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April 19, 2024

Lululemon’s ‘Best All-Around Workout Shorts’ Are Yours to Score for Just $39 Before They Sell Out

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Lululemon is one of the most popular men’s athleisure brands, expertly fusing the “ath” and “leisure” parts of the equation. The brand’s ABC pants are ideal for travel, commuting, and lounging, while the Pace Breaker and License to Train collections are designed for tackling any workout and grabbing lunch right after. Recently, Lululemon restocked its “We Made Too Much” section, which includes specials on the brand’s bestselling workout gear, including one of its most popular pairs of shorts that’s now under $40.

Right now, you can score a pair of the normally $68 Lululemon Pace Breaker Linerless Shorts for as low as $39, depending on the color and length. These multi-purpose shorts have earned over 300 five-star ratings at Lulu by shoppers who admit they’re “the only shorts” they’ll wear. They’re available in a 7- or 5-inch inseam with eight colors to choose from, including eye-catching corals and magentas, neutral blues, and iridescent-inspired prints. Sizes are starting to sell out, so you’ll want to move quickly.

Lululemon Pace Breaker Linerless 7-Inch Short in Night Sea, From $39 (was $68) at Lululemon

Courtesy of Lululemon

Get It

The linerless design of these Lululemon shorts is more versatile than lined shorts, and they’re perfect for both workouts and just hanging around. The shorts are made from recycled polyester, with ultra-stretchy elastane for ease of movement. They feature two side hand pockets, as well as a zippered side pocket for secure, low-bounce storage of phones and other essentials while running. The shorts also have a mesh panel along the back for breathability. The textured waistband is designed to feel comfortable against the skin, keeping chafing to a minimum.

Shoppers appreciated the breathability and comfort of the fabric, with one calling them “lightweight and super comfortable.” Similarly, another wrote, “They are light enough to feel comfortable yet have good quality to know you have a good product. Great for casual and exercising.” Another called them “great for working out or just for casual wear.”

Lululemon Pace Breaker Linerless 7-Inch Short in Magenta Purple, From $39 (was $68) at Lululemon

Courtesy of Lululemon

Get It

Versatility was a key selling point, with one shopper saying the “comfortable four-way stretch fabric makes it easy to wear. You could dress these shorts up or down.” Another wrote, “These shorts provide a comfortable fit without feeling too restricted in the legs or hips like some shorts. There are plenty of pockets to store your phone, key fob, and headsets. They’ve been washed a few times and so far no signs of wear or pilling.” They also called them the “best all-around workout shorts.”

If you’re looking for stylish workout gear, Lululemon’s entire “We Made Too Much” section is worth checking out, but the most popular styles tend to sell out quickly. That includes the Pace Breaker shorts, which are already in limited supply, so you’ll want to act fast. 


Nordstrom Rack Just Slashed the Prices on Hundreds of Designer Sunglasses—These Are the 4 We’re Getting

Men’s Journal aims to feature only the best products and services.  If you buy something via one of our links, we may earn a commission.

Sir Elton John once admitted to having a whopping quarter million pairs of sunglasses. While that’s more than any one person could need, there’s a case to be made for having a few for different occasions. Polarized sunglasses are best for driving while inexpensive shades are a better option for the beach. But a stylish pair of designer sunglasses is the one to rock when you want to look your best, and there’s no better place to get them right now than at Nordstrom Rack.

Nordstrom Rack just went live with thousands of new markdowns, some of the best of which are on designer shades from brands like Ray-Ban, Carrera, and Tom Ford, among others, with styles starting at just $20. All types are on the table—everything from aviators to classic wayfarers and even trendy round frames are on sale, and there’s a style to fit every face shape perfectly. After Men’s Journal looked through the hundreds of designer sunglasses on sale at Nordstrom Rack, we found these four that even the Rocketman himself would want to pick up for spring and summer.

Salvatore Ferragamo 57mm Square Sunglasses, $90 (was $370) at Nordstrom Rack

Courtesy of Nordstrom Rack

Get It

Salvatore Ferragamo’s 57mm sunglasses are a unisex style that features a dramatic squared-off silhouette with a double-bridge design that gives it a retro ’70s look. The lenses feature subtle Ferragamo branding, and the wide frames and 100% UV protection keep your peepers protected. Italian-made, they’re one of the best deals you’ll find now that they’re 75% off.

What Shoppers Are Saying: “I often find sunglasses tight and uncomfortable. These are so comfortable and easy to wear.”

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Ray-Ban 59mm Aviator Sunglasses, $91 (was $180) at Nordstrom Rack

Courtesy of Nordstrom Rack

Get It

These Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses feature a squared-off silhouette that offers a unique alternative to the traditional pointed shape. They feature the Ray-Ban logo at the temple and the lens but it’s not too loud. The dark lens is ideal for sunny days and the classic frame means unbound versatility—they’ll work with all types of outfits. Typically $180, these are just under half off, dropping the price to $91.

What Shoppers Are Saying: “Great fit. They’re long enough to go behind the ear and fit a bigger/elongated face.”

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Gucci 61mm Aviator Sunglasses, $200 (was $465) at Nordstrom Rack

Courtesy of Nordstrom Rack


Gucci may be known for its bold, statement-making pieces, but the Italian label also knows how to nail the classics. These Gucci glasses are on sale for over $250 off and feature a classic aviator silhouette with gold-colored accents and the brand’s signature stripe on the temples. They scream summer in the villa and look as luxe as those who choose to wear them.

What Customers Are Saying: “Color combo is beautiful, size is great for a guy, and the quality is what you’d expect from Gucci.”

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Quay Australia Big Time 44mm Gradient Round Sunglasses, $35 (was $75) at Nordstrom Rack

Courtesy of Nordstrom Rack

Get It

From Le Specs to Quay, it’s no surprise that sunny Australia is home to some of the best independent eyewear brands. Quay’s Big Time sunglasses are a bold pair of retro-inspired frames, with a hexagonal shape and a rose-tinted gradient. They have a premium look, but the sub-$40 price means you don’t have to be too precious with them.

What Customers Are Saying: “These were my first Quay sunglasses, and I am so happy I chose to get myself a pair. I love the fit, and am so far impressed with their quality.”

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Eight tips to boost your fruit and veg consumption

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Getting enough fruit and vegetables in our diet each day has an incredible impact on our health.

They’re both great sources of a range of vitamins and minerals, as well as dietary fibre which helps us feel fuller for longer and promotes healthy bowels.

Eating the recommended servings of fruit and veg daily has been associated with many health benefits, particularly reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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fruit and vegetables

There’s also strong evidence that for each serving of vegetables eaten each day, the risk for heart disease is reduced even further.

In other words, the more veggies we eat, the more health benefits we reap!

On top of all of this, eating enough fruit and veg can help with losing and maintaining a healthy weight.

The problem is, most Australians are only eating half the recommended amount of veggies each day.

If that’s your case, read on as Amelia Banderas, a dietitian at Juniper, walks us through some ways that you can work towards meeting your recommended two and five.

Make up half your lunch and dinner meals with colourful vegetables

Aiming for half your lunch and dinner meals to be colourful veg can help get up to approximately four to five servings of veg across your day.

A variety of vegetables means a variety of nutrients, which you can get by adding green, red, purple, and orange vegetables to your plate.

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fruit and vegetables

Lean on convenient options

Having options for convenient ways to get veggies in can help make it easier to add to your meals.

Try having pre-bagged salad bags at home or at work to add to the side of your meals, frozen fruit, and veg in the freezer, or tinned veggies to add to soups, curries, or stews.

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Add sneaky veg to your meals

Having meals like pasta, soups, stews, and even protein shakes is a great opportunity to add in extra veg.

Try adding in frozen veggies, or legumes like lentils and chickpeas.

Make up half your lunch and dinner meals with colourful vegetabless to your stews and curries.

Frozen veg, in particular, are great at soaking up flavours and they’ll help your meals go further (more volume for not that many calories!).

Blitzing or grating veggies like zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms, carrot, and celery and adding them to pasta sauces is another great idea.

Or try adding a cup of spinach or half a cup of frozen cauliflower to your smoothies for an extra serving of veg (that won’t change the flavour profile of your smoothie).

“I’ve had Juniper patients add this to their Juniper Nourish Shakes as a breakfast option.”

Delicious soup recipe

Hack your environment

Changing your environment to keep fruit and veg in your line of sight can help ‘nudge’ you to choose these more often.

This might look like having a fruit bowl in your line of sight, chopping up veggies at the beginning of the week to include with snacks or having veggies pre-prepared to make it easier to add to meals you’re preparing during the week.

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fruit and vegetables

Add fruit and veg to your breakfast

Adding fruit to your brekkie can actually be a great way of satisfying your sweet tooth, so why not top your cereal or yoghurt with fresh or frozen fruit or grate some apple into your overnight oats?

Even veg can be a good addition to your breakfast – simply add chopped-up veg such as onion, zucchini, tomato, and capsicum to an omelette or frittata. Or make a veggie-packed option like a shakshuka or homemade baked beans.

Swap staple ingredients for veggie alternatives

Try swapping out half of your usual serving of pasta for zucchini noodles, or half your rice with cauliflower rice.

Include fruit and veg in your snacks

The following options are a great way to create a protein and fibre-rich snack while getting in your two and five a day:

  • Natural yoghurt with fresh or frozen fruit.
  • Four rice thins or grainy crackers with a sandwich-size slice of cheese, sliced tomato, and sliced cucumber.
  • A cup of veggie sticks (like celery, carrot, cucumber, capsicum) with a high protein dip (such as low-fat cottage cheese).
  • Savoury frittata muffins with grated veg.
  • Apple with a closed fist-full of unsalted nuts.

fruit and vegetables

Find interesting new ways to cook with veggies

Finding new flavours and ways to cook with veggies can keep things interesting and avoid food fatigue!

Looking at what fruit and veggies are in season – and what recipes you can make with them – is a fun way to find new ways to cook old favourites and new veggies, too.

Your supermarket websites will often have recipes for what’s in season – otherwise, TikTok and Pinterest are also great sources of cooking inspo!

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April 17, 2024

‘Shōgun’ Fans Need to Visit These 7 Historic Sites in Japan

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Shōgun hit its stride right out of the gate when its first two episodes were released in late February, becoming Disney’s No. 1 scripted series premiere globally. With its finale scheduled for April 23, the 10-episode FX/Hulu series based on the bestselling 1975 James Clavell novel has confirmed that samurai battles, feudal-era court intrigue, and the introduction of “pillowing” to the sexual lexicon are pure streaming gold. The show also offers a big-budget introduction to traditional values that still run deep in Japan—and, in particular, the veins of history that remain relevant there to this day.

British sea pilot John Blackthorne (Cosmo Jarvis) meets early-17th-century Japan in ‘Shōgun.’ The finale of the hit FX/Hulu series airs on April 23. 

Courtesy image

At the center of Shōgun is the relationship between British sea pilot John Blackthorne (Cosmo Jarvis) and Lord Yoshii Toronaga (Hiroyuki Sanada), a fictionalized version of the real-life Tokugawa Ieyasu, the first shogun, or military dictator, credited with unifying the Japanese islands into one country in 1600.

Though the show was primarily filmed in British Columbia, Canada, it still serves as an epic primer on historical Japan—if you know where to look. With the final episode fast approaching, the limited series is now sure to inspire pilgrimages to Shōgun‘s homeland by ardent fans pinning slim hopes on a season two (not likely, according to the creators). From the Tokyo Ninja Museum to the country’s most famous samurai battlefield, here are the seven most exciting historic sites across Japan that Shōgun devotees need to see for themselves.

Gifu Sekigahara Battlefield Memorial Museum: Gifu Prefecture

Sekigahara: The biggest samurai battle of all time (170,000 warriors) happened in this tranquil mountain valley over four centuries ago. 

Visit Gifu

Just as Americans know Gettysburg, all Japanese know Sekigahara. In the mountains of central Honshu in Gifu Prefecture, Sekigahara was the site of a ferocious battle in 1600 between various alliances of feudal clans. The biggest samurai battle in history saw more than 170,000 warriors arranged into Eastern and Western armies, fighting to the death in this now-serene mountain valley. The first shogun, Tokugawa Ieyasu (Toronaga), prevailed, ending Japan’s Sengoku or Warring States Period, unifying the country and establishing the Tokugawa Shogunate that ruled Japan for more than 250 years.

Opened in 2020, the large, state-of-the-art, experience-based museum and information center standing there now presents recreations of the Battle of Sekigahara. A VR attraction “allows you to experience firsthand man-to-man combat of the Sengoku period.” But this is also hallowed ground in a rural part of Japan where spirits can still seem nearby.

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Though author Clavell disappointed many readers by only referencing Sekigahara, fans of the FX/Hulu series are anticipating the climactic battle here to be depicted in gut-spilling fashion. Either way, Sekigahara occupies the martial heart of Shōgun.

Getting There: The trip takes about two hours by Tokaido Shinkansen from Tokyo Station to Nagoya Station, then an additional 45 minutes by JR Tokaido Main Line from Nagoya Station to Sekigahara Station. From Sekigahara Station, it’s a quick cab ride or 10-minute walk to the battlefield and museum. Though possible to do as a long day trip from Tokyo, instead Gifu City, about 30 minutes away by train or taxi, is the best place to overnight.

Osaka Castle: Osaka Prefecture

A CGI rendering of Osaka Castle appears in the ‘Shōgun’ opening credits, and occasional establishing shots throughout the series. The real thing dates back to 1586. 

Osaka Info

Feudal Japan was a risky place to wield a sword. Warfare was widespread as lords plotted against other lords, then sent faithful samurai to risk their lives when swordplay was required. In the meantime, nobles not prone to death-wish culture took refuge behind castle walls whose fortress architecture of wood and stone evolved into a classic design featuring a tall, central tower.

In Shōgun’s premiere episode, Lord Toronaga is summoned to Osaka Castle for a tense meeting with the Council of Regents, which wishes to impeach him. From there, the castle is featured as a place of intrigue and danger, then the planned target of Toranaga’s “Crimson Sky” attack. In reality, the castle was a power center in the historic negotiations and battles that ultimately unified the country. Built by 100,000 workers between 1583 and 1586, it was renowned both for its imposing tactical fortifications and extravagant interior décor. Tokugawa (Toronaga) and his 200,000-man army eventually laid siege to Osaka, capturing the castle in 1615. After that, its relevance faded, though Osaka grew into Japan’s third-largest city. A CGI rendering of Osaka Castle appears in the opening credits and occasional establishing shots throughout the series.

Reconstructed many times—lightning strikes in the 1600s set the castle on fire, while American planes bombed it during World War II—Osaka Castle is now one of Japan’s top tourist attractions. The castle tower is surrounded by citadels, gates, turrets, stonewalls, moats, and 600 cherry trees. Self-guided tours take a couple hours, but your grandpa could easily linger all afternoon reading signs.

Getting There: Osaka Castle is surrounded by five different train stations, but the best access is via either Morinomiya or Osakajokoen Station. The approach from both follows a pathway toward the castle through its extensive gardens.

Samurai Ninja Museum Tokyo

Samurai Ninja Museum: Tokyo’s coolest suit department. 

Samurai Ninja Museum Tokyo

References to “Edo” (Lord Toranaga’s fiefdom) are scattered throughout Shōgun, but little action is depicted there. Though important to Toranaga, Edo didn’t become Japan’s central city until after Tokugawa (Toranaga) established the Tokugawa Shogunate there in 1603, after the Battle of Sekigahara. Though Edo grew into a city of over a million in the 1700s, Kyoto remained the formal capital of the nation. Only when imperial rule was restored in 1868 did the Emperor move to Edo. The city was renamed Tokyo and became the capital of Japan.

While no worthwhile series-specific sites are found in modern Tokyo, the city is home to a fun samurai museum. It features interactive exhibitions, including hands-on samurai and ninja experiences. Visitors can handle weapons, try on suits of armor, and learn skills like throwing shuriken (ninja star blades) and using a blowgun. The collection of artifacts and models is remarkable and exhibits explain the enduring cultural legacy of samurai and ninjas.

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Getting There: Tokyo’s Samurai Ninja Museum is a two-minute walk from Tawaramachi Station on the Tokyo metro Ginza Line; a two-minute walk from Asakusa Station on the Tsukuba-Express; or an eight-minute walk from Asakusa Station on the Tokyo metro Ginza Line/Asakusa Line.

Ajiro Onsen Hiratsuru: Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Ajiro Onsen Hiratsuru in Atami: The first shogun, Tokugawa, bathed in the local hot springs here in 1604. 

Ajiro Onsen Hiratsuru

After narrowly escaping an assassination attempt in Osaka, Blackthorne is removed to the fishing village of Ajiro (Clavell called it Anjiro), the southernmost part of the modern town of Atami, on the Izu Peninsula, about two hours south of Tokyo by train. Among other lessons in his new home, Blackthorne learns the importance of bathing—the Japanese far outpaced lice-ridden Europeans when it came to personal hygiene.

Though modernized, scenic Atami remains an excellent spot for a soak at Ajiro Onsen Hiratsuru, the local hot springs (onsen) where Tokugawa himself is recorded to have bathed with his sons in 1604. At Ajiro Onsen Hiratsuru, the indoor and open-air baths come with amazing views of Sagami Bay.

Getting There: Travel time from Tokyo Station to Atami Station is about 50 minutes by the Tokaido Shinkansen Kodama train. Travel time from Tokyo Station to Atami Station is about 90 minutes by the JR Odoriko or Super Odoriko limited express trains.

Furuya Ryokan: Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Furuya Ryokan’s traditional tatami guest rooms connects guests with deluxe digs of the past.

Furuya Ryokan

Ajiro Onsen Hiratsuru can be managed as a day trip from Tokyo, but an overnight at a traditional Japanese inn (ryokan) connects you with the kind of lavish lifestyle Blackthorne enjoyed as a prisoner on the Izu Peninsula (minus the gratis consorts). Among many in the area, Furuya Ryokan, established in 1806, gets the nod for its magnificent tatami guest rooms, artistically presented cuisine, on-site onsen baths, and English-friendly staff.

Getting There: From Atami Station (see above), the ryokan is five minutes by taxi and 15 minutes by foot.

Dejima: Nagasaki City

Dejima 2.0: A faithful reconstruction of secluded dwellings in the heart of Nagasaki sheds light on the sequestered lives of ‘Shōgun’-era Europeans. 

Discover Nagasaki

Culture clashes that resulted from early Japanese interactions with Europeans during the Age of Discovery provide the emotional fuel in Shōgun. Japan’s first contact with the West came in 1543, when three Portuguese merchants landed in the country’s southern islands. (Shōgun moves this location north to the Izu Peninsula.) The Portuguese brought trade but also Catholicism, which spread so quickly that local leaders adopted a policy of seclusion, in particular confining missionary movements.

In Shōgun, Japanese attitudes toward the Portuguese interlopers are rightly portrayed as a mixture of opportunism and suspicion—particularly toward Father Martin Alvito (Tommy Bastow) and Blackthorne’s frenemy, the sailor Vasco Rodrigues (Nestor Carbonell).

Today, engulfed by the city of Nagasaki in southern Japan, Dejima was a man-made island constructed in 1636 to segregate Portuguese residents from the Japanese population. After the Portuguese were expelled, the Dutch were restricted to Dejima during Japan’s two centuries of isolation as the only Westerners allowed in the country.

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Now surrounded by urban modernity, more than 15 of Dejima’s historical structures have been painstakingly reconstructed, including furnished warehouses and residencies such as those where the Portuguese of Shōgun might have concocted their get-rich-save-souls schemes. After a facelift, the area was reopened in 2006 with walking maps and English signage. Allow an hour or two to tour.

Getting There: Dejima is a 20-minute walk from Nagasaki Station. Or you can take streetcar No. 1 and get off at the Dejima stop.

Sendai-ya: Tokyo

Natto, still an acquired taste. 


Nothing separates cultures like food—and a British sailor washing up in Japan in 1600 would likely have been at least a little freaked out by the local fare. In Shōgun, however, the English pilot Blackthorne performs admirably at the supper table, impressing the natives by displaying openness to exotic grub of which they’re exceedingly proud. 

In a key scene, he bravely takes on natto—a sticky concoction made from fermented soybeans that’s notoriously challenging for Western palates—then raises eyebrows by going back for seconds. Blackthorne compares the taste to a particularly rank cheese. In another scene, however, he betrays his barbaric tendencies by forcing a sake-chugging contest on a rival.

While you can get natto (and sake) pretty much anywhere in Japan, the specialists at Tokyo’s Sendai-ya serve several varieties of natto, including, for those channeling Blackthorne courage, natto ice cream. You know you’re in for an experience when the shop’s owners vow, “Our mission is to contribute to Japanese food culture through safe, secure, and delicious natto.” Safe and secure, maybe. As for delicious, this is a great spot to decide if Blackthorne was faking it all along.

Getting There: Sendai-ya is located in suburban Setagaya, a special ward about eight miles southwest of the Tokyo metropolis. Setagaya is accessed from Tokyo by taxi (fastest) or regular rail service on various Tokyo Metro lines.


April 16, 2024

An ‘Intrinsically Handsome’ Bulova Watch That Shoppers Wear ‘Almost Every Day’ Is Nearly $150 Off Right Now

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Men’s Journal aims to feature only the best products and services.  If you buy something via one of our links, we may earn a commission.

Whether navigating waitlists or wading into the murky gray market, buying a great watch can be difficult. That’s why, for the sake of one’s wallet (and sanity), many set their sights on reasonably-priced timepieces from highly-regarded brands like Seiko, Hamilton, and Citizen. Bulova is among the best on this list, and recently, one of its most popular dive watches received a tremendous discount.

Right now, a popular Bulova Marine Star ‘Series B’ quartz watch is on sale for $201—a 43% discount on the normal $350 price. This watch has earned over 350 five-star ratings from stylish shoppers who have called it “intrinsically handsome” and the “perfect size.” The savings are significant, leaving you with enough scratch to pick up a G-Shock or a couple of Timex watches to occasionally switch things up.

Bulova Marine Star ‘Series B’ Watch, $201 (was $350) on Amazon

Courtesy of Bulova

Get It

This watch is a hefty 43mm, but the black face and stainless steel case give it a simple and sleek look that’s perfect for any dressy or casual outfit. It has a three-hand design and a date window and features a rotating bezel that lets you measure elapsed time (and is also fun to fidget with). In keeping with the nautical theme, it’s water-resistant up to 100 meters, which makes it capable of handling a swim. It’s also powered by a quartz movement, making it an accurate and low-maintenance option.

Shoppers were impressed with the looks and quality of the watch. “I’ve worn this watch almost every day for the last year and absolutely love it,” a shopper said. “It looks just as much at home in formal wear at work as it does out on the weekends or working on my car.”

Others were impressed with how the watch compared to more expensive timepieces, with one writing, “Everyone always thinks it is a Rolex until they stare at it long enough.” Another shopper called it a “good travel watch to replace your Rolex Submariner,” adding, “The quality is really good and it really looks like a Sub.”

If you’re looking for an affordable watch from a trusted brand, this Bulova Marine Star is a steal at just $201 and it’s a great watch to wear in any setting. The sale is only live for a limited time, so if this is the right one for your style, pick it up before the clock runs out. 


‘Feeling good’: Jon Bon Jovi reveals fitness regimen after throat surgery

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Jon Bon Jovi has led an incredible and very unconventional life.

Lead singer of the much-loved rock band Bon Jovi, the rockstar has spent a lifetime touring the globe, “a loaded six-string” on his back.

While it was glamorous, the rockstar lifestyle was demanding and not the most healthy.

“You know, I think we used to live on McDonald’s drive-thru,” Bon Jovi tells Men’s Health.

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 15: Jon Bon Jovi visits the Empire State Building on September 15, 2023 in New York City. (Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Empire State Realty Trust)

Now, the 62-year-old is making more of a conscious effort with his diet and fitness regime to stay healthy. 

“I haven’t been anywhere near a place like that in I don’t remember how many years,” he said.

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Taking Men’s Health through his fridge, Bon Jovi explained the staple foods he keeps on hand to maintain a healthy diet.

From fruits, fresh vegetables and “lots of greens” to yoghurt, chicken and eggs, the singer keeps his fridge stocked with healthy options.

He also says he’s limited his intake of coffee, red wine and red meat. 

“You’re not going to find me having a bottle of red anymore. I’m not going to really have a steak all that often, if I want my protein I get it out of chicken or even fish,” he said.

But Bon Jovi also acknowledges the importance of being realistic with his diet.

“Everything in moderation, including moderation,” he said.

Having recently undergone throat surgery, Men’s Health asked Bon Jovi if the medical procedure has affected his diet. 

“It hasn’t impacted my diet at all,” he shared.

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“None of that is really going to make a big difference to something that’s as big as your thumbnail, which is your vocal chords.”

Outside of the kitchen, Bon Jovi commits to his health by maintaining a strong gym routine. 

The star aims to work out five to six days in a week but opposed to the “usual pumping weights and running” of his younger years, Bon Jovi is now focusing on a more holistic approach.

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 08: American singer, songwriter, guitarist, and actor, Jon Bon Jovi looks on during the Men's Singles Semifinal match between Ben Shelton of the United States and Novak Djokovic of Serbia on Day Twelve of the 2023 US Open at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center on September 08, 2023 in the Flushing neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City. (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)

He incorporates lower intensity training and stretching keeping him “not only fit but feeling good.”

As for his motivation for staying fit, Bon Jovi says its simply to live a good and “pain-free” life. 

“It’s a work in progress, like anyone else, you have to find your motivation and it doesn’t have to be to get on stage it just has to be to want to go to work or to play with your kids or to just enjoy your weekend,” he explains. 

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How volume-based eating can help overall wellbeing, dietitian explains

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Do you routinely add 2-3 cups of salad to your lunch?

Would you reach for a carrot or an apple before you would pick up another snack? Or, do you routinely make sure your evening meal is complimented with some soup or salad?

If the answer to these questions was a resounding no, chances are you are not taking advantage of the simplest diet approach – volume-based eating.

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Woman cooking

What is volume-based eating?

Volume-based eating has a number of positives. The first is that you not only get to eat more, which is contrary to so many dietary regimes that promote restriction and eating less, but by following a volume-based eating approach you automatically improve your overall nutritional intake.

The diet approach involves eating a whole lot more low-calorie fruits, vegetables and salad. By doing so, you can get significantly more key nutrients which is of benefit to general health, mood and even weight control.

What are the benefits?

The link between volume-based eating and weight control is twofold.

Firstly, fresh foods including salad and vegetables have a relatively high water content. This means you get a lot of food bulk, for few calories, and are left full and satisfied while not eating many calories.

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Close up of unrecognizable black woman holding a plate with multi-colored fresh salad.

The other bonus is many fresh foods including soup and cooked vegetables are rich sources of dietary fibre.

Not only does dietary fibre slow down the digestive process but there is growing evidence to show that there is an association between the health of the gut and the risk of obesity. A high-fibre diet is closely linked to a healthy gut.

Its simple

The other great thing about volume-based eating is that it is easy to do, unlike some diets that require a number of specifics around portions sizes food rules.

You don’t need to weigh or measure anything, or remember any complicated rules, all you need to do is factor in fresh foods into each meal and eat them before you eat other components of the meals.

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Young female hands chopping vegetables

How to start?

To start reaping the benefits of volume-based eating, all you need to do is adopt a fresh first approach to your meals.

For example, start your day with a vegetable rich juice or a bowl of berries or vegetables when you are making yourself eggs. You simply enjoy the fresh food first, and often eat less overall as a result.

At lunch time, you could prioritise a salad or chopped vegetables before you eat your sandwich, wrap or sushi.

For snacks, always grab some fresh food – fruit or vegetables before you eat any packaged snacks, and then start your dinner with an entree of soup or salad.

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Close-up of woman's hands holding a bowl with fresh fruit while standing at home.

Also, don’t be scared to flavour up your fresh food, for example by adding a dressing to your salad or sauce to your vegetables. You are likely to eat more of that food when it tastes good.

Within days of adopting a volume-based eating approach you will notice your skin is clearer, you are going to the bathroom more regularly thanks to a high fibre intake, and you are feeling lighter and more energised.

Over time, you may even drop a kilo or two as well.


April 15, 2024

Coleman’s Bestselling Camping Chair With Over 47,000 5-Star Ratings Is on Sale Ahead of Warm-Weather Adventures

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Men’s Journal aims to feature only the best products and services.  If you buy something via one of our links, we may earn a commission.

With warmer weather on the way, now’s a great time to take stock of the gear you need to make the most of it. Coleman has been an unofficial sponsor of spring and summer hangs, with its ice-saving coolers and spacious tents at the forefront of outdoor gear lists everywhere. But no camping trip, beach day, or tailgate is complete without a folding camp chair, and recently, the brand’s bestselling model with an integrated cooler compartment went on sale.

Typically $45, Coleman’s Portable Camping Chair is on sale for as low as $35 in four colors. It’s backed by over 47,000 five-star ratings and is a top-5 bestseller on Amazon. Whether you’re into car camping or you just want to sit out in the backyard with a cold one, this affordable chair will be your ultimate warm-weather companion. 

Coleman Portable Camping Chair in Blue, $35 (was $45) on Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

Get It

This folding Coleman camp chair has a wide seat and cushioned back, and the legs are built from steel, making it a sound option for anybody. At just over 8 pounds, the chair won’t win any accolades from ultralight hikers, but it’s more than compact enough for a quick walk from the car to the campsite or the beach. It has a traditional mesh cup holder in the arm and even has a side pocket for the day’s essentials, but what stands out most about this chair is that the opposite arm has a built-in insulated cooler that can keep up to four cans cold.

Shoppers appreciated the comfort and construction of the chair, with many calling it “comfy and sturdy,” including one shopper who said, “It’s lasted for many years…I like having the little cooler on the side for summer sporting events.” Another shopper agreed, saying, “The chairs were easy to set up and were very comfortable,” noting that they are “very light and collapse easily, which made them easy to move.”

Coleman Portable Camping Chair in Black, $35 (was $45) on Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

Get It

Hundreds of shoppers praised the quality of these foldable camping chairs, with many noting they’ve had theirs for years. “This chair lasted beyond anything I’ve ever had before,” a shopper exclaimed. “This chair has shown an absolutely unbelievable quality of material and craftsmanship that made it last this long…six years later and can still be used for almost anything.”

Others raved about the cooler. “The built-in cooler is a great feature that sets it apart from other camping chairs,” a shopper noted. “It’s a convenient way to keep your drinks cold and within reach while you relax in the chair.” Another shopper added, “It can keep drinks cooler a little longer than if they were outside, kinda like what you would expect from a beer sleeve.”

Few pleasures in life are more rewarding than sitting outside on a warm day with a cold drink, and Coleman’s folding camp chair is the ideal companion. With a cushioned seat and handy features like a drink cooler, the only problem is that you’ll eventually have to get up. At $35, it’s also a great value, so get yours while they’re still on sale. 


April 13, 2024

Archaeologists Uncover Mysterious Structure, Weaponry From Neolithic Era

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Archaeologists in France have uncovered a preserved settlement while investigating an area ahead of it being turned into a gravel pit. A horseshoe-shaped enclosure serves as the center of a number of settlements, burial grounds, and other structures stretching across 15 acres in Marliens.

The interlocking structures appear to make up a monument. Institut National de Recherches Archéologiques Préventives (INRAP) reported (via Ancient Origins) that a layer of gravel found indicates that there was once a stake fence on the property. The outlet noted that “this type of monument [is] unprecedented.”

Pauline Rostollan/INRAP

Pauline Rostollan/INRAP

Though the date of its construction has yet to be determined, experts posit it dates back to the Neolithic period, roughly 7,000 to 1,700 B.C.E. This is backed up by the presence of several other objects on the land, such as daggers and arrowheads.

A bundle of objects discovered under topsoil included seven flint arrowheads, two archer’s armbands, a flint lighter, and a dagger made of copper alloy.

Found on several of the armbands were traces of iron oxide which corresponded to pyrite, an essential material for starting fires during the Neolithic period. While experts confirmed that this combination of objects is usually present at a burial ceremony, their specific purpose hasn’t been determined.

Pauline Rostollan/INRAP

This is just the latest in a succession of major archaeological discoveries in 2024.

A “richly decorated Roman villa” was recently discovered at a site in England, while a sunken harbor town was uncovered at the bottom of the Black Sea. The latter discovery mirrors a similarly remarkable find made last month in the Mediterranean.

At the historical site of Pompeii, archaeologists recently located a 2,000-year-old, nearly intact fresco, in addition to well-preserved mythological paintings in a luxurious banquet hall.


Bellroy’s Outlet Sale Is Back With Up to 44% Off Wallets, Backpacks, and More—These Are the 4 Best Deals

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Bellroy’s accessories have become a popular choice among those whose tastes skew minimal, practical, and stylish. The brand’s bags, wallets, and other small goods have a sleek, clean look on the outside with tons of clever organizational components within, but they’re not known for being cheap. The good news is that Bellroy recently restocked its Outlet section on Amazon with discounts on everything from travel backpacks and slings to phone cases and other everyday carry essentials.

Bellroy prioritizes sustainability, using recycled polyester and Leather Working Group-certified leather, among other eco-friendly materials. Right now, some of its most popular products are up to 44% off, including the jet-setting Lite Sling and Lite Duffel and some of its meticulously crafted phone cases. Even the brand’s ultra-convenient Tokyo Tote Backpack is 30% off. After Men’s Journal browsed through Bellroy’s updated Outlet section, we found these four accessories that are a must-cop.

Bellroy Card Sleeve in StellarBlack, From $35 (was $55) on Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

Get It

Bellroy’s Card Sleeve is a slim alternative to a wallet, but you don’t have to compromise on what you can carry. The innovative pull tab allows for quick access to a stack of as many as eight cards with two slots on the outside that allow for access to your most-used cards or folded bills. It’s on sale in three colors, but the StellarBlack is the best deal.

What Shoppers Are Saying: “The design lets me hold all my credit card and credit card-type stuff, plus the pull tab works perfectly. It creates a very small, comfortable form factor to carry in your jeans pocket or any pants, jacket, etc. The leather is of high quality.”

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Bellroy Lite Daypack, From $59 (was $99) on Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

Get It

Bellroy’s Lite Daypack is designed to take you from travel to the trail. It has outdoor-ready features like a mesh panel on the back and a sternum strap. It’s part of Bellroy’s new Lite collection, which uses lightweight but durable ripstop fabric. While it won’t replace your hiking pack, it’s more than capable of handling a quick out-and-back or carrying your must-haves while you visit a new city. Internal pouches make it easy to stay organized during commutes, airline travel, or day-to-day use.

What Shoppers Are Saying: “For travel, biking, light hiking, work and productivity, and day trips—you name it—this bag is great for all of it. With the focus on being lightweight, this is a solid option for many uses. The water-resistant material makes it a solid option for everyday commuting, whether it rains or not.”

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Bellroy Lite Sling, From $55 (was $89) on Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

Get It

Bellroy’s Lite Sling maintains a compact form factor, but it’s big enough to stuff a small water bottle in. The expanding gusset adds more space when the bag is packed, but compresses down when you’re traveling light. It features a magnetic clasp to easily pull it on and off, and several smart compartments make it easy to find your essentials.

What Shoppers Are Saying: “The bag is very lightweight. When I travel via plane, I wear this bag on my body (in addition to my carry-on and personal item). It stays on my body with the bare minimum of critical things I don’t like to have separate from me (e.g., iPhone, passport, wallet, keys, etc). When it’s not full, the straps compress the bag down on the side, which means it’s not even noticeable on you if you are wearing a light jacket.”

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Bellroy Tokyo Tote, From $89 (was $129) on Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

Get It

A tote is a great alternative to a backpack for commuters and travelers, and Bellroy’s Tokyo Tote is packed with handy features that make the switch seamless. A small main zippered pouch on the front of the bag allows for quick access to must-haves. There are also a variety of slots on the inside, including pop-out pockets for secure upright storage of water bottles and thermoses. There’s even a sleeve for 13-inch laptops and a textured grip on the straps that’ll keep the bag in place when carrying it.

What Shoppers Are Saying: “Sturdy bag with just the right amount of pockets. I’ve been looking for a tote that blends the roominess of a beach bag with the efficiency of a briefcase. I think I’ve found it in this bag. I can put my 17-inch laptop in a protective pouch, insulated coffee travel mug, glasses, phone, iPad, and wallet along with portfolios from work, all easily accessible.”

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