leg jeans or trousers, not to mention, they will be more durable in inclement weather.

Try these boots:

Blundstone Rustic Brown Chelsea Boot, $215
Beckett Simonon Silva Boots, $300
Taylor Stitch Redwood Waxed Suede Ranch Boot, $348

Avoid: Leather biker jackets.
Embrace: Bomber jackets

From left, clockwise: Buck Mason, Huckberry, Thursday Boot Co.

Disclaimer: A leather biker jacket is undeniably timeless. However, bikers have become too commonplace—a far cry from the edgy, iconic styles of the Ramones or Marlon Brando. We’re not suggesting donating it, but perhaps retiring it for a while. Instead, try a versatile, leather bomber jacket. A stylish bomber carries the same timeless essence as a biker jacket but exudes a more mature and refined aesthetic that effortlessly complements any outfit—and is just as cool. Rooted in military history (as is most menswear) a bomber jacket makes for a utilitarian, compelling alternative to the over-saturated biker jacket.

Try these bomber jackets:

Buck Mason Bruiser Leather Bomber Jacket, $598
Huckberry Golden Bear Leather Bomber, $1,280
Thursday Bomber Jacket, $349

Avoid: Stiff suit blazer with padding.
Embrace: Unstructured jacket with texture

From left, clockwise: Todd Snyder, Bonobos, Industry of all Nations

A tailored blazer is a crucial building block in a guy’s wardrobe and its fit and versatility are key for any situation that requires tailoring. A stiff, padded, and lined blazer gives the impression that you simply separated a suit jacket to pair with jeans and chinos. Instead, opt for an unlined and unstructured blazer. They are refined, no fuss, and mold to your body better, pairing well with everything from wool flannel trousers to chinos to jeans. Bonus points if it has some texture and scrunch, not a straight, sheeny matte finish. Extra bonus points if it is double—breasted.

Try these jackets:

Todd Snyder Italian Knit Madison Sport Coat, $698
Bonobos Jetsetter Unconstructed Italian Wool Blazer, $400
Industry of all Nations Clean Blazer, $240

Avoid: Lots of Jewelry.
Embrace: One of each type.

From left, clockwise: David Yurman, Tom Wood at Mr. Porter, Miansai

With accessories, less is usually more, and for most men, that principle especially applies to jewelry. While figures like Keith Richards and Johnny Depp can effortlessly pull off wearing enough bracelets and rings to circle the earth, that is part of their unique brand (again, authenticity is key). For most guys, I recommend following the “one of each” rule: one bracelet, one ring, and one necklace. These accessories should serve as an extra 10 percent that adds character, personality, and originality to your look without overpowering it.

Try these accessories:

Avoid: Shackets.
Embrace: A chore jacket

From left, clockwise: Quince, Huckberry, Alex Mill

Don’t get me wrong, I do like an open overshirt. A chore jacket, however, has become a quintessential piece in any man’s wardrobe, and it certainly deserves to be. The iconic French chore jacket, usually dyed in an indigo blue but available in many colors, features a utilitarian design that seamlessly complements any outfit, imparting an air of tailored ease. Its numerous pockets add practicality, and the silhouette is celebrated for its simplicity, durability, and historical charm. A chore jacket is the perfect middle ground when a blazer is too tailored, and a shirt jacket is too casual. Wear them all day, every day.

Try these chore jackets:

Huckberry French Moleskin Work Jacket, $275
Quince Organic Comfort Stretch Chore Jacket, $60

Avoid: V-neck sweaters.
Embrace: Cardigan sweaters.

From left, clockwise: Alex Mill, Banana Republic, Everlane

Crewnecks have dominated fashion trends in recent years, with V-necks sometimes appearing a bit stuffy when layered over a collared shirt and sloppy with a T-shirt underneath. Enter the cardigan sweater. Despite their cyclical resurgence, cardigans maintain an enduring style and deserve recognition as a timeless menswear essential. What sets cardigans apart is their versatility—looking equally stylish with a T-shirt as they do with an Oxford shirt paired with a knit tie.

Try these cardigans:

Banana Republic Brayden Cashmere Cardigan, $170
Alex Mill Hockney Cardigan, $175
Everlane The Cloud Relaxed Cardigan, $188

Avoid: Pique polo shirts.
Embrace: Knit polo shirts.

From left, clockwise: Todd Snyder, Marine Layer, J.Crew

Save the pique polo shirt for golf courses and beaches. The knit polo shirt, combining the comfort of a knit sweater with the silhouette of a polo and cutaway collar, has been a staple in the stylish man’s wardrobe for years. Drawing inspiration from the enduring vintage aesthetics of the 50s and 60s, knit polos effortlessly blend cool sophistication with timeless appeal. Pair one with a blazer for a chic, dressed-up appearance, or wear casually with shorts or jeans; it all works. Start with a solid color as the texture and collar make a statement on their own, then consider variations or piping for added character. 

Try these knit polos:

Todd SnyderLightweight Cashmere Montauk Polo, $348
J. Crew Cashmere Short Sleeve Polo, $70
Marine Layer Greyson Sweater Polo, $88

Avoid: Ornately patterned dress shirt.
Embrace: A simple, chambray shirt.

From left, clockwise: Taylor Stitch, Faherty, J.Crew

Dress shirts are a wardrobe necessity, but excessive patterns like paisley or diamonds are an eyesore. (Faint stripes and plaids, however, are tasteful and timeless.) A simple chambray shirt exudes an effortless chic that complements a knit tie as easily as it works with casual denim. It is a simple, yet versatile choice, making it the perfect go-to collared shirt in your wardrobe. Less is often more.

Try these chambray shirts:

Faherty The Tried & True Chambray Shirt, $148
Taylor Stitch The Ledge Shirt, $102
J. Crew Organic Cotton Chambray Shirt, $90

Avoid: Monk-strap shoes.
Embrace: Round-toe loafers

From left, clockwise: Mr. P, Allen Edmonds, Grenson

Monk straps have a timeless appeal; however, in the current trend cycle, their buckled strap appearance might seem a bit too ornate and regal. Consider opting for leather loafers, but not just any ordinary pair. A rounder toe and chunkier sole provide a more robust and casual vibe. My favorite way to wear them is with white socks and light-wash jeans, yet their versatility shines as they effortlessly complement tailoring or virtually anything else.

Try these round-toe loafers:

Grenson Ernie Leather Loafer, $480
Mr Porter Scott Polished Leather Loafers, $355
Allen Edmonds Freeport Weatherproof Penny Loafer, $173


December 28, 2023

The 27 Best White Sneakers of 2023 From Nike, On, Hey Dude & More

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White sneakers are an icon of men’s fashion. Tracing their roots back to 1900s sports like basketball, tennis, and running, today’s styles have been designed to work with a wide range of outfits and they’re an optimal choice for all-day (and all-night) comfort.

Men’s white sneakers are like the Clark Kent of every wardrobe—unassuming yet downright heroic. These ultra-adaptable kicks effortlessly toe the line between low-key and showstopper, and help take a lot of the guesswork out of getting dressed. 

How to Wear Men’s White Sneakers

At Men’s Journal, we love a good pair of white sneakers because they’re so versatile. But for those used to wearing black sneakers or dress shoes, it might be hard to visualize the look. These are MJ’s top tips for rocking white sneakers like a pro, how to pair them with outfits, and why they crush it with a suit.

With Casual Outfits: White sneakers are the ultimate wingman for any casual getup, whether that’s your favorite jeans and a basic T-shirtchinos and a button-down shirt, or even some breezy shorts and a summer polo. Just remember: Keep the rest of your outfit simple (no crazy patterns, unless you’re at Coachella) and let your sneakers be the main character.

With athleisure: Living a more comfortable life these days? White sneakers are a no-brainer with a pair of men’s joggers or sweats. They perfectly complement the athletic aesthetic and provide a clean, crisp contrast that elevates the entire outfit.

With a suit: We wear sneakers with suits now—it’s a thing, but it begs closer attention to detail. Opt for a modern, slim-cut suit and keep the color palette muted: solid navy, gray, or even a subtle pattern in those colors can work. Pair that suit with your white sneakers to add a dash of panache and a laid-back, more casual vibe to the entire ensemble (though it’ll be too casual for, say, a black-tie wedding). You’ll be turning heads for all the right reasons.

Remember, wearing white sneakers correctly means embracing their easy-breezy versatility to allow them to shine. Whether you’re dressing them up with a suit or keeping it casual with jeans and a tee, these shoes can be the pièce de résistance in any outfit. Far from mundane, the best men’s white sneakers feature a wide variety of styles and variations. The hardest part is choosing the right one for you. To help with that decision, MJ has targeted the 27 best white kicks from iconic brands like Vans and Cole Haan as well as fresh looks from rising brands like Cariuma and Hey Dude.

All that’s left to do is lace up (or slip on) with confidence.

Men’s Journal aims to feature only the best products and services. We update when possible, but deals expire and prices can change. If you buy something via one of our links, we may earn a commission.

The Best Men’s White Sneakers of 2023

Veja Campo Sneaker

Courtesy of Nordstrom

The Brazilian-made Veja Campo is a top seller for the premium sneaker brand and has taken social media by storm, popping up on celebs like Ben Affleck and Eddie Redmayne. But the brand isn’t just trendy—it’s trying to put sustainability first during production.

These white sneakers are made with the brand’s ChromeFree leather, which doesn’t use any chrome, heavy metals, or harmful acids during the tanning process. It also has a semi-recycled insole, outsole, and lining. The brand limits the amount of water used during manufacturing, and the water it does use is completely recyclable. Pay special attention to the sizing: Veja uses European sizing for its sneakers and recommends ordering down if between sizes. 


Get It

Nike Metcon 9

Courtesy of Nike

The Metcon 9 is Nike’s top training and gym sneaker for men right now. This latest iteration in the Metcon series was upgraded with a larger Hyperlift plate in the heel that adds stability and better distributes weight as well as an added rubber rope wrap, which Nike says makes climbing a rope a piece of cake. The upper is still made of breathable mesh and the laces still tuck away.

These white gym sneakers also feature the Metcon’s usual flat rubber sole and foam-cushioned midsole, which is what makes them one of the best gym shoes for squats, deadlifts, and weight-assisted lunges, among many other exercises.

[$120 (was $150);]

Get It

Adidas Originals Stan Smith

Courtesy of Amazon

The Adidas Stan Smith taught the Masterclass on how to be one of the best white sneakers for men. This old-school tennis shoe is one of the most iconic, repeatedly purchased sneakers because it rarely looks bad with the average getup and is pretty easy to clean. It comes in all white with options for color accents on the heel and tongue.

Despite how simple the shoes look, there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes complexity in the sourcing and manufacturing processes that aim to cut back on raw materials and waste. Most of the Stan Smith sneakers of today are made with a minimum of 20% recycled materials, with a goal of not using any virgin polyester come 2024—a step in the right direction. 

[From $69 (was $100);]

Get It

Vans Classic Slip-On

Courtesy of Zappos

Owning a pair of Vans Slip-Ons is practically a right of passage when growing up, but they’re not just for high schoolers, as Jeff Spicoli would have you think. Vans makes one of the best three-season white slip-on sneakers for men that are the perfect option to wear with a pair of slim jeans in the fall or spring and with shorts in the summer.

The construction has remained unchanged for a long time—a simple canvas upper, a vulcanized rubber waffle sole, and a rubber strip that traces the perimeter. Despite that, Vans Slip-Ons are some of the most customized white sneakers, ever. Not only does the brand offer fun prints, like this iconic checkerboard, but the plain white can also serve as a blank canvas to doodle or paint on at home.


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Cariuma OCA Low

Courtesy of Cariuma

The Cariuma OCA Low’s star is rising steadily, catching a ride on A-listers like Ashton Kutcher, Jon Hamm, and Pete Davidson. It’s such a simple style, so what’s the big deal?

Responsible manufacturing is sexy. This low-top, off-white canvas sneaker from the eco-conscious Brazilian brand does good for the planet as well as a shoe lineup. But they’re also super comfortable thanks to a hybrid cork and memory foam insole. Each pair of their vegan-material sneakers sold means two trees get planted across Brazil and to date, they’ve surpassed two million and couldn’t be more transparent about the process. Do your part — get the shoes.


Get It

Rothy’s The RS01 Sneaker

Courtesy of Rothy's

Preserving a sneaker’s out-of-the-box glow isn’t easy. If keeping your sneaks clean gives you anxiety, then grab this pair from Rothy’s. This machine-washable sneaker offers the same convenience as a pair of Allbirds but has a much more substantial sole for guys who walk hard.

The footwear startup’s RS01 sneaker is knit with sustainable threads made from repurposed plastic water bottles. They’re sturdy but flexible, so they don’t require any break-in. They also boast a terry-lined tongue and contoured footbed for next-level comfort.


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Common Projects Original Achilles Low-Top

Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

If there’s one white sneaker exalted to cult status, it’s Common Projects’ Original Achilles. For the uninitiated, the signature gold foil stamp near the heel is what makes this pair stand out from the pack. These refined low tops go with practically any outfit imaginable and helped usher in a generation of rocking the sneakers-with-suit look.

Made in Italy, these classic white sneakers are the ones you keep going back for in multiple colors. They define a look with subtle sharpness and, despite the lack of branding, they’re still immediately recognizable.


Get It

Commes des Garcons Play x Converse Chuck Taylor Hidden Heart High Top Sneaker

Courtesy of Nordstrom

Yes, they’ve been a thing for a long time, but these are still a really cool-looking off-white sneaker for men. The long-standing partnership between Commes des Garcons and Converse elevated the retired basketball shoe to a whole new level in the world of men’s style.

The off-white canvas looks so good underneath the red of the CDG heart logo and complements broken-in, distressed outfits — real hip stuff. Some have even gone as far as to pair them with black suits and t-shirts, and that also looks incredible. Make the style your own; they look great on guys more than they don’t.


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Kizik Athens Slip-On Sneakers

Courtesy of Amazon

Kizik is about to revolutionize the way people think about footwear. This brand is saying “sayonara” to bending over when putting shoes on — all of their styles are hands-free, meaning they go on your foot by walking or stepping into them without the use of hands whatsoever. With this new tech, which provides even easier access than slip-on shoes, Kizik has also inadvertently become a monumental solution for a very common problem that is often not addressed — independence.

Not only are these the best white sneakers for people with wide feet, but they’re the best option for differently-abled people who have difficulty putting on regular shoes. The fact that no hands are required to put these on gives back independence to folks who suffer from things like Parkinson’s disease, diabetic swelling, or even back injuries, and may have had to rely on somebody helping them to get into their shoes.


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On The Roger Centre Court

Courtesy of On

Move over Stan, there’s a new ace in town. The Roger Centre Court from On is the hot new white tennis sneaker for men. Like the legendary Adidas Stan Smith sneaker, it’s a simple silhouette, but The Roger offers more unique details like perforations, a contrasting heel trim, and a better sole.

Swiss footwear brand On is best known for its unique trail and running shoes, but the company has expanded into casual wear, too. These tennis sneakers, designed in partnership with Roger Federer, fuse courtside style with high-tech comfort.


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Greats The Royale 2.0

Courtesy of Greats

The Greats Royale 2.0 pays homage to its predecessor which sparked a decade of excellence, putting this brand on the map. Greats exploded out of Brooklyn as a solution for guys seeking premium quality sneakers without designer-label price gouging. Since then, the brand has bolstered its focus on responsible manufacturing without sacrificing quality—the Royale 2.0 is proof.

Crafted in Portugal, the 2.0 brings subtle but interesting additions, like a tack stitch, a mixed-media quarter panel, and gold foil branding on the tongue and heel. The new line features nine colorways, including the white leather—a nod to one of the brand’s best sneakers ever.


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Allbirds Tree Runners

It’s no secret today that the fashion and footwear industries are some of the leading producers of trash in the world, but Allbirds is one of the brands trying to back their words up with action. On their way toward net-zero carbon emissions, they pride themselves on using natural, renewable materials like wool, trees, and sugar to make their shoes.

And the shoes are great! Take the classic Tree Runners, for example. This is a shoe that’s breathable, washable, and working toward that net-zero goal. They’re ultralight and forgiving on a foot, making them the perfect travel companion.

[$98; ]

Nike Air Force 1

Courtesy of Nike

The all-white Nike Air Force 1 is a legend (maybe a deity) of the Nikeverse world and is regarded by many as the perfect white sneaker. When the first version of this icon dropped in ’82, it was the first basketball shoe to include Nike Air technology in the sole, hence the name.

Through continued collaborations, the Air Force 1 earned its high-profile reputation within the emerging sneaker culture. This low-top style features the same Nike Air tech and chunky sole as the original, though that one was a high-top. Whatever you do, DO NOT get these dirty.


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Beckett Simonon Morgen Trainers

Courtesy of Beckett Simonon

The Beckett Simonon Morgen is the best white GAT sneaker around today. What’s GAT, you say? German army trainers, or GATs, trace their roots back to the 1936 Olympics when track star, Jesse Owens, wore a shoe very similar in design. The style was popularized sometime between the ‘70s and ‘80s when the German army began to use them for training. More recently, it was the designer label Maison Margiela that made The Replica.

Beckett Simonon’s version, however, is a fraction of the cost because they cut out the middleman. These made-to-order shoes are hand-crafted in Bogota, Colombia from Italian Vachetta leather and are leather lined for custom molding over time. They’re one of the brands doing direct-to-consumer the best, and it shows in the quality of shoes just like this pair.


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Bruno Marc Casual Dress Sneakers

Courtesy of Amazon

Bruno Marc shoes, including this classic white sneaker for men, are some of the most purchased on Amazon. They’re wickedly affordable and cover all the bases a guy might need to refresh his wardrobe basics. This sneaker features a slip-resistant rubber sole, moderate mid-sole cushioning, and an extra pair of laces in the box.

The brand also highlights the non-leather, polyurethane-based upper. In terms of cleaning white sneakers, this material makes them a little bit easier to keep white.

[$37 (was $43);]

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Hey Dude Wally Linen Sneakers

Courtesy of Amazon

One of the best white sneakers for summer, the Hey Dude Wally is climbing the ranks of the most coveted slip-on shoes for men. They’ve been encroaching on the Vans Slip-On and Sperry A/O territory for a few years and don’t seem to be slowing down — but, why?

The appeal is three-fold. These white sneakers are some of the lightest you’ll find at just six ounces. They’re also washable and travel-friendly with removable, cushioned insoles. But the primary draw is that they’re flexible enough to move with a foot and can even bend in half without breaking.

[$55 (was $65);]

Get It

Ace Marks Kody Travel Dress Sneaker

Courtesy of Ace Marks

For guys seeking a more substantial white sneaker for travel, consider the Ace Marks Kody. Impressively designed to lay flat in a carry-on suitcase, the Kody is the answer to conserving packing space when traveling light but wanting to bring cool shoes.

Made from Vento leather and ultralight rubber, this white sneaker could be the only pair needed for an entire weekend for work or play. It’s available in five colors and looks great with men’s khaki pants, jeans, and even shorts.


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Koio Garda

Those who are ready to graduate from Vans Slip-Ons (it’s okay if you aren’t) into something nicer looking will love the Koio Garda. This is a great slip-on for guys who dress for summertime freshness and pair well with textured shorts, light-wash denim, and any kind of linen pant.

Koio’s kicks are made by hand in Italy using Leather Working Group-certified sustainable leather. The brand’s easy-wearing Garda slip-ons ride on a durable rubber sole, and they feature elasticated panels for flexibility and an OrthoLite insole for comfort. The brand even claims the stitching is tight enough to resist water.

[$275; ]

Sperry Harbormaster 2.0 Sneaker

Courtesy of Zappos

Last year, Sperry launched its first-ever Sport collection optimized for water-based pursuits and the lineup included a fresh take on the brand’s original athletic sea sneaker for the ultimate dad shoe meets deck shoe.

The original Harbormaster has been revamped with a waterproof hydrophobic upper that moves with your feet. The outsoles also feature Adaptive Wave Siping technology to enhance traction on all surfaces while improved cushioning in the midsole will dull engine vibrations when on deck.

[$79 (was $85);]

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APL TechLoom Wave

Courtesy of APL

From a Los Angeles-born running brand that created a shoe that was allegedly banned from the NBA because of its bounce technology comes the TechLoom Wave.

With a one-piece upper constructed from high-elastic TechLoom fabric, APL’s Wave sneakers are stretchy enough to adapt to all kinds of movements. Tuck your laces into the integrated lace loop for a more streamlined look, or remove them entirely to convert these sneaks into stylish slip-ons.


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Cole Haan GrandPro Crossover Sneaker

Courtesy of Zappos

Finally, a pair of grown-up looking Air Force 1s. Not to knock the legend, but it’s kind of nice not seeing the Cole Haan GrandPro all over the feet of middle-school children. Instead, Cole Haan’s basketball-inspired sneaker posts up in the world of business casualwear with smoother lines and subtle details.

The GrandPro Crossover features plenty of cushion and shock absorbency thanks to a proprietary insole material and an athletic EVA outsole. That makes them dependable office sneakers for long days walking around for work.


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On Cloud 5 Running Shoe

Courtesy of Zappos

One of the bestselling sneakers from On, the Cloud 5 is flying high amid a surge in popularity around this brand. One of two newer names in running that took off in 2021, On seems to be here to stay with their hybrid performance/lifestyle footwear.

Many white running sneakers look terrible, but the Cloud 5 has enough going on in the lifestyle department to make it not look like medical footwear. It’s a solid pick as a work-from-home shoe that provides comfort during a nice long walk from laptop to lunch.


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Hoka Bondi 8 Running Shoe

Courtesy of Zappos

Aside from On, Hoka is another brand that runners have been quick to adopt. The Bondi 8, one of the brand’s most popular styles, might be the best white running shoe available right now.

These white running shoes are cradled by a gray gradient that makes them a little less blinding, and people seem to love them for their temperature control, neutral cushioning, and bouncy response. If this is your next white sneaker, make sure to order at least a half-size up.


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Vans UltraRange Exo

Courtesy of Zappos

What’s sure to be the brand’s next core staple, the Vans UltraRange Exo is rising as one of the best men’s sneakers overall. It’s been a while since Vans has put out a game-changer after completely defining skateboarding footwear, but the UltraRange Exo is something special.

Available in white with black or all-white, among over 20 other colorways, is a sneaker for urban adventurers. With a reverse-waffle sole for traction, a generously wide toe box, and a rubberized toe bumper, these shoes provide long-lasting comfort over any type of terrain.


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Sperry Striper II Sneaker

Courtesy of Nordstrom

The Vans Era walked so the Sperry Striper II could run. One of the best white canvas sneakers for men right now, the Striper II is among the ultimate no-sock sneakers of the summer months.

Wildly preppy, this waxed canvas shoe offers a deconstructed feel with the malleable upper and thin rubber sole. It’s the type of you you’ll end up living in during summer adventures, whether those are down on the dock or bopping around the city. We like to imagine this as the type of shoe the Outer Banks kids would wear — if they wore shoes.


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Cariuma Vallely Sneaker

Courtesy of Cariuma

For a brand that has made a lot of noise in the world of trends, Cariuma is first and foremost a skate brand. The Vallely is a solid pair of white skate shoes with a fully stitched outsole and double-stitched toe for durability and longevity. The rubber sole adds traction for a smooth kick-push, but what’s new here (at least since the early ‘00s), is the cork and memory foam insole. Many of us could have used that when we were 15.

Nobody will say it outright, but skateboarding shoes are in the process of exploding (again) in fashion. Those who grew up with names like Tony Hawk, Bob Burnquist, and Mike Vallely, for whom this shoe is named, will scoff at the thought of posers wearing their beloved shoes. That means it’s time to break out the old board and skate Cariumas to separate yourself from the noobs.


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Wolf & Shepherd Crossover Victory Trainer

Courtesy of Nordstrom

If Gronk has been spotted in the Wolf & Shepherd Crossover Victory Trainer multiple times, chances are they’re good enough for people who haven’t won four Super Bowls. Yes, he’s part of the brand’s “Wolf Pack,” but this is a brand making shoes worth your attention.

The Crossover Victory Trainer is a great white sneaker for business casual affairs including, but not limited to, on-air sports commentary. It features Italian leather that runs along a breathable mesh upper on top of a TPU (a type of pliable plastic) outsole that provides durability and traction.


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Where to Go in 2024: 24 Destinations on Our Travel Bucket List

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Despite inflation and rising stress about the uncertain state of the economy, Americans are traveling at record numbers, with no signs of slowing down. According to data from Mastercard, global travel grew 25 percent year-over-year from 2022 to 2023, and is now above pre-pandemic levels. On top of that, travelers are increasingly seeking unique experiences, spending 65 percent more this year on experiences.

As travel writers, this comes as no surprise. Airports were chaos this year, perhaps more than ever. Everyone, it seems, is looking for an escape—and we’re here to help make your next trip one of the best. 

Why You Should Trust Us

Andy Cochrane spends nearly half his life on the road, in airport lounges, sidestreet cafes, noisy taxis, and odd hotels, chasing stories about interesting places and unique people. Moreover, Austa Somvichian-Clausen is a travel journalist, published author, and hospitality entrepreneur.

After years of globetrotting, it’s time for us to give back. Here are our recommendations for the trips you should to take in 2024. We put an emphasis on thoughtful tour operators with an eye on sustainability and community development, as well as adventure travel (it’s the Men’s Journal way).

Argentine Patagonia

Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Izzet Keribar/Getty Images

Where to Book: Black Tomato Mitre Peninsula Trek

For the intrepid traveler, the Mitre Peninsula in Argentina should be at the top of your bucket list. Incredibly remote and preserved, it’s not the kind of destination you journey to solo, or without scrupulous planning and the right permits. Luckily, luxury travel group Black Tomato is adding the far-flung destination to its catalog in 2024, with a never-before-done expedition as part of its new “See You in the Moment” collection of trips. Because the most memorable bits of travel hinge upon the shared experience of an outstanding meal, formative event, special journey, fulfilling challenge, or milestone celebration, these ~30 itineraries are meant to be embarked upon in a group—with family or friends—and categorized by The Meal, The Event, The Challenge, The Journey, and The Celebration. This expedition to the Andes falls under The Challenge and will test your endurance in a thrilling way—whether hiking, sailing, or riding on horseback, staying in nomadic campsites along the way.

What to Do

The expedition begins in Ushuai, and what happens next depends on the needs and desires of your group, since Black Tomato expeditions are highly tailored. Helicopter and sail boat transportation could combine with sections of hiking and horseback riding to the tip of Tierra del Fuego, encountering snow-capped peaks, dense evergreen forests, glaciers, and glistening fjords. Extra experiences can also be added, such as history and geography lessons, a private yacht voyage to Isla de los Estados, and flying in a chef for a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

Val d’Orcia, Tuscany

Monteverdi Tuscany is a cyclist’s paradise as it’s set on a medieval hilltop.

Andy Cochrane

Where to Book and Stay: Monteverdi Tuscany

For those looking for the perfect balance of adventure, relaxation, and food, Monteverdi Tuscany is a top pick. Set atop a medieval hilltop in the Val d’Orcia region of Tuscany, this boutique hotel is surrounded by rolling vineyards and immersed in art, architecture, and the very best local food and wine. Monteverdi Tuscany brings in world-class musicians and chefs to amplify your experience even further.

What to Do

An ideal stay includes cycling the winding roads around Tuscany, home to the famous Strade Bianche, paired with time at the on-site spa and wellness center to rest and rejuvenate. The center offers massages, cryotherapy, and IV treatments, along with access to saunas, underground pools with a waterfall, and cold plunges.

Amazon River

Delfin Cruises operates three vessels in its fleet: Delfin I, II (shown), and III.

Courtesy of Andy Cochrane

Where to Book and Stay: Delfin Cruises

Unlike most cruise ships that are floating theme parks, Delfin operates three small vessels on the Amazon River in northeastern Peru, providing a luxury experience for a few dozen guests at a time. Cruises travel through the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, the largest flooded forest in the world, connecting with local communities and exploring one of the most ecologically diverse places on earth.

What to Do

With opportunities to explore the rainforest on short hikes, guided excursions, kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, bird watching, night safaris, and canopy walks, there’s something to do for everyone in the family. Inside the boat there’s a full exercise room, spa, and world-class restaurant with 5-star Peruvian cuisine.

Jaco, Costa Rica

Seeking surf? A restorative wellness retreat awaits at Surf Synergy.

Courtesy of Getty Images

Where to Book and Stay: Surf Synergy

Based in Jaco, Costa Rica, on the Pacific side, Surf Synergy is a resort like no other. Home to some of the safest beaches in the world, with no rip tides, sandy bottoms, and year-round water temps of 82 degrees Fahrenheit, you can learn to surf and SUP in an ideal setting. Surf Synergy provides one-on-one coaching with expert instructors, helping guests learn the basics or improve the surf skills they already have.

What to Do

The resort has small personal bungalows as well as a guest house for larger groups, and focuses on wellness and holistic experiences. It offers guided bodywork, nutrition classes, breath and recovery techniques, and the property has a large yoga studio and dining area with healthy and delicious meals.

Almont, Colorado

A short trip from Crested Butte yields a backcountry retreat for those looking to get off the grid.

Courtesy of Eleven Experience

Where to Book and Stay: Taylor Ridge Lodge

Unplug and recharge while staying domestic at Taylor Ridge Lodge in Colorado. Situated just a few miles south of Crested Butte, this off-the-grid hideout is a tranquil oasis. The lodge offers six cabins, two single-family homes, a gym, spa, game cabin, bathhouse with pool, steam room, sauna, and hot tub. Plus, the main lodge has a dining area, bar, fireplace, and lounge.

What to Do

The lodge’s secluded and wild location offers a prime backdrop for outdoor adventures of all types, from snowshoeing to nordic skiing. Days are filled with fun winter excursions, while relaxing evenings are filled with locally inspired cuisine and s’mores around a fireplace.

Manitoba, Canada

Capture the northern lights at their peak in Manitoba.

Courtesy Image

Where to Book and Stay: Frontiers North

In 2024, the sun will be reaching the peak, or solar maximum, of its 11-year cycle. That means the northern lights viewing potential will basically be off the charts during high season, between October and April. Capturing quality images of this mind-blowing natural occurrence is obviously a must, and a multi-day itinerary from Frontiers North Adventures is centered around exactly that. Bonus: Frontiers is the only tour operator in Canada with B-Corp Certification.

What to Do

The trip takes off from Churchill, in the subarctic, where participants are led by a dedicated photo specialist guide, and cruise around in style on all-electric Tundra Buggies™—massive vehicles that transport guests in comfort. Besides chasing the lights, guests can also dogsled through the tundra with an indigenous guide, and enjoy dinner on a frozen lake. For those who can’t make the trip during peak season, Churchill actually has 300 days per year when the aurora borealis is visible. 

Todos Santos, Mexico

Todos Santos Boutique Hotel is Baja’s only “pueblo mágico.”

Courtesy Image

Where to Book and Stay: Todos Santos Boutique Hotel 

An hour north of Los Cabos lies the hidden oasis of Todos Santos. Known for its natural beauty, amazing surf and gallery-filled cobblestone streets, the small town in Mexico’s Baja California Sur is a tranquil reprieve from its highly trafficked neighbors. Todos Santos is also recognized as a “pueblo mágico,” or magic town, by the Mexican government as part of a program to promote lesser known villages in the country. February 2024 will also mark the opening of a new luxury property there, Todos Santos Boutique Hotel, which will join the town’s growing hotel ranks, including Paradero and San Cristobal Hotel.

What to Do

A member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World, the 10-key boutique hotel set within a renovated historic estate will make you feel like you’re in a world of your own, whether swimming in a secluded heated pool or reading a book on the rooftop terrace.  

Ubud, Bali

A window into Balinese culture in Ubud.

Courtesy Image

Where to Book and Stay: Viceroy Bali

Bali’s beachy coast is well-known as an internationally acclaimed destination for sunbathing and partying, but many are unaware of the rich culture, beautiful temples and lush terraced rice paddies just a few hours inland. Balinese culture, in the region of Ubud, is a vibrant tapestry woven with intricate rituals, colorful ceremonies, and traditional arts, deeply rooted in Hindu-Balinese spirituality. What makes it truly unique is the seamless integration of daily life with spiritual practices, evident in the ornate temples, elaborate dance performances, and communal ceremonies that showcase the island’s profound connection among art, religion, and community.

What to Do

At boutique hotel Viceroy Bali, set on the edge of a stunning ridge overlooking the lush Valley of the Kings, visitors next year are able to book bespoke experiences to peek (respectfully) into the unique culture and rituals of Bali. Through Viceroy’s Cultural Balinese Vacation Package, guests can book trips between three to five days in a luxury suite or pool villa. That includes two half-day tours of the sights you want to see around Ubud, exclusive cultural and gastronomic adventures, a walk or ride through the iconic rice paddies, and an hour-long Balinese massage.

Grindelwald, Switzerland

Ski touring in the Swiss Alps.

Photo by © Outdoor Switzerland AG

Where to Book: Outdoor Switzerland 

For any ski enthusiast, a trip to the Swiss Alps is already a dream come true. So, journeying to the charming apine village of Grindelwald, in the Jungfrau Region, is the cherry on top—providing not only cozy accommodations and cheesy ways to warm up (raclette, anyone?), but also adventure opportunities. Bungee jumping from a suspended gondola over alpine lakes is an option, as well as canyon swinging across a scenic gorge as powder falls around you.

What to Do

Take your alpine adventure to another level by booking through Outdoor Switzerland, which offers everything from beginner ski lessons to multi-day itineraries. Its Bernese Oberland Haute Route, for instance, includes four days of ski touring in some of the most stunning and remote locations in the world. During your tour, you’ll try your hand at epic glacier skiing by day, and spend nights warming up and celebrating in huts in the Jungfrau-Aletsch UNESCO World Heritage area. It helps that Jungfraujoch, aka the “Top of Europe,” is bathed in 365 days of powder every year.

Okavango Delta, Botswana

Wilderness meets luxury in the Okavango.

Peter Adams/Getty Images

Where to Book: Natural Selection

The Okavango Delta, a unique seasonal wetland area of Botswana known for lush biodiversity, might sound like the kind of place you only get to see through the pages of National Geographic. Once that might’ve been true, but lately it’s been opening up as the frontier for a new kind of safari from thoughtful operators that are rooted in sustainability and a community-oriented approach. One such operator is Natural Selection, which is launching a brand new program in May 2024 within Botswana’s Moremi Game Reserve.

What to Do

The program was born from a partnership with Chief Tawana Moremi, the chief of the Batawana tribe—ensuring the safeguarding of the delicate ecosystems while providing opportunities for members of the tribe. Accommodation at the camp can be booked a la carte, or serve as your jumping off point for one of the Botswana-based safaris offered by Pristine Wilderness, with concentrations on anything from conservation to wellness to cycling.

More Destinations We Love

Scottish Highlands

Paul C Stokes/Getty Images

Where to Book and Stay: Vacations by Rail

If the crosshairs of luxurious leisure and adventure are where you usually like to find yourself, consider taking this journey by rail through the breathtaking landscapes of Scotland. The journey commences in the enchanting city of Edinburgh, with its historic architecture and vibrant atmosphere, setting the perfect tone for the adventure that lies ahead. As the train meanders through the breathtaking landscapes of the Scottish Highlands, passengers are treated to panoramic views of mist-covered mountains, serene lochs, and picturesque glens, creating a cinematic backdrop that encapsulates the rugged beauty of Scotland.

What to Do

A curated itinerary seamlessly integrates iconic landmarks and hidden gems, bringing intrepid travelers to visit ancient castles and taste Scotch whisky. The journey is eight days in its entirety and includes all train travel aboard standard and heritage trains, along with overnight accommodations, excursions, and most meals. It takes the guesswork and stress out of your adventures, allowing you to focus on the task at hand: sighting the Loch Ness Monster.

Central America

Courtesy Image

Where to Book: Lindblad Expeditions Belize to Tikal

This new journey by National Geographic and Lindblad Expeditions launches January 2024, and will take adventurous travelers by both land and sea to discover the wonders of Central America. For nine days, you’ll voyage through picturesque Belize and Guatemala, snorkeling the Northern Hemisphere’s largest reef system, exploring ancient temples and shrines, and hiking through the rainforest to waterfalls.

What to Do

The trip is perfect for travelers who love seeking and sighting wildlife, and desire the kind of adventure that’s more nature-based than thrill-seeking. Also the ideal voyage for history buffs, one of the main attractions of the itinerary is visiting Tikal’s sprawling grounds of ancient pyramids, temples, and shrines ensconced by the rainforest canopy—providing a window into the lost Mayan society.

Western Australia

Courtesy Image

Where to Book: Aboriginal Culture Expedition

Aboriginal culture, and the rights of aboriginal individuals, are finally gaining exposure and making headway in Australia—leading to important legislative milestones. This unique expedition seeks to educate travelers on the First Nations, with unique and rich experiences that also expose participants to the rugged beauty of the Western Australian coastline.

What to Do

The five-day, four-night itinerary includes stunning treks, a cultural cruise along the coast, intimate storytelling sessions, and more. Aboriginal guides combine history, culture and nature in unique ways on guided walks, demonstrating hunting and gathering techniques while you traverse mangroves, paperbark forests and salt plains, and drink from a sacred freshwater spring.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Courtesy Image

Where to Book and Stay: Mountain Shadows Resort Scottsdale

Scottsdale has garnered a rep as one of the bachelor party capitals of the country, but beyond the noise of the city it’s actually a tranquil desert paradise, where rugged mountains and saguaro cacti paint a striking panorama against the Southwestern sky. Mountain Shadows Resort, tucked into the shadow of Camelback Mountain, leans fully into the relaxation potential of the location and surroundings.

What to Do

In 2024, the resort is offering a Moon and Stars Sleep Package perfect for a relaxing couples’ retreat, with goods delivered in-room nightly for a serene slumber. For max relaxation, couples are also able to book a Bath Butler Experience, in which a bubble bath with chocolate-dipped strawberries, tea light candles, and a bottle of wine are set up in your room. When you finally decide to leave, there are two palm tree-shaded pools to swim in and the desert and mountains beyond if you desire a hike.


Courtesy Image

Where to Stay: Oku Japan

For foodies, this gastronomic journey through Japan is an actual dream. Over the course of 11 days, travelers are provided a unique opportunity to explore the diverse flavors and traditions that define Japanese cuisine, from the bustling markets of Tokyo to the serene tea fields of Uji. Knowledgeable guides bring you and a small group to witness the meticulous craftsmanship behind sushi-making in Tsukiji, savor the delicate nuances of regional specialties, and partake in exclusive dining experiences that showcase the essence of Japanese culinary artistry.

What to Do

We love that Oku, a company also well-known for its Japanese hikes and tours, factors in food-focused activities that go beyond visiting markets and restaurants. Hunting for wild vegetables with an expert and learning traditional cooking methods with the Gokayama community is just one touch point that makes this journey different, as well as learning the art of earth-oven cooking in Hida-Furukawa.

Negril, Jamaica

Buena Vista Images/Getty Images

Where to Stay: Rockhouse

Jamaica has been on the map for decades thanks to its sandy beaches and warm, welcoming culture. Rockhouse, in Negril, offers a different kind of experience that’s focused on slow travel and thoughtful experiences. Situated on a rocky cliffside over Pristine Cove, looking down onto bright turquoise waters, the boutique property provides a less-than-typical view of the island. Here, guests stay in rooms and suites scattered around eight acres of tropical garden.

What to Do

Guests are able to book experiences that require no extra travel, from snorkeling to candle-making. One of the unique offerings from Rockhouse is its psilocybin (magic mushroom) sound baths, thanks to legality on the island. In between relaxed days spent at the pool, you can book a two-hour session that incorporates a small dose of locally made psilocybin chocolate with meditation, breathwork, and immersive live sound therapy.


Artush/Getty Images

Where to Book: Wild Expeditions Blue Lagoon Madagascar

For those seeking a truly remote experience in 2024, here’s your opportunity. This packed 11-day trip takes adventurous travelers to the tip of Madagascar’s Masoala Peninsula—a destination so removed it’s only accessible by boat from the Masoala Forest Lodge, and guests can only stay at the lodge as part of the expedition.

What to Do

During the journey, walks are led both during the day and at night in search of endemic wildlife, from lemurs to chameleons to colorful bird species. Kayaks through mangrove channels, visits to local villages known for their vanilla production, boat voyages, and whale watching are all part of this exciting itinerary by Wild Expeditions.


Getty Images/AndamanSE

Where to Book: Pacific Adventure Tours

For those already feeling the call of the ocean in 2024, we suggest embarking on a multi-day boat journey along Panama’s Veraguas Coast. A highly underrated Central American gem, Panama offers everything from biodiverse cloud forests to white sand beaches and the bustling nightlife of Panama City, its capital.

What to Do

On this three-day excursion with Pacific Adventure Tours, you’ll make your way through both fresh and oceanic waters, starting in the diverse ecosystem of the Gulf of Montijo Wetland and making your way out to islands renowned for its white sand beaches, reefs of multicolored corals, and rich marine fauna. The itinerary combines moments of relaxation on secluded beaches with activities such as snorkeling, diving, sport fishing and whale watching, allowing participants to connect with the raw, unspoiled essence of Panama’s coastal treasures—from the sea turtles of Granito de Ora to the surfing culture of Santa Catalina town. Pacific Adventures’ commitment to sustainable and responsible tourism is also a draw, with the tour designed to minimize environmental impact and promote conservation efforts for Panama’s delicate ecosystems.


Courtesy Image

Where to Book: GER to GER

Rugged and authentic, this nomadic journey across the vast Mongolian steppes is not for the faint of heart (or for those who don’t know how to ride a horse). For the travel enthusiast seeking a unique and immersive experience, though, it’s a must. After days of exploration on horseback and riverside camping, you’ll reach the remote natural hot springs in Terelj National Park, providing an opportunity to unwind in therapeutic waters amidst scenic wilderness.

What to Do

Besides the scenic journey through untouched wilderness, what sets this experience apart is the opportunity to delve into the heart of Mongolian culture through nomadic homestays, where travelers share stories and daily life with hospitable families. It’s a chance to step into their world, gaining insights into traditions that have withstood the test of time. The entire experience is less than $500 for 9 days of guided journeying, food, and accommodations.


Courtesy of Andy Cochrane

Where to Book: Nahanni River Adventures

For those willing to skip the high-end amenities, Nahanni River Adventures is worth consideration. Guiding trips on the 20 most iconic whitewater rivers in northern Canada and Alaska, Nahanni River Adventures has led thousands of guests through one of the last truly wild places on the planet: the Arctic.

What to Do

Founded in 1972, Nahanni River Adventures teach visitors about the unique wildlife, geology, and history of the area, as well as whitewater and camping skills. Trips range from seven to 23 days, using both rafts and canoes, all in small groups. With state-of-the-art gear, baked goods at breakfast, and fresh produce for dinner, Nahanni adventure vacations are unlike any other.


Courtesy of Andy Cochrane

Where to Book and Stay: Volcanoes Safaris

As the pioneer of great ape eco-tourism in Uganda and Rwanda, Volcanoes Safaris has been the premier way to experience gorillas and chimpanzees in the wild for the last 25 years. Its lodges take a different approach than many ostentatious newcomers, with refined architecture, sensitivity to local cultures, connection to local communities, and a commitment to conservation of the species. In May 2024, Volcano Safaris will open its fifth location, Kibale Lodge, which is perfectly located for chimp trekking in nearby Kibale National Park in Uganda.

What to Do

With a community of over 1,500 chimpanzees in the park, Kibale Lodge guarantees the opportunity to see chimps in the wild. For those looking to see any of these rare species of great apes, Volcanoes Safaris is the perfect partner to help make it a reality.

Italian Dolomites

Courtesy of Andy Cochrane

Where to Book: Dolomite Mountains

Looking to explore northern Italy’s high peaks but don’t have the time to plan a trip? Dolomite Mountains curates unique outdoor itineraries, customized for your needs. The team has decades of experience exploring the vertical walls, narrow valleys, and complex network of trails in the Dolomites. It partners with hotels, B&Bs, and mountain top refugios to provide guests with personalized, unique experiences.

What to Do

Dolomite Mountains offers a variety of trips for hikers, bikers, climbers, and skiers, with an emphasis on high quality and good value. As one of the few local tour operators in the Dolomites, it has connections with high-alpine huts, local restaurant owners, and families who’ve lived here for generations, which creates a more authentic experience for all its guests. See our full guide to trail running in the Dolomites to see where to go and stay.


Courtesy Image

Where to Book and Stay: Desert Luxury Camp

If you’ve ever dreamt of riding camels in the desert as the sun sets on sand dunes, or sleeping in glamorous tents with a blanket of stars above you, 2024 might be the year to book a desert glamping experience in Morocco. Starting in Casablanca and ending in Marrakesh, the four-day Traversing to South adventure led by Desert Luxury Camp is certainly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

What to Do

The itinerary includes everything from leisurely activities such as enjoying a Moroccan tea ceremony in the shade to exploring the rich forest of palm trees and earthen architecture of the Draa Valley. Other stops include the UNESCO protected Ksar of Ait BenHaddou, where Game of Thrones was shot, and an overnight stay in a restored ancient Kasbah.

British Columbia, Canada

Courtesy of Andy Cochrane

Where to Book: Northern Escape

Winner of the World’s Best Heli Ski Operator for 2022 and 2023, Northern Escape has established itself as one of the best in the business. Based in the Skeena Range of northern British Columbia, the outfitter is a stone’s throw from the Alaskan Panhandle. Lesser known than some of the long-tenured operators in the south, Northern Escape likes it this way. Instead, it focuses on what actually matters: skiing.

What to Do

With one of the largest exclusive heli ski areas in the world and a wide variety of terrain from big mountains, immense glaciers, steep couloirs, and tree skiing, Northern Escape is able to accommodate guests of all levels. Using Agusta Koala helicopters to access remote places, guests can maximize their vertical at an affordable rate. Plus, they have one of the planet’s deepest, driest, and most reliable snowpacks.


The 13 Best Flannel Shirts for Men From Filson, L.L. Bean, Patagonia & More

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Flannel shirts have earned a place in men’s cold-weather wardrobes because they’re incredibly soft, warm, and nice-looking. But the best men’s flannels offer something more than the average button-up shirt. A flannel is sartorially flexible, straddling the line between casual style and workwear, making it one of the most versatile layers to be worn on its own, over a lightweight hoodie, or under a winter jacket during the colder months.

They also come with a pedigree for reliability, toughness, and practicality that continue to define the category today. This stems from the garment’s origins as workwear in 16th-century Wales as well as its legacy as one of the most chosen garments for working-class Americans. 

Much like the iconic Western shirt, men’s flannels are still used as workwear. And though most are now cut for modern tastes, the best flannels are still woven, milled, and sewn to last a long time without pilling.

Men’s Journal aims to feature only the best products and services. We update when possible, but deals expire and prices can change. If you buy something via one of our links, we may earn a commission.

The Best Men’s Flannel Shirts of 2023

Relwen Brushed Flannel Blanket Tartan Long Sleeve Shirt

Courtesy of Huckberry

There’s nothing quite as disappointing as falling in love with a shirt during its first wear to find that it’s shrunk when it comes out of the wash. That won’t happen with this top Relwen flannel shirt for men. Pre-shrunk, this 100% cotton flannel shirt is cut for modern tastes with a slightly tapered waist that accentuates the best muscles in every man. Choose from one of three lumberjack-worthy plaid colorways and pair it with Pedro Pascal’s iconic jacket from The Last of Us for a zombie-proof aesthetic.


Get It

Lands’ End Flagship Flannel Shirt

Courtesy of Amazon

A sub-$50 flannel from a quintessential American outdoor brand? Sign us up. This Lands’ End flagship is 100-percent brushed cotton and comes in a traditional fit for additional comfort. Adjustable cuffs make rolling up the sleeves easy, and the wide variety of plaids and solids and low price point make it a great flannel to stock up on.


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L.L. Bean Plaid Slim Fit Signature 1933 Chamois Flannel Button-Up Shirt

Courtesy of Nordstrom

Maine-based mainstay L.L. Bean knows a thing or two about cozy basics, and this cotton chamois shirt is a prime example. Brushed for maximum softness, it’s heavy enough to almost qualify as a shirt jacket. And for those who already have a closet full of plaid flannel shirts, this vintage-inspired style might be the only one worthy of a spot among the printed pile.


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Patagonia Long-Sleeve Midweight Fjord Flannel Shirt

Courtesy of REI

A future favorite shirt for brisk hikes and holiday light peeping, Patagonia’s take on the flannel shirt is unsurprisingly useful. The cotton is 6.5 ounces and organically grown. There are two chest pockets with flaps and button enclosures to keep small, important things secure on the trail. Opt outside with the “Guides/Superior Blue” colorway to bring a 3D-looking print to a 2D-looking view from high up in the mountains. 


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Todd Snyder Wool Cashmere Military Shirt

Todd Snyder’s latest take on a men’s flannel exudes real luxury with the warmth of wool, the softness of cashmere, and the classic cut of a military shirt. Modeled after vintage field clothing, the metal snaps further the military vibe, standing out in the best way. It’s not a cheap shirt, but the quality of the materials and the unique take on the everyday flannel shirt make it worth the investment.

[$298; ]

Filson Alaskan Guide Shirt

Courtesy of Filson

Filson’s Alaskan Guide Shirt is a tried and true staple designed for the working man. Its tightly woven brushed cotton fabric effectively blocks wind while providing exceptional softness and warmth. The pleated rear shoulders allow for an enhanced range of motion that’s ideal for casting a line out during chilly fishing trips (or an afternoon of yard work).


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American Giant Vintage Flannel

At 5.5 ounces per square yard, the cotton that makes up this flannel falls squarely in the midweight range, so it’s great on its own during the fall and spring or as one of multiple layers during the winter. The brand says it sources that fabric from the last fabric mill in the US and makes its classic plaid shirts in New York City, a sign of the care that goes into each garment.

[$168; ]

J.Crew Midweight Flannel Workshirt

It hasn’t reached the iconic heights of the or , but the American brand’s flannel workshirts deserve their place in the pantheon. Available in a wide variety of plaids, from classic buffalo check to new-school takes on tartan, in both slim and traditional cuts. All of the cotton is sourced from an agricultural program that encourages biodiversity, lower emissions, and the health of the people who harvest it, so it’s a shirt you can feel good about buying.

[$118; ]

Schott Plaid Cotton Flannel Shirt

Courtesy of Huckberry

It should come as no surprise that Schott, maker of the original leather motorcycle jacket, also came up with a fantastic take on the everyday flannel shirt. It’s made of seven-ounce midweight cotton and is available in five different dark plaids that emphasize natural tones. It looks great on its own, but it is best paired with a Schott leather jacket for a maximal Americana look.

[$52 (was $80);]

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Bonobos Fireside Flannel Shirt

Courtesy of Bonobos

This shirt is 98% cotton, but it’s the 2% touch of spandex that makes the difference. The resulting garment is plenty soft and warm, but one that also has enough stretch to stay in place, and stay comfortable, should it be worn during more active pursuits, from running to catch the bus to walking a mile when you miss said bus.


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Woolrich Oxbow Flannel Shirt

The Oxbow flannel from heritage brand Woolrich is made with pride in the US. It’s the type of shirt that’ll confidently take you from the rugged backcountry trails to the city streets for a night out with friends or family. Available in five distinct plaid patterns, this shirt features a mid-weight wool blend sourced from Italy that offers top-tier comfort and quality.

[$209 (was $260);]

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Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt

Courtesy of Faherty

The secret behind this Faherty bestseller is the fabric—a blend of recycled polyester, viscose, and elastane that’s brushed for softness. It all adds up to a shirt that’s soft and exceptionally stretchy. Available in a slew of colors and, uniquely, in both one- and two-pocket varieties, the fit is generous with a slight taper at the waist that prevents it from looking sloppy.


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Taylor Stitch The California Shirt

Courtesy of Taylor Stitch

Pop a Phantom Planet record on the turn table because California was the inspiration behind this relaxed flannel from San Francisco-based Taylor Stitch. Its cotton is organic, its fit is pleatless to require less ironing, and it’s cut to look great when worn untucked. Then there’s the California collar, a special one-piece design that was initially popularized in the ‘40s by Hollywood icon Gary Cooper.

[$102 (was $128);]


Frequently Asked Questions About Men’s Flannel Shirts

What makes a shirt a flannel shirt?

Today’s top flannel shirts for men are button-down style shirts made from brushed cotton. Originally made of wool, most flannels produced today are made of loosely woven brushed cotton that yields its iconic soft-to-the-touch feel. 

Are all flannel shirts plaid?

A plaid pattern is probably what most people think of when they think of a flannel shirt, but they’re also widely available in solid colors and even some graphic prints. It’s the qualities of the fabric rather than the design that make a flannel a flannel.

When should you wear a flannel shirt?

One of the great virtues of men’s flannel shirts is its stylish versatility. Flannel shirts can look great in the middle of the mountains, but they’re just as well-suited at home or in offices with smart-casual dress codes. It’s hard to think of an autumnal or winter scene that a flannel wouldn’t look great in, which is part of why they’ve become a staple in so many men’s wardrobes.


December 27, 2023

WhistlePig Founder Releases a New 100-Year-Old Whiskey Blend for $70

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After a not-so-amicable split in 2019 from WhistlePig, the whiskey brand he founded in 2007 that ushered in a rye renaissance, American entrepreneur Raj Bhakta set off on a journey of self-discovery. He acquired a cellar of Armagnac in Condom, France, which housed brandy dating back to 1868. Inspired, Raj added two of France’s finest brandy styles, XO Calvados and the ultra-aged Armagnac, to a new rye whiskey: Bhakta 1928.

It’s made from 2018 vintage American straight rye whiskey (60 percent), then enriched with XO Calvados (30 percent), and finally fortified with a mix of Armagnac from 1928, 1941, 1962, 1973, and 1996 vintages (10 percent)—and there’s a little brandy that’s over 100 years old. Bhakta 1928 then undergoes a double cask finish in virgin French oak.

“Beginning with a base rye superior to almost any I’ve created before, Bhakta 1928 finally achieves the dream of whiskey, perfected—through the transubstantiation granted by a magic touch of 1928 Armagnac,” Raj says. “Isn’t it time we brought back the spirit of the Roaring Twenties? Let the new boom times begin.”

On the nose, the spirit offers aromas of custard, caramel, and vanilla. The palate delivers flavors of oak, spice, and more vanilla. The finish lingers with more oak alongside mellow tannins.

Since launching Bhakta Spirits, Raj has released a variety of spirits, including Bhakta 1990 Rum ($500 per bottle) and a 50-Year-Old Brandy (now priced at $450 per bottle). Bhakta 1928 is his most accessible product yet at $70 and can be purchased via the brand’s official website.

Bhakta 1928 Rye Whiskey

Courtesy Image

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December 24, 2023

This Rare Lagavulin Scotch Is Surprisingly Affordable

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Few names resonate in the Scotch whisky world quite like Lagavulin. Over the last few decades, the brand grew into one of the world’s most recognizable, becoming emblematic of Islay’s rich smoky style. Now, Iain McArthur, Lagavulin legend and warehouse manager, has announced his retirement, and the brand is celebrating his illustrious career with a special bottling, Iain’s Farewell Dram.

“Being part of the Lagavulin family has been the adventure of a lifetime, but now I’m ready for a change of pace,” says McArthur. “At 18 Years Old, this bottling brings back fond memories for me, enjoying a dram and celebrating moments in my life. I hope everyone that loves this distillery as much as I do gets to enjoy it.”

McArthur has worked for Lagavulin for half a century.

Courtesy of Lagavulin

McArthur started his career over 50 years ago at the now shuttered—and soon to reopen—Port Ellen Distillery, before becoming part of the Lagavulin team for half a century. Over the course of his time at the distillery he easily adapted to a variety of roles, including peat cutting and overseeing casks, but may be best known for the tasting sessions he conducted for distillery visitors.

McArthur himself filled the cask used for Iain’s Farewell Dram 18 years ago, and he hand poured each of the bottles this December. Matured in second-fill manzanilla casks, the whisky begins with aromas of smoldering embers, cereal, green orchard fruits, crisp apple, vanilla, yogurt, and sherry. From there, smells of white peppercorns and tea emerge, leading to notes of toasted cardamom, cinnamon, and peat. The palate finds more smoke, apple and cinnamon, leading to hints of chili pepper that remains throughout the lingering finish.

On December 14th, Iain’s friends and family were given the first chance to buy a bottle. Next year, Lagavulin will make the rest of the bottles of Iain’s Farewell Dram (bottled at 58.7% ABV) available for £350 (about $390). 

Lagavulin 18-Year-Old Iain’s Farewell Dram

Courtesy of Lagavulin

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December 23, 2023

These Are the Most Popular NFL Players of 2023 Based on Google Searches

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The NFL had another huge year, and a few star players stole the spotlight. Sports betting outlet Bettingtop10 Canada recently determined the most popular NFL players in America according to Google searches. The study ranked every position and compiled a list of America’s NFL “Dream Team” based on the most-searched-for players. The site analyzed Google data across 2023 for all 2,421 players in the NFL to reach their conclusions.

Of the quarterbacks, New York Jets star Aaron Rodgers was the most Googled in America, with an average of 2.5 million people searching his name each month. The study notes that a large number of those searches are due to ongoing interest in Rogers’ torn Achilles tendon, which he suffered during the opening game of the season against the Buffalo Bills.

Travis Kelce was crowned the most commonly searched-for tight end, with his name garnering more than 1 million dedicated searches per month. Of course, a high volume of this traffic comes from curiosity regarding his romance with Taylor Swift.

The swell of support for the Kelce family hardly stopped there. Travis’ brother, Jason Kelce of the Philadelphia Eagles, was the most-searched-for center in the country. More than 420,000 people search for him every month. Once again, a lot of this interest is thought to be due to Travis’s relationship with Taylor.

But coming out on top of the NFL was Damar Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills. He was not only the most-searched-for defensive back in America, but his name garnered the most Google searches of any player in the NFL. Fans searched for Hamlin more than 7.1 million times each month. The 25-year-old just returned for his first regular season game after suffering a cardiac arrest during a January 2 match.

“America’s fascination with NFL players frequently extends beyond their on-field performance, with injuries, romances, and rumors of their personal life, influencing who the nation searches for the most,” a spokesperson for Bettingtop10 Canada shared in a statement.

The year’s most popular players were then drafted onto America’s hypothetical Dream Team. Hamlin, Rodgers, and Kelce were easily the most-searched-for players of the year. They were joined on the Dream Team by Odell Beckham Jr. (825,667), Ezekiel Elliot (587,500), and Chris Paul (575,917), amongst many others.

“The ‘NFL Dream Team’ aims to showcase the players who have captured the nation’s attention the most over the past year, in order to create the perfect team lineup,” Bettingtop10’s spokesperson explained.

You can find America’s full Dream Team roster of the most popular NFL players below.


This New, Super Rare Patek Philippe Watch Recalls One of the Brand’s Favorites

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Watches often get passed through generations, giving added sentimental weight to these already significant objects. This sort of misty-eyed affection isn’t limited to just watch buyers. Take the latest release from Patek Philippe, reference 1938P, created as a tribute to former longtime company president Philippe Stern on his 85th birthday.

Philippe’s son and current president of Patek Philippe, Thierry Stern, commissioned the series of just 30 watches to honor his father—naming it 1938P after the year he was born. The new watch digs deeper into his father’s legacy, featuring a brand new movement and housing a minute repeater—Philippe Stern’s favorite complication.

Patek Philippe Reference 1938P watch with Caliber R AL 27 PS movement shown.

Courtesy Image

Putting together this new self-winding caliber R AL 27 PS movement was no easy task—requiring the addition of 227 components and the filing of four new patents. The story goes all the way back to the company’s 150th anniversary in 1989, when Philippe Stern reintroduced the minute repeater in wristwatch format with the launch of the caliber R 27. This was combined with an alarm that rings at the preset hour, one of five sound functions revealed in the Grandmaster Chime Reference 5175 back in 2014. The R AL 27 PS is built off the R 27 and, for the first time, combines a minute repeater and an alarm.

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Patek Philippe Reference 1938P

Courtesy Image

The watch is as visually striking as it is technically impressive—featuring a Grand Feu enamel portrait of Philippe Stern himself on the 18k white gold dial. The white and gray, three-quarter profile image emerges from a black enamel background, complemented by a hand-stitched alligator leather band with platinum clasp to finish off the classic look.

The platinum, officer’s-style case has a 41mm diameter with a 14.2mm thickness and is 49.4mm lug-to-lug. The case opens up to reveal the movement as well as an engraving that reads: “À mon père, 85 ans de passion horlogère. “To my father, 85 years of watchmaking passion.”

The price of this ultra-limited-edition watch is available upon request. For more information, visit the Patek Philippe website.

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