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November 30, 2023

You Won’t Believe What This Race Puts Its Competitors Through—or Spectators

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You hear a lot of strange noises at night from inside a camping tent. In the California desert, there’s coyotes yipping and screeching under the moonlight, plotting heinous crimes against household pets. In the woods of Vermont, it’s the trademark “Who cooks for youuu?” hoot of the barred owl, which is an unsettling thing to be asked while you’re squatted down in the dark with your pants around your ankles. Nothing compares, however, to the piercing backwoods racket happening in southern Tennessee during Red Bull TKO weekend—when the harshest hard enduro race on this half of the planet is in full tilt. 

In the dense forests of Sequatchie, TN, campers have heard sounds for years that simply defy explanation. The locals have attributed it to an urban legend known as “The Banshee of Sequatchie,” an elusive humanoid cryptid said to haunt the mountains around the nearby Trials Training Center for demons on dirt bikes.

Whatever it is, it’s been happening around the end of August every year since 2011. Without fail, dozens of people report hearing strange noises like aluminum cans being crushed from dusk till dawn, human-like screams and laughter coming from deep within the forest, and the unmistakable sound of two-stroke engines ringing throughout the night like a gang of chainsaw-wielding madmen felling trees by moonlight.

I’d been following this phenomenon for years, but this August I decided to travel out to the Sequatchie Valley wilderness myself to investigate. What I discovered there in the woods of East Tennessee is not for the faint of heart, so consider yourself warned before reading further into this tale of supernatural spectacle.

Hard enduro racing is, by its very nature, a bewildering spectacle to behold—a lawless free-for-all where the race course is the forest itself.

Courtesy Image

What Goes On in the Wilderness

I spent three nights in those woods, but it took all of three seconds to solve the mystery of the “The Banshee of Sequatchie.” Here in this sleepy little town with a population of just 16,000 people, it turns out the folks at Red Bull have been sponsoring the most challenging off-road race in North America right under our noses. I was stuck in the middle of the 2023 Red Bull Tennessee Knockout hard enduro championship, and I was in for 72 hours of sheer madness.

Like all urban legends, it turns out the TKO started from humble beginnings. The competition first ran back in 2011, and saw just 50 racers competing for a very modest cash reward. Nowadays the TKO is unrecognizable from that first undertaking, with some 500 riders and thousands more fans descending on the small town for race weekend.

If you’ve never been to a hard enduro event before, it’s important to understand what you’re missing. There’s a reason people drive thousands of miles across the country for this event, some even coming from as far as South America for a glimpse of the action.

Hard enduro racing is, by its very nature, a bewildering spectacle to behold. It’s a lawless free-for-all where the race course is the forest itself, and if you’re a spectator the best seats in the house are general admission, standing room only, and mere inches away from the action.

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Race fans file into the woods in giant waves, jockeying for position around the steepest hills, rockiest creek beds, and muddiest ruts for a chance to see dirt bikes do the impossible. Their favorite riders squeeze by so close you can see the sweat streaming down their faces and fill your lungs with the sweet smell of their two-stroke smoke.

Catching mud in your teeth from a spinning tire is like catching a home run at a major league game, and for fans who stray a little too close to the action, catching a front tire to the chest isn’t out of the question either.

What makes the Tennessee TKO particularly attractive to fans is its unique schedule. Because the race is run in a “knockout” format, with three major events on Sunday alone, you get a chance to see near-constant action from Friday afternoon all the way through Sunday evening.

All you have to do is load up your cooler, pitch your tent, and prepare to enjoy three days of one of the South’s most cherished traditions: Raising hell in the woods.

“They chose this area because it’s incredibly nasty, rocky, and humid,” says 6-time TKO champ Cody Webb. “The intensity keeps getting higher. It’s a death trap.” 

Courtesy Image

Prologue: Friday Qualifying

For me, the action started promptly on Friday afternoon, with amateur hot laps beginning at 2 p.m. The short 1-mile lap determines each rider’s starting position for Saturday. But with some 400 amateurs lining up for a chance to race against the pros, spectators get a full four hours of constant race traffic to soak up before sundown.

This is another important hallmark of TKO tradition: The contest started as an open invitation to amateurs and pros alike, and the format remains unchanged in this regard.

This year’s amateurs included teenagers too young to drive on public roads, as well as men too old to know a TikTok dance when they see one. The Red Bull TKO is also unique in that it hosts the first-ever all-electric class in the sport, the ECR eMoto, which means this is also one of the only races on the planet you can see electric motorcycles compete head-to-head with gas bikes.

Friday is only a brief taste of the action, but it’s a good indicator of what’s to come during the weekend. Over the course of that short mile, I saw a 13-year-old boy crying tears of joy after crossing the finish line, as well as a grown man weeping hysterically after repeatedly falling into a rocky creek bed.

When they say hard enduro, they’re serious about the “hard” part.

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Six-time TKO winner and AMA Endurocross Champion, Cody Webb, knows this better than most. He’s run this race every year without fail since its inception, and doesn’t mince words when it comes to the Tennessee backcountry.

“They chose this area because it’s incredibly nasty, rocky terrain, and it’s incredibly hot and humid,” said Webb. “Usually in hard enduro we just do one massive, terrible race. This one builds in difficulty and then ends in one big all-out sprint to incorporate more actual racing rather than just suffering. It honestly makes you suffer more because the intensity keeps getting higher. It’s a death trap.”

Strong words from a man who’s conquered the most challenging tracks on the planet. Webb has taken podiums at the Austrian Erzbergrodeo, a brutal hillclimb out of the country’s deepest iron mine, as well as Minas Rider’s challenge through the jungles of Brazil, just to name a few.

By the end of the day, hundreds of riders had completed the loop. The best ran the entire mile in just under six minutes, while others took nearly an hour to fight their way through. Dozens more weren’t able to complete the short course at all, and quietly bowed out from the rest of the weekend’s proceedings.

The sun set, fires were started, and the strange sounds of the Sequatchie Valley night began…

Riders at the 2023 Red Bull Tennessee Knockout brave treacherous obstacles.

Courtesy Image

Saturday: Amateur Knockouts

Saturday marks the start of the amateur racing proper, and the contestants have a tough row to hoe ahead of them. To qualify for Sunday’s pro races (and the prize money on offer), they’ll have to complete two 12-mile courses back to back, with one in the morning shortly after sunrise and a second just after 12 noon.

Both races are limited to a two-and-a-half-hour time limit, and anyone who can’t conquer the woods before the clock runs out gets knocked out by default. The fastest 200 riders from the morning race will advance into the afternoon, and of those 200, only 30 will make the cut to race on Sunday.

As if 12 miles of mossy boulders, muddy creek beds, and hills so steep they’re impossible to climb on foot aren’t hard enough, the Tennessee woods harbor a uniquely nefarious challenge for riders: Heat.

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The temperature and humidity of the southern United States come as quite a shock for even the most skilled riders, many of whom are accustomed to racing in milder European climates. Even last year’s world champion, German rider Mani Letttenbichler, had his reservations about the race.

“There are harder tracks than this one,” said Lettenbichler, “but for me as a European coming over, I can tell you it’s the heat and humidity that really get to me. By the time you come into the finish, you’re just ready to throw up because you’re so exhausted.”

And that’s just the first of many finish lines to be crossed this weekend. The heat and intensity are so extreme in these woods, many of the amateur racers who make the cut for Sunday’s main event simply aren’t willing to go on competing.

It’s a war of attrition through and through. Of the 200 riders who qualified for the second race Saturday, only 178 actually managed to complete it. Heat exhaustion, dehydration, and mental fatigue all claimed their fair share of victims that afternoon, but 30 local contenders emerged from the woods victorious, limping their way back to camp to lick their wounds before Sunday’s battle.

Race fans file into the woods in giant waves, jockeying for position around the steepest hills, rockiest creek beds, and muddiest ruts for a chance to see dirt bikes do the impossible.

Courtesy Image

Sunday Showdown: The 2023 Red Bull Tennessee Knockout

Sunday’s racing is a three-stage event, with each race adding more obstacles and difficulty to the one before it. This is where pros like Lettenbichler know that strategy comes into play, as three brutal races in one day are as much about skill as they are endurance.

“I can’t even say it’s like a poker game because it’s all luck,” said Lettenbichler. “If you’re in a group of really fast guys, you really have to push for it every race. If it’s not such a fast group, you can relax a little and save some energy for the final rather than just pushing the whole time. There’s some strategy there, but you can’t plan it in advance.”

The first race kicks off promptly at 9 a.m. with the sound of an air horn. It’s a startling wake-up call for those of us who were up into the wee hours making Bigfoot sounds and pillaging our neighbor’s coolers. But as they say around these parts, “That’s just racing, baby.”

The initial knockout round sees fast guys like Webb and Lettenbichler cross the finish in just under 50 minutes, while the majority of the amateur qualifiers lag behind by a full 20 minutes or more. Over half the field is knocked out in the first event, and the 30 fastest riders who survive have little time to catch their breath as the second race starts shortly thereafter at 11:45 a.m.

Fatigue sets in as the second race begins, and riders are hammered with even more difficult sections than the previous race. There’s a notable increase in lap times even among the fastest riders on the course, with nearly an hour’s difference between pros like Webb and the final riders who qualify.

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“The terrain out here is just so rocky and relentless.” said Webb. “You’re riding a ton by the end of the day. Normally my hands don’t hurt at the end of a race, but for this race the front wheel is just constantly bouncing off so much stuff. You get to the final race and you’ve got blisters and calluses and you’re just thinking, ‘I really don’t want to start this.’ Your tongue is in the spokes by the time you get to the finish.”

Of the 20 riders who make it to the final knockout, only seven actually made it through all seven laps. Once the dust had settled, Canadian rider Trystan Hart stood atop the podium with his KTM 300 XC-W, followed by the Brit Billy Bolt aboard a Husqvarna TE300i, with third place going to Lettenbichler and his KTM 300 EXC. He looked relieved to be off the bike, and nearly ready to collapse.

“You always just suffer,” he said. “During the race you’re asking yourself ‘What the fuck am I doing here?’ Once you finish you’re telling yourself ‘I don’t know if I ever want to do this again.’ By tomorrow, it’ll be ‘Actually that was pretty cool. I’ll probably come back next year.’”

Looking to add the Red Bull Tennessee Knockout to your own schedule next year? You can keep tabs on the race at the Tennesee Trials Training Center website


November 28, 2023

Extended: Shinola’s Iconic, Affordable Runwell Watch Is Still $149 Off With Free Shipping After Cyber Monday

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Shinola is in and of itself a lifestyle. With an impressively broad range of rugged yet refined timepieces, home goods, and travel accessories, it’s easy to fall in love with the aesthetic. But it all started with one watch—the Runwell—and even after the Cyber Monday sale, you can still get it for less. 

The Detroit-based brand just extended its 25% discount on nearly every product on its website, including the original Runwell watch. Normally $595, the Runwell 41mm is eligible for the discount, dropping the price to just $446. What’s even better is that Shinola is also still offering free shipping on orders over $125.

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The Runwell 41mm, $446 (was $595) at Shinola

Courtesy of Shinola

[$446 (was $595);]

Get It

The most classic Runwell has a traditional face with black Arabic numerals on a white background. It features a round stainless steel case and a tan leather strap with contrast stitching. The aesthetic situates it somewhere between a field watch and a dress watch, with a look resembling an upgraded version of the Timex Weekender. Variations of the classic Runwell are plentiful and equally as handsome, including styles with a green dial, black-on-black features, and even a one-of-a-kind Petoskey stone dial.

Like most Shinola watches, the Runwell is powered by a quartz movement, which the brand calls Argonite 1069. The quartz movement means the watch is accurate and requires minimal maintenance. According to Shinola, the movement is made from “Swiss and other imported parts” which are hand-assembled in their Detroit factory. The Runwell watch swaps out a second hand for a second subdial, giving the face extra visual appeal. The 41mm case places it on the larger end of the spectrum, but it’s by no means oversized.

The Runwell 41mm, $446 (was $595) at Shinola

Courtesy of Shinola

[$446 (was $595);]

Get It

This watch spurred a movement of finer men’s accessories. To highlight just how expansive Shinola’s shop is today, look through the Runwell collection—a name that has been used for everything from sunglasses to leather backpacks, and even a bicycle. Products in the Runwell collection were designed for everyday use, and the watch is no different.

With its classic styling, premium look, and luxurious feel, the Runwell watch is a casual piece that feels special. It also comes in a stylish wood box that’s extremely giftable. This makes it a great gift for anyone on your list (including yourself).

If you’ve had your eye on a Shinola watch, now’s the time to buy with the extension of the 25% discount. You’ll want to act fast, though, because it’s unclear as to when the discount will end. At just $446 for a classic Runwell, you’ll be thanking yourself for pulling the trigger for years to come.

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The common bedtime habit that could be stopping you from getting a good night’s sleep

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If you’re lying awake at 3am, or feeling groggy in the morning even after your first cup of coffee, you’re probably asking yourself what it is you’re doing wrong.

We’re constantly told about the importance of getting good-quality sleep every night, but sometimes – no matter how many sleepy teas you drink and nighttime rituals you set – it just doesn’t work.

But did you know the food we eat can have a huge impact on how well we sleep?

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Depressed senior woman lying in bed cannot sleep from insomnia

Recent research from food-tracking app MyFitnessPal found while eight in 10 Aussies say they struggle to fall asleep, only 39 per cent are actively choosing foods that impact how they get shut-eye.

Sleep nutrition expert and MyFitnessPal ambassador Olivia Arezzolo told 9Honey Coach about how we can make dietary choices that may help improve the quality of our sleep.

The best foods for a better night’s sleep are those that have high protein and those that are rich in magnesium and healthy fats,” Arrezzolo says.

“Fatty fish, for example, is an absolute sleep superfood,” she explains.

Fish like salmon or tuna contain about 260 per cent of our daily tryptophan needs, an amino acid that can increase sleepiness, and help reduce the amount of time it takes you to fall asleep.

“As a topline, the best foods for sleep are fatty fish, nuts and seeds, particularly chia seeds and almonds because they’re rich in magnesium, which helps the body relax.”

And for dessert? Go for kiwifruit or some tart cherry juice – two foods that have the most naturally-occuring melatonin.

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Close up shot of an Asian Chinese woman eating pan fried salmon with table knife and fork in cafe

The absolute number one thing to avoid before bed, says Arezzolo, is caffeine.

Though that may sound like a pretty obvious answer, she says there are a lot of things that you may not realise contain caffeine.

For example: green tea. “I’ve stayed with friends and they’re like, ‘Oh, you know, I’m just gonna have a green tea to help me wind down’ and I’m like, ‘You realise that has caffeine in it?!'”

One cup of green tea has about 1/3 the amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. Some paracetamol and vitamin water also have caffeine, so Arezzolo always recommends checking the labels of things.

Arezzolo says while we can make as many conscious decisions about our sleep hygiene as we want, ultimately it’s often hard to identify where we’re going wrong.

“This is why I’m strongly supportive of the concept of tracking food as well as tracking sleep,” she explains.

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MyFitnessPal sleep tracking

MyFitnessPal has long been known as a nutrition-tracking app, but has now introduced a new sleep component as well. By logging both your meals and your sleep, and seeing them right beside each other, it’s easier to identify things that may be stopping you from getting a good night of shut-eye.

Also, it has the added bonus of helping us stay away from behaviours that we know aren’t great for us. “We don’t want to look at our tracker and see that we had an espresso and a big glass of wine before bed,” she says, saying that the act of tracking our meals can keep us on the right path.

Though they’ve long been associated with weight-loss, tracking apps like MyFitnessPal can be used for a number of health-related reasons, like muscle gain and sleep analysis.

“It’s a tool. Use it as you please,” says Arezzolo.

With the new sleep-tracking integration, the app also offers guides for users who need help getting started. The Eat Right Sleep Tight five-day plan sets out the best things to eat and do in order to improve your quality of sleep.

“It makes it really easy to action, and from all my experience in giving advice topeople, that is when you see change,” says Arezzolo.

“When it’s easy to understand and easy to action.”


This Snow Broom Is ‘Better & Faster Than Anything Else’ for Cleaning Cars and Is Just $12 on Amazon for Cyber Monday

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Men’s Journal aims to feature only the best products and services.  If you buy something via one of our links, we may earn a commission.

Managing to get out of bed and out the front door on a snowy winter day is hard enough. But when you add clearing snow off your car, just getting out of the driveway can seem like an insurmountable task. Fortunately, Snow Joe’s 2-in-1 snow broom and ice scraper tool is designed to make quick work of snow on your car, including the hood, roof, windows, and windshield.

Typically $25, the Snow Joe is discounted to just $12 right now during Amazon’s Cyber Monday sale, a savings of 52%. It’s backed by a 4.5-star rating on Amazon after more than 14,500 perfect ratings and is the No. 3 bestseller in its category.

Snow Joe 2-In-1 Telescoping Snow Broom + Ice Scraper, 12 (was $25) at Amazon

Courtesy of Snow Joe

[$12 (was $25);]

Get It

Though Cyber Monday is typically a time to buy gifts, some of the best gifts are practical winter essentials. A Snow Joe makes the perfect gift under $50 and is a solid option for the hard-to-shop-for people who have everything because its convenience is undeniable.

The 2-in-1 Snow Joe has several features that help quickly clean off snow-covered cars. One end features a dense foam brush pad to gently but quickly push snow off the surface of your vehicle. The other end features a plastic scraper to remove ice and snow from windows and windshields. There’s also a telescoping handle, making it easy to extend to reach the top of tall cars. The handle also detaches from the brush pad and clips to the back of it, making it easy to store in even the most cramped trunks. And at just over one pound, it is incredibly lightweight.

Snow Joe is well known for making a range of other snow removal products, too, including pavement snow blowers, eco-friendly ice melt, and ice shovels. But shoppers have been most impressed with the convenience and ease of this tool, with one shopper saying that it works “Way better and faster than anything else we’ve tried,” and that they “Don’t have to worry about hurting the paint.”

Multiple customers mentioned its usefulness when having to clean off larger cars, including a shopper who wrote, “I can even reach my SUV roof with the telescoping handle.” And while clearing snow off the car is a chore, it can be unexpectedly fun, according to a shopper who noted, “It’s oddly satisfying to shove snow off the windshield with it.”

It’s a good idea to stock up on winter necessities before the season arrives in full force. And if you’ve ever had trouble cleaning off your car, the Snow Joe is the tool you’re missing. Grab one today for just $12 before the end of Amazon’s Cyber Monday sale to save yourself time, money, and a whole lot of winter frustration.

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November 27, 2023

Rugby legend Ritchie McCaw shares the smoothie recipe he swears by to build muscle

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For fans of rugby, F45 ambassador Ritchie McCaw needs no introduction. The legendary All Blacks captain has won two Rugby World Cups and cemented himself in sports history forever.

Since retirement, he hasn’t slowed down. McCaw has completed Godzone four times, a challenge that sees one dropped out in the bush and given five days to run through the forest to the finish line, the ultimate mental challenge.

Fresh off a bike-racing adventure, McCaw is now heading into F45’s Trials Week: seven days of performance-based workouts, allowing members to log and monitor their results and compare them to the rest of the community.

The sports legend sat down with 9Honey Coach to reveal exactly what he eats to fuel his active lifestyle for our Day on a Plate series.

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Richie McCaw celebrates winning the 2011 Rugby World Cup at Eden Park.


I usually eat eggs on toast, maybe cereal as well to make up my breakfast.


I like sushi or usually a sandwich or wrap.


I grew up on a diet of meat and three veg, living on a farm. I still have a little bit of veg still but my wife likes to cook chicken or lamb salads.

Not too out there, but that would probably be the normal daily diet.

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When training, I have smoothies in between or after training, or for snacks, my wife makes bliss balls.

For smoothies, I usually add banana, cacao powder, natural yoghurt, peanut butter, and protein powder and I usually go for almond milk and some ice to keep it nice and cool. Every now and then I mix it up with berries.

For a daily dose of 9Honey, subscribe to our newsletter here.

Is there anything in particular you have before/after a F45 session for fuel or recovery?

If it’s early I’ll have a banana, make sure to have plenty of fluids. If it’s mid-morning, I’ll have cereal and toast and some eggs afterwards.

What’s your number one favourite food when you want a treat?

I’ve got a soft spot for chocolate, when training hard I usually allow myself a little bit of chocolate before or after dinner. That’s what I enjoy the most.

hand peeling banana

As a team sports player at heart, what’s the benefit of healthy competition like what F45’s Trials Week offers?

When you’re training with others, you end up doing things you wouldn’t normally do, because you have that extra motivation just to do that extra one or two reps.

When you have people egging you along or see others doing it, you can get a bit more out of yourself.

When I used to train in the team, you want to keep up with everyone else and egg each other along which I enjoyed. When training with other people, the social side and the connection, which is an important thing for us as humans, it gives you a bit of extra energy I reckon.

F45 Trials Week runs from November 27- December 3.


November 26, 2023

Woman gets carbon monoxide poisoning after lighting scented candles

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A woman has issued a warning after getting carbon monoxide poisoning from burning scented candles in her bedroom.

Emy Moore shared a video to TikTok, in which she revealed what happened.

“I had five scented candles burning in my room all day, then blew them out right before I went to sleep.”

She went to bed with her door closed, but while she was trying to fall asleep, she said her body started feeling weird. Eventually, she was admitted to hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning.

Watch the video above.

Emy Moore was admitted to hospital with carbon monoxie poisoning.

Moore detailed the experience in a video captioned “never buying a candle EVER again”.

“I felt like my body separated… I don’t know how to explain it,” she said in the video. “Like there were two of me.”

Deakin University’s Dr Svetlana Stevanovic confirmed to 9Honey that there is always a danger of carbon monoxide inhalation when we burn candles “in an unventilated space”.

“The only practical risk of carbon monoxide (CO) with candles is when multiple candles are lit in a poorly ventilated room,” she says.

“While a single candle emits 2-3 parts per million of CO, lighting multiple candles significantly raises this figure. If the room is not well-ventilated, CO levels can rise to dangerous levels.”

Stevanovic says it is generally not recommended to burn a candle for more than four hours, to reduce exposure to chemicals and byproducts of candle burning.

“One thing to keep in mind is that simply blowing out a candle produces a lot of smoke. Much of this smoke contains particles which will degrade the air quality in the room.”

Cropped shot of an unrecognizable young woman relaxing with a book and a cup of coffee on her bed at home

“If you enjoy burning candles, it is best to extinguish them using better methods such as a wick dipper, candle snuffer, or even the lid where possible.”

She adds that every home should have a reliable CO detector and alarm, which is checked on a regular basis.

In on-screen text in her viral TikTok video, Moore says she experienced “dehydration/obnoxiously thirsty, confusion, blurry/double vision, shortness of breath, chest pain, dizziness/vertigo and headache.”

Moore arrived to the hospital with very high blood pressure, and after explaining the situation to staff, they confirmed that she indeed likely had carbon monoxide poisoning.

Thankfully, after a few hours hooked up to an oxygen machine, her symptoms abated.

“Now I’m all good,” she shared. “I just needed to get fresh air.”

Stevanovic warns carbon monoxide isn’t the only thing we should be worried about when burning scented candles.

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Closeup of burning candles spreading aroma on table in a spa room. Beautiful composition with grey and white candles for spa treatment.

Despite claims to the contrary, all candles, whether made of all-natural beeswax, paraffin, or soy wax, emit soot and volatile organic compounds.

The compounds “will react with ozone and other indoor oxidants to produce a variety of oxidation products, primarily tiny particles with high toxic potential.”

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Basically: we use scented candles to make our homes smell good, but in doing so, we’re releasing a mix of chemicals in an indoor environment and potentially lowering the indoor air quality.

As we’re moving into a season with high bushfire risk and high pollen in the air, our indoor air quality is already negatively affected.

Stevanovic says “using air purifiers with built-in HEPA filters provides the best protection against airborne species in the indoor environments.”


Ancestry’s Popular DNA Kits Are 50% Off or More This Black Friday and Cyber Monday for Up to Two People

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Men’s Journal aims to feature only the best products and services.  If you buy something via one of our links, we may earn a commission.

If you’re struggling to think of gift ideas for family members, consider the gift of information with help from Ancestry. The brand’s are thoughtful and easy to use and can bring the whole family closer together by highlighting their genealogical background. This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Ancestry is offering three special packages on its DNA kits that are discounted by 50% or more.

Right now, the standard AncestryDNA kit is just $49—$50 less than the original price of $99. For a dollar more, you can add three months of the brand’s World Explorer Membership, which gets into more detail with the DNA sample. There’s also a two-kit bundle with three months of Ancestry’s sharable, data-packed All-Access Membership that’s a mere $147—$200 off the original price of $347.

The level of insight you get from Ancestry is impressive, but it depends on which kit you choose. The standard kit includes “Origins and Ethnicity,” which is a detailed pie chart outlining your ethnic background. Sometimes, your lineage can even be pinpointed to a specific city or area. The kit also includes “DNA Matches,” allowing you to connect to family members you may not know yet through Ancestry’s database. Kits with Ancestry memberships include far more detail with access to information like military records, news articles, facts on DNA traits, and more.

Each kit is designed to be easy to use and comes with detailed instructions. All that’s required is the mailing of a saliva sample to Ancestry’s lab with an estimated turnaround time of six to eight weeks to get your results.

If you’ve ever been curious about taking an AncestryDNA test but have had reservations about the price, now is a good opportunity to buy the kit before the offer ends on Nov. 27 at 11:59 p.m. PT. These are the current special Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers from Ancestry. 

AncestryDNA Kit (No Membership), $49 (was $99) at

This kit from Ancestry typically costs $99, but it’s discounted to $49 for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The kit includes the “Origins and Ethnicity” details as well as “DNA Matches,” allowing you to find DNA relatives through the brand’s database. This is Ancestry’s most basic offering but is an exceptional gift idea under $50 for anybody.

[$49 (was $99); ]

AncestryDNA Kit + World Explorer Membership, $50 (was $100) at

For a dollar more than Ancestry’s standard kit, you can get access to insights like family records, traits, and DNA inheritance. This is through the World Explorer membership, which is $1 for the first three months, then $99.95 every three months after that. This type of membership is only accessible by the purchaser and can be canceled after the trial period if you prefer. Otherwise, it bills automatically. This offer is a better gift idea for just you.

[$50 (was $100); ]

2 AncestryDNA Kits + All Access Membership, $147 (was $347) at

This bundle offer includes two AncestryDNA kits and an All-Access membership, which gives you a three-month family history subscription, military records, newspaper articles, Ancestry records, and more. More importantly, this membership allows you to add up to four additional family members or friends to your plan to share the information. This is likely best suited for someone looking to do detailed, in-depth research on their lineage. While the kits can be used by you or given as a gift, the purchaser will retain control of the All-Access membership.

[$147 (was $347); ]

Know Your Pet DNA by Ancestry, $69 (was $99) on Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

AncestryDNA kits aren’t just for humans. The company also has a pet DNA kit that tells you about your dog’s breed mix, traits, and even genetic matches from other dogs. It’s not as discounted as the others, but this $99 kit is currently $69 during Ancestry’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale.

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November 25, 2023

The Tabletop Fire Pit People Call the ‘Best Gift’ They ‘Ever Got’ Is $60 Off on Amazon for Black Friday Weekend

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Men’s Journal aims to feature only the best products and services.  If you buy something via one of our links, we may earn a commission.

Solo Stove fire pits are anticipated to be some of the top gifts for men this year with a great lineup of exciting outdoor products. But Solo Stove’s best gift idea right now isn’t even one for the backyard—it’s made for the table—and it’s up to $60 off during Amazon’s ongoing Black Friday sale, which runs through Cyber Monday.

The Solo Stove Mesa Tabletop Fire Pit is the ultimate mood setter. It’s a miniature fire pit suited for small dwellings, apartments, and condos. Right now, it’s on sale for as low as $70—46% off the original price of $130 for a total savings of $60. This cool little fire pit is the third-ranked bestseller on Amazon in the outdoor fire pits category, trailing behind only one other fire pit unit (a larger Solo Stove). It’s holding down a 4.5-star average rating after more than 1,300 ratings overall. 

Solo Stove Mesa Tabletop Fire Pit with Stand, $70 (was $130) on Amazon

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The Solo Stove Mesa is a compact version of the brand’s iconic fire pits and is used for everything from ambiance to s’mores nights. It stands at 6-by-6-by-6 inches and weighs less than 1.5 lbs. and is the ideal size for apartment balconies and terraces that otherwise would be too small for (or have regulations against) regular fire pits. The cylindrical stainless steel fire pit runs off wood or pellets and includes a nylon carrying bag for easy transporting as well as a stand for safe burning. Like other Solo Stove fire pits, the Mesa is smokeless.

A smokeless fire pit seems hard to fathom, but it all has to do with the unit’s special design, what the brand calls its 360° Signature Airflow. Essentially, holes at the bottom of the cylinder allow cold air to efficiently carry oxygen to the fuel source which, in turn, helps push heated air up and out of the stove’s double wall design to create a second burn that eliminates the potential for smoke. 

Solo Stove Mesa Tabletop Fire Pit with Stand, $70 (was $130) on Amazon

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Many of the reviews are from gift givers and recipients who have been utterly thrilled by the addition of this compact fire pit to their homes. One gift recipient admitted they originally thought it was a terrible gift but came around very quickly after trying it.

“I thought it would be worthless, but I was dead wrong. It was the best gift I ever had,” they said. “I live in a city where there is no fireplace allowed and a big heavy fine. So, this is perfect. It’s sat on my picnic table, easily fires it up, and we watch the flame soar high and dance away in the air. Wow! No smoke at all.”

Another reviewer detailed how using their Solo Stove Mesa has been a fun bonding experience with their kids. “We love this mini bonfire,” they said. “We cut up fallen tree limbs and sticks in our backyard and they burn for a while… We roast marshmallows often and it is much safer for my little kids than a big fire would be and it’s less work! I have been recommending these to everyone.”

Whether it’s intended as a gift for your kid, a gift for a parent, or even a white elephant exchange, the Solo Stove Mesa Tabletop Fire Pit is sure to turn heads and warm hearts, literally. With temperatures dropping, these are expected to get hotter as we get deeper into the holiday season. Pick from three colors and get it for $70 while the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale is still live. 

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This Yeti Can Cooler Is Now $15 for Black Friday on Amazon and ‘Keeps Beers Cold for Hours’

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Men’s Journal aims to feature only the best products and services.  If you buy something via one of our links, we may earn a commission.

Yeti coolers are known for their ability to keep your drinks ice cold for hours, but what about when you pull the drink out of the cooler? The brand’s Colster line of can insulators was designed to keep beers and canned beverages ice cold until the last drop—and the bestselling one is 50% off as part of Yeti’s Black Friday deals on Amazon.

Right now, the Yeti Rambler Colster Insulator Tall is $15—half off the $30 list price. The can cooler boasts nearly 12,000 perfect customer ratings with an average of 4.7 stars on Amazon. It’s also the No. 1 bestselling product in the thermocooler category, along with two other Yeti products that rank in the top five. Availability is limited in most colors, but navy, white, and “Seafoam” are all in stock at the $15 Black Friday deal price.

YETI Rambler 16 oz. Colster Tall Can Insulator for Tallboys & 16 oz. Cans, $15 (was $30) on Amazon

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[$15 (was $30);]

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True to Yeti’s ethos of over-engineering, these aren’t your standard foam can coolers; they’re made from double-wall insulated metal for a straight-from-the-fridge chill.

There are multiple versions of Yeti’s Colster can insulator to suit different can sizes, including standard and slim 12-ounce cans. This one was designed for tallboys, which are 16-ounce cans, commonly used with craft beer and energy drinks. To use the Colster, simply take the top off, pop a can in, and twist the gasket into place for a secure fit.

The insulator also comes with a can-shaped insert that has a removable top. These are used when you want to drink from narrow cans without them rattling around inside the unit. The top of the can-shaped insert can also be placed at the bottom of the Colster to make shorter cans easier to drink from. This clever design allows the 16-ounce Colster to be used with different kinds of beer cans and bottles. The Colster is available with or without the can-shaped insert, but the version with the insert is actually cheaper right now.

YETI Rambler 16 oz. Colster Tall Can Insulator for Tallboys & 16 oz. Cans, $15 (was $30) on Amazon

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[$15 (was $30);]

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Non-beer drinkers and teetotalers can also get plenty of use from the 16-ounce Yeti Colster because it’s a good fit for energy drinks, iced teas, and even plastic soda drink bottles. In its Amazon reviews, drinks were mentioned by 81 people, with 16 mentions of soda and 37 reviewers who mentioned water bottles, solidifying this as a good option for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

One shopper found that the insulator “keeps beers cold for hours,” and even found it useful for keeping milk bottles warm, a handy feature for parents.

Another shopper wrote that the 16-ounce Colster was a good fit for tall Rockstar and Arizona Ice Tea cans, and that “it keeps it cold (not cool, COLD) for hours,” they mentioned. “I left it in my hot car for 4 hours and it was still cold.”

Yeti coolers and drinkware are are some of the best, but they’re expensive, which is why we like to keep an eye out for any deals we can find. That’s why, if you’re trying to buy a Yeti gift for somebody, now is the time to strike. With 50% off the Yeti Rambler Colster for Amazon’s Black Friday sale, we recommend acting quickly. Not only is this at risk of selling out, but the price will surely be going up within days. 


November 24, 2023

The supermarket staples a dietitian routinely buys at Aldi

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As a dietitian, I’m in supermarkets a lot – for research, to pick up cooking supplies or to scour the aisles for new and exciting products.

So much time spent in a supermarket means that I also have a pretty good idea of what food products are best to buy at which supermarket, from both a price and quality perspective.

As a general rule of thumb, I try not to pay more for food staples – milk, bread, flour, frozen vegetables – than I have to, simply as the exact same products are significantly cheaper when non-branded, or found at Aldi.

There are also a handful of key items I routinely go to Aldi for, based on their positive nutritional profiles and price points.

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Aldi chocolate

Dark Chocolate

First of all, the chocolate at Aldi is of extremely good quality,

I frequently recommend these varieties of dark chocolate for my clients, because they are packaged into individual portions within each block.

As you know, when you open a block of chocolate, who can really stop after a single row or two? Nutritionally speaking, the higher the percentage of cocoa per block, the better the chocolate is for you.

Low-sugar yoghurt

It is extremely challenging to find yoghurts for children that contain no added sugar and that are also portion-controlled and child-friendly.

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For some time Aldi has stocked this range for children at a low price point. There are also a number of high protein, low sugar Greek yoghurt for adults in both individual serves and larger tubs.

Protein Bread

Another popular product that can be tricky to track down in supermarkets, Aldi has stocked high protein, low carb loaves for some time.

The supermarket also now stocks a range of high-protein bread rolls which is handy for anyone looking to lower their carbohydrate intake, whilst still enjoying bread as part of their daily diet.

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Pre-made salads

All supermarkets stock pre-made salad bowls and bags, but the range at Aldi is exceptionally wide, and at $1-2 cheaper per serve, it means you can get a lunch salad bowl for just $5.50 or a pack of chopped vegetables for just $4.

This makes healthy cooking and meal prep significantly cheaper over the course of a week.

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If you can find them, stock up. Not only are Aldi dumpling packs extremely affordable, but nutritionally they are some of the best dumplings available with a high percentage of meat base, and no added MSG.

Frozen Meals

There are a wide range of extremely cost-effective frozen meals at Aldi.

For me, their high protein FIT range of meals that retail for just $6.50 stand out nutritionally thanks to their high protein content.

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Deli Fresh Dips Range

With party season upon us, platters are where it is at, and what is a platter without dip?

The issue is that the majority of commercial dips are made with a base of cheese or vegetable oil, making them far from a healthy option.

The Aldi Deli Fresh range, and in particular the Mediterranean Vegetable variety, has a 70 per cent vegetable base, making it one of the best dips you can find nutritionally, plus it is about $1 cheaper at Aldi.


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