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April 30, 2022

Navy seal tactic for an eight-minute nap: ‘The best nap of your life’

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A man has revealed a navy seal tactic for taking the “best nap of your life.”

In a video shared to TikTok, Nick Vitello shared the unique trick telling followers, “Here’s what to do when you’re super tired but you only have eight minutes.”

As the clip continues, Vitello positions himself lying down beneath his bed – he then proceeds to lift his legs over the bed while keeping his back on the ground.

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Navy seal tactic for an eight-minute nap
Navy seal reveals his tactic for an eight-minute nap. (TikTok/@getaheadwithnick)

Speaking to the camera Vitello says, “Get on the floor and put your feet up on the bed like this or on something high, a couch, anything.”

“Set a timer for eight minutes and take the best nap of your life,” he adds.

Vitello dubbed the sleeping a hack a “navy seal trick” and promised followers that “it works.”

The video garnered plenty of internet attention, racking up over 1.1 million likes and thousands of comments from users who expressed mixed responses to the trick.

One user got 50,000 likes on a comment that read, “I envy people who are able to fall asleep instantly.”

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Navy seal tactic for an eight-minute nap
Vitello lifts his legs over the bed while keeping his back on the ground. (TikTok/@getaheadwithnick)

Another joked, “I have been on the floor for over 24hrs (awake).”

A third wrote, “took me 15 minutes to fall asleep, now I’m negative seven, and my cat left me.”

Earlier this month, a doctor on TikTok purported that the secret to falling asleep is keeping your feet nice and toasty before you head to bed.

The reason? Well, having cold feet can constrict your blood vessels and result is less blood circulation around your body. So warm feet may actually help lower your core body temperature.

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Doctor's viral sleep hack
Doctor’s reveals key to sleep is socks. (TikTok/@doctorjesss)

In the video, Doctor Jess Andrade, says that “wearing socks makes your feet warm and this opens up the blood vessels that cools the body down.”

“The body being cool tells the brain that it’s time to go to bed, so actually, people that wear socks tend to fall asleep faster,” she explained.

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Mariah Carey

Famous people with strange sleeping habits


April 29, 2022

How many calories in your favourite coffee?

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When it comes to Aussies and their love of coffee, to say some are obsessed — despite the sometimes ridiculous price tag these days — could be an understatement.

But if you’re grabbing a brew more than once or twice a day you could be adding a huge amount of calories to your diet without even realising.

Here we’ve looked at some of the most popular coffee, and other hot drink orders, and ranked them according to how many calories they contain. The great thing is there are many that offer a host of extra benefits than simply being a pick-me-up.

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The calories are also based on a order with full cream milk, so if you’re into skim or almond, oat and soy, you’re already much better off.


2022 Giants Live Strongman Classic Events Released

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The 2022 Giants Live Strongman Classic will take place on July 9, 2022, at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England. On April 28, 2022, the Giants Live organization got ahead of the game and released the schedule of five events for the esteemed strongman competition. Here’s what this year’s one-day fixture will feature:

2022 Giants Live Strongman Classic Events

  • Dumbbell Medley
  • The Pillars of Hercules
  • Farmer’s Carry for Distance
  • Axle Deadlift
  • Castle Stones

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2022 Giants Live Strongman Classic Lineup

The 2020 World Strongest’s Man Champion (WSM) and 2022 Europe’s Strongest Man (ESM) Champion, Oleksii Novikov, enters the 2022 Strongman Classic as the reigning winner. Evan Singleton, Chieck “Iron Biby” Sanou, and a host of other contenders will try to supplant Novikov in London.

Here’s the full list of expected athletes for the competition:

  • Oleksii Novikov (Ukraine) — Defending Champion
  • Evan Singleton (United States)
  • Paul Smith (United Kingdom)
  • Chieck Sanou (Burkina Faso)
  • Ken McClelland (United States)
  • Konstantine Janashia (Georgia)
  • Rob Kearney (United States)
  • Andy Black (United Kingdom)
  • Mark Felix (United Kingdom)
  • Spenser Remick (United States)
  • Adam Bishop (United Kingdom)
  • Unannounced wild card

2022 Giants Live Strongman Classic Event Rundown

Below is a preview of each event for the competition and what the respective athletes can expect.

Dumbbell Medley

The Dumbbell Medley was not an event at the 2021 Strongman Classic. That said, as much as the other strongman will assuredly put their best foot forward, the event should favor Novikov. The Ukrainian athlete possesses the heavy dumbbell press for reps world record. With 100-kilogram (220-pound) dumbbells, he notched a staggering 11 reps in 75 seconds at the 2020 World Ultimate Strongman “Feats of Strength” series.

Novikov was also the only competitor to successfully lift all five dumbbells during the Cyr Dumbbell Ladder at the 2021 Rogue Invitational. While there could always be a surprise from some of the world’s top strength sports athletes, he’s the likely leading contender for the opening event.

The Pillars of Hercules

A classic strongman event, the Pillars of Hercules — or the Hercules Hold — asks the athletes to hold a massive pillar in each hand for as long as possible. Usually, the competing athlete does not know how long they have held the pillars until the final result. Though, later athletes do benefit from knowing the time they have to beat before they’re up.

Since it is an event with an upper-body strength and grip focus, Sanou could be the big winner here.

The current owner of the world log lift record with a 229-kilogram press (504.8-pound) from the 2021 Giants Live World Tour Finals, Sanou also won last year’s Hercules Hold when he held the pillars for over 75 seconds.

Mark Felix — who owns the Hercules Hold world record from the 2019 Giants Live World Tour Finals — might be the athlete to overtake Sanou.

Farmer’s Carry for Distance

The Farmer’s Carry centers around movement and speed in carrying staggering weight across the finish line. Notably, Novikov won the 2021 Frame Carry, which is a somewhat close model of the Farmer’s Carry.

Axle Deadlift

Last year’s fourth-place finisher, Adam Bishop, will likely be the favorite on the Axle Deadlift. The 2020 Britain’s Strongest Man (BSM) winner locked out seven reps at 350 kilograms (771.6 pounds) during the 2021 competition. Novikov was not far behind (six reps) and could notch the respective victory on this occasion.

Castle Stones

It wouldn’t be a strongman event if it didn’t feature some variation of the famed Atlas Stones. Last year’s Castle Stones winner, Tom “King of the Stones” Stoltman (five in 16.97 seconds), is not participating in this year’s competition.

Stoltman’s absence should leave the door open for the final event. Novikov, Bishop, and Singleton — who all finished five reps within a second of each other in 2021 — could find themselves on the podium thanks to a great Stones performance.

On to London

Given the rigors of the one-day competition, a repeat won’t be easy for Novikov. Come early July in London, with a roster of stellar strongman talents across the board, who the ultimate winner will be is anyone’s best guess.

Featured image: @novikov_strong_wsm on Instagram


American League MVP Shohei Ohtani: Myth in the Making

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An All-Star at the plate and on the mound, American League MVP Shohei Ohtani was the biggest story in sports in 2021 (sorry, Brady), claiming AP Male Athlete of the Year and doing things on the diamond no one’s seen since Babe Ruth. Here’s why the Japanese phenom’s two-way domination is just getting started.

Those 46 Hours Weren’t Flukes

There are 30 MLB teams, with a total of 780 players active on Opening Day. Ohtani is one of just six to manage a 119-mph exit velocity for a home run, powering moonshots as far as 470 feet. Although eliminated in the first round in the 2021 Home Run Derby, he blasted six dingers over 500 feet, the most ever in a Derby.

Neither Were the 156 KS

As a pitcher, Ohtani averaged 10.8 strikeouts per nine innings thanks to a fastball that tops 101 mph and what might be baseball’s nastiest pitch, a splitter that opponents hit .087 against, going 11 for 127 while striking out 77 times in 2021. That’s a large enough sample size from which to draw conclusions of continued dominance.

Baseball player batting
TONY GUTIERREZ/AP (left); ASHLEY LANDIS/AP (right) / Shutterstock

Slump-Busting Speed

On the base paths Ohtani averages 28.8 ft/ sec., but accelerates to 30 ft/sec. to beat out infield hits, turn doubles into triples (he tied for the Major League lead in 2021) and even steal home. Meaning he’s one of baseball’s most powerful and quickest players.

Shohei Ohtani Is Built to Last

Ohtani has recently added muscle to improve durability. This led to Instagram videos of him deadlifting 495 pounds and Hall of Famer Chipper Jones declaring Ohtani has “one of the best baseball bodies I’ve ever seen.” “He’s Adonis,” Chipper added, before moaning and losing consciousness.

Trout’s Return

Why did anyone pitch to Babe Ruth when he hit 60 HRs in 1927? Because Lou Gehrig was behind him. In 2021, Ohtani lacked an Iron Horse. That’s about to change. After only 36 games in 2021, three-time MVP Mike Trout returns, meaning opponents might suddenly see Shohei as the lesser of two evils.

It’s Been Done Before

Negro League legend Wilber “Bullet Joe” Rogan’s stats are incomplete, but what we know is nuts. In 1922, Rogan reached double figures in wins (14), HRs (15) and steals (16) in 74 games while hitting .369 and posting a 2.83 ERA. Six seasons later he was still killing it at 10-2 on the mound and batting .348.

Ohtani Hitting 2021

Plate Appearances: 639
Batting Average: .257
On-Base Percentage: .372
Slugging: .592

Ohtani Pitching 2021

Batters Faced: 533
Batting Average Allowed: .207
On-Base Allowed: .286
Slugging Allowed: .351

Baseball player throwing pitch
ALBERT PENA/CSM / Shutterstock

Both Ways Broke Babe

Babe Ruth was a great pitcher and better hitter, just not simultaneously. In 1916, he led the AL with a 1.75 ERA but hit just three HRs. In 1919, the last season he regularly pitched, he drilled 29 homers, but his strikeouts dropped from 4.7 per nine innings to just 2 and he went from holding batters to a .201 average to .294. Where even the Bambino is overwhelmed, proceed with caution.

Injury Bug

In 2021, Ohtani made 23 starts as a pitcher. He managed only 17 his previous four seasons combined, including just five in his last season in Japan in 2017. In addition to Tommy John, he had surgeries on his right ankle and left knee. It may be a struggle just staying in the rotation.

Pitchers Will Avoid Him

At the 2021 All-Star break, Ohtani had 33 home runs. After: 13. Why? If a guy leads the Angels in homers and slugging percentage … maybe avoid pitching to him? That’s exactly what opposing pitchers did, with Ohtani tying an MLB record by walking 11 times in one three-game stretch.

Lack of Support for Shohei Ohtani

Ohtani led his team in HRs, RBIs, runs, total bases and walks as a batter, plus wins, innings pitched and strikeouts pitching. From this we conclude: 1. Ohtani had a helluva season. 2. Less so every other Angel. This team hasn’t made the playoffs since 2014. This should be helped by Trout’s return, except…

Trout Outs

Mike Trout has been the greatest player of his generation. His one weakness? Health. He played 36 games in 2021, knocked out by a calf strain. He hasn’t played over 140 games since 2016. He’s only 30, but injuries are increasingly a pattern for a guy who didn’t appear on the DL until his seventh season.

Losing Limitations

Ohtani stayed healthy in 2021 but the Angels shut down his pitching anyway. Why? Same reason Trout didn’t rush back to the lineup: no shot at the postseason, so no reason to take a risk. It’s not just about finally seeing Ohtani on baseball’s biggest stage; if the Angels don’t contend, he may not go on-stage at all.

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The Best Adjustable Kettlebells: Bowflex vs Alternatives

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Men’s Journal aims to feature only the best products and services. We update when possible, but deals expire and prices can change. If you buy something via one of our links, we may earn a commission. Questions? Reach us at

Working out from home is great but it can lead to some issues that need to be taken into account. Space is the primary one. Not everybody lives in a palatial mansion, so we need to work with what we got. And if you’re looking to spend time building up your muscles, then you’re going to want an adjustable kettlebell in your home.

A kettlebell is a great piece of workout equipment in general. It’s like a dumbbell, but with a different grip. Instead of a dumbbell where the grip is in between the two weights, these are designed with the grip above the weights. It’s like carrying a duffel bag the way these are designed. It gives you much more variety in terms of the workouts you can do since you got more gripping options. The gains you will get in your upper body will be out of this world.

The only issue is that like dumbbells, you tend to need more than one so you can have different weight options. But technology is a beautiful thing because now there are adjustable kettlebells. With the flick of a switch or the turn of a dial, you can go up or down in weight. No need to have a whole set cluttering up your home. Just one of these bad boys can do the trick.

Benefits Of Adjustable Kettlebells vs Kettlebell Sets

An adjustable kettlebell lets you choose the weight you want depending on the type of exercise you’re doing. So if you want to lighten up for presses, you can. Then, when it’s time for swings or lunges, just dial the weight back on. An adjustable kettlebell not only takes up less space in your home, but it takes up less time for a workout.

How We Picked The Best Adjustable Kettlebells

Going through all the options at Amazon isn’t easy. We needed to have some parameters in mind to pick out the best of the best. Not just by testing them out or by checking out customer reviews. But the functionality of each around these parameters. All 5 options we picked out work, but you may be looking for something specific. And chances are good one of these options below will satisfy those needs.

Is there an alternative to Bowflex?

Bowflex’s SelecTech 840 adjustable kettlebell (see it on Amazon) is without a doubt the gold standard adjustable kettlebell in terms of design and functionality, but also comes at a higher price point. However, sometimes it can be found at a discounted price on Amazon to match the price of competitors (around $150). Check prices for Bowflex SelecTech on Amazon.

There are alternatives to Bowflex available on Amazon too and we’ve listed the best options below. For example, Apex does a heavy-duty kettlebell (get it here) for a fraction of the price, but in terms of design and functionality, it doesn’t quite compare to Bowflex. Read on to see our other kettlebell picks.

Average Price Range

If you want to get a good kettlebell, you’re gonna want to spend a little bit of money. The best of the best is gonna run you around $200 when it isn’t on sale. You can find others from around $50, but those aren’t the rule. Most of the best will go around $150, that range. But the benefits it provides to you in terms of workouts and space saved, it’s more than worth it.

Are you ready to jump on the kettlebell train? You need an adjustable kettlebell. If you can’t—or just don’t want to—opt for the SelecTech, check out these adjustable kettlebells as alternatives to Bowflex.

The Men’s Journal Pick For The Best Adjustable Kettlebell: Bowflex 840 SelectTech Kettlebell

Bowflex 840 SelectTech Kettlebell

When it comes to adjustable kettlebells, you should go with the Bowflex option. Bowflex makes some of the best workout gear around and this kettlebell is no exception to that rule. It feels easy on your hands when using it, is sturdy enough to handle a workout, and is easy to adjust. You’ll be doing yourself a favor picking this up.

Get It: Pick up the Bowflex 840 SelectTech Kettlebell ($150; was $199) at Amazon

Get it!

Best Lightweight Option: Bibowa Adjustable Kettlebell

Bibowa Adjustable Kettlebell

Ideal for beginners, this kettlebell bell gets a 4.3-star rating. Clearly, people love it. It easily adjusts to add or remove cast-iron weight plates in six increments. It’s got an easy grip and a flat base to make for much easier workouts.

Get It: Pick up the Bibowa Adjustable Kettlebell ($143) at Amazon

Get it!

Best Heavy Option: Apex Adjustable Heavy-Duty Kettlebell

Apex Adjustable Heavy-Duty Kettlebell

More serious lifters should look here. Made from solid cast-iron and reinforced with a powder coating, this bell comes with a 15-pound weighted handle. It’s adjustable between 20-50 pounds. Do Kettlebell Swings, Russian Swings, Goblet Squats, Lunge Presses, and many more.

Get It: Pick up the Apex Adjustable Heavy-Duty Kettlebell ($54; was $70) at Amazon

Get it!

Best Quick Release: Shanchar Kettlebell

Shanchar Kettlebell

This kettlebell adjusts quickly; simply push down and twist to select the resistance that you want. It has seven different weight settings for you to use depending on your proficiency.

Get It: Pick up the Shanchar Kettlebell ($149) at Amazon

Get it!

Best Portable Option: LIGHT DUST Portable Kettlebell Sandbag

LIGHT DUST Portable Kettlebell Sandbag

Maybe you’re looking to workout wherever the mood strikes. In the house or out in the backyard. With these sandbag kettlebells, you can workout wherever you want. Take out the sand or add in more to adjust to your desired weight and workout wherever thanks to the incredibly durable design. They can survive anywhere. All for a great low price.

Get It: Pick up the LIGHT DUST Portable Kettlebell Sandbag ($17) at Amazon

Get it!

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Windows 10 Webcam Speicherort

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Wählen Sie aus, welche Elemente Sie dauerhaft entfernen möchten, um Speicherplatz freizugeben. Es wird eine Liste angezeigt, welche Kategorie Speicherplatz verwendet. Damit Windows 10 auf der Festplatte weniger Speicherplatz benötigt, kann das Betriebsystem komprimiert werden. Gerade SSD Festplatten bieten meist nur einen begrenzten Speicherplatz. Damit möglichst viel davon für die eigentlichen Daten verwendet werden kann, ist es möglich Windows 10 mit einem simplen Befehl zu optimieren.

  • Nach der Installation öffnen wir GPA und generieren uns ein neues Schlüsselpaar.
  • Sie wählen Ihr Design aber aus einer Vielzahl von Vorlagen aus und lassen diese von den Experten nach Bedarf anpassen.
  • Nach umfangreichen Tests kommen wir zu dem Schluss, dass PrivadoVPN der beste kostenlose VPN-Dienst des Jahres 2022 ist.

Für bestimmte Funktionen ist es jedoch hilfreich zu wissen, wo Sie sie aktivieren oder deaktivieren können. Wenn Sie jemals eine Funktion haben, die Sie denken sollten, sollten Sie dies überprüfen. Wenn Sie übrigens nur einen Ausschnitt des Bildschirmfotos brauchen, dann müssen Sie den Screenshot in einem Fotoprogramm bearbeiten. Dieses “Einfügen” aus dem Zwischenspeicher funktioniert übrigens auch in anderen Anwendungen wie Textverarbeitung oder Mailprogrammen. Den Sonnenstrom, den Sie mithilfe Ihrer Solaranlage gewinnen, können Sie zum einen sofort selbst verbrauchen. Zum anderen haben Sie die Möglichkeit, Solarenergie zu speichern.

Tipp Für Googles Mobiles Betriebssystem:

Mit einer gültigen gewerblichen Lizenz wird das Banner „Nur für nicht-gewerbliche Zwecke“ entfernt. Ein Upgrade einer Workstation-Lizenz für den Bildungssektor auf eine gewerbliche Lizenz für Workstation ist nicht möglich. Wenn Sie keiner Bildungseinrichtung mehr angehören und weiterhin Workstation verwenden möchten, müssen Sie eine vollständige gewerbliche Lizenz erwerben. Kunden mit älteren Versionen von VMware Workstation (3.x bis einschließlich 12.x) müssen eine „neue“ Lizenz erwerben. Bei Windows-Hosts ist eine GPU erforderlich, die DirectX 11.1 unterstützt.

Außerdem können Sie Daten auf diese Weise von einem auf das andere Gerät transferieren, Backups treiber herunterladen anlegen und Daten sichern. Die gängigsten externen Speicher sind SD-Karten, microSD-Karten, externe Festplatten sowie USB-Sticks. Ein gutes Speichermedium erkennen Sie dabei nicht nur an der Speicherkapazität, sondern auch an der Schreibgeschwindigkeit.

Windows Shellbags

2.Indem Sie den ‚Aufnahme‘-Knopf drücken, können Sie den Geheimen Bildschirm-Rekorder in Windows 10 nutzen. Viele unterschiedliche Android Bildschirmaufnahmeanwendungen wurden für diesen Fall entwickelt, um den Bildschirm für Geräte mit Android, iOS und Windows aufzuzeichnen. Doch nicht alles, was aufgezeichnet werden muss, ist auf Geräten mit Android- und iOS-Betriebssystemen verfügbar. Benutzer können damit ihren Bildschirm aufzeichnen, um Hilfe-Videos zu Spielen oder zu technischen Themen aufzunehmen. Manche zeichnen vielleicht ihren Bildschirm auf, um zu zeigen, wie man eine bestimmte Software verwendet, andere wollen Unterstützung beim Erstellen von Präsentationen bieten oder einem Freund helfen. Hier werden in der ersten Hälfte des Fensters die Laufwerke angezeigt, die mit dem PC verbunden sind.

Auf Wie Vielen Computern Ist Windows 10 Installierbar? Die Lizenzbestimmungen

Die main() Methode enthält das Hauptprogramm unserer Java Anwendung. Durch sie lassen wir einen kurzen Gruß, die „Hallo Welt“ Botschaft, ausgeben. Wir haben nun das Java Development Kit erfolgreich installiert und auch den Pfad zur OpenJDK-Installation in die Umgebungsvariable Path eingetragen. Wir möchten nun das OpenJDK 13 das erste Mal verwenden und unser erstes kleines Java Programm schreiben. Es öffnet sich nun die Windows Eingabeaufforderung ganz neu in einem kleinen Fenster.

A Proclamation on National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, 2022 – The White House

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Throughout the pandemic, Americans have found creative ways to maintain their physical fitness through sports or other forms of physical activity.  During National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, we renew our commitment to staying active and encourage all Americans to participate in activities that improve their well-being and lead to healthier lifestyles.

Thanks to our dedicated health care professionals and millions of Americans who have gotten vaccinated and boosted, schools, gyms, and businesses across the country have reopened.  Stadiums are, once again, filled with fans cheering on their favorite sports teams and athletes.

But for the past few years, rates of physical activity have decreased — especially among groups at high risk for COVID-19.  Socioeconomic disparities, including a lack of opportunities to participate in sports and fitness programs, have exacerbated the problem.  The environments where people live, learn, work, and play also affect physical activity.  Other barriers to regular physical activity, such as time, money, safety, and accessibility, impact the health and well-being of children and adults in every community.  We must seek out equitable solutions to ensure that all Americans can live a more active, healthier lifestyle.

Fitness and sports are not only good for our physical health, they also improve the quality of our lives overall.  Experts agree that even small amounts of physical activity can make a significant difference in a person’s physical and mental health.  For example, it can reduce the risk of chronic diseases, blood pressure, and anxiety while improving sleep — among other health benefits.

Every sector has a role to play in removing barriers and increasing opportunities for Americans to participate in physical activities.  That is why I issued an Executive Order to renew the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition, focusing on the importance of mental health related to physical fitness and nutrition.  Through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s “Active People, Healthy Nation” initiative, we are providing an evidence-based blueprint to help 27 million Americans become more physically active by 2027.  Additionally, the Department of Health and Human Services’ “Move Your Way” campaign is informing Americans about activities they can do to stay healthy through the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans.

This month, let us all find ways to become more physically active in our daily lives.  Take a walk, hike in your favorite park, try a new fitness class, join a local sports team, or volunteer at a community race. Whatever physical activity you choose, fitness will lead to better and healthier lives for all Americans.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, JOSEPH R. BIDEN JR., President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim May 2022 as National Physical Fitness and Sports Month.  I call upon the people of the United States to make daily physical activity a priority, to support efforts to increase access to sports opportunities in their communities, and to pursue physical fitness as an essential part of healthy living.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this twenty-ninth day of April, in the year of our Lord two thousand twenty-two, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and forty-sixth.

                               JOSEPH R. BIDEN JR.


How To Install Precision Touchpad Drivers On Windows 10

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You can see your display window appearing in the OBS dashboard. Later, you can use OBS to record a specific window for free. Recognize and record a specific window with the original quality. Original quality video conversion with full GPU acceleration. You can add text, arrows, and shapes to the recording. The free version comes with no time restriction to record movies on Windows 10.

  • If you don’t want to open or sign in to your Xbox Account, then you can view your recordings outside of the Xbox app.
  • Millions of websites run on JavaScript, making it necessary to browse the Internet in this day and age.
  • We recommend you configure the following features before taking screenshots so that you can find them and use them according to your needs.
  • You need to set the output format in this window and click “Browser” to select an appropriate folder to save your recordings.

We recently outlined some of these gestures in our comprehensive article ‘9 touchpad gestures every Windows 10 user should know’ for those with a Precision touchpad. The safest way to delete these partitions is through the Windows installer. So simply boot from your USB stick as we did before and when you reach theWhere do you want to install Windows? Question, you may delete your “BOOTCAMP” partition and the small 16 MB partition of type MSR just above the BOOTCAMP partition.

You can lock the meeting to prevent any new participants from crashing in along with the options to disable chat, share screen, and rename permissions for participants, as well. Open the Start menu and type zoom in the search bar. If you do not have the app installed on your PC then you can download it from here.

We Are Checking Your Browser Wwwguidingtechcom

Apparently, you will need to following Video Adapters installed to be able to enjoy the built-in screen recording feature. Also, because it is composed of so many features and customized options which all display in the the interface, it’s easy to get lost at the beginning. But with the advantages mentioned before, it’s still one of the best free screen recorders for Windows 10. You can use it to make full-screen capture, regional capture, scrolling capture, auto-capture, and even captures of several selected areas. After capturing, there are annotations tools for you to freely edit your captures are you like.

Airserver: Get More Control Over Your Iphone Screen Recording

You can grab the entire desktop screen, a window, or a region with Snagit’s All-in-One Capture. It also allows you to take a quick snapshot or even record a video. You can save captured screenshots by pressing Ctrl + S.

Install Windows 10 On Your Mac With Boot Camp Assistant

However, lacking advanced recording features is the main drawback of built-in screen recorders. If you want to add your voice, face and on-screen drawing tools into this recording video, a third-party screen video recorder is required. With OBS, you can create high-quality screen recordings without much hassle.

I have never been a fan of keeping passwords stored in a browser. They are much more secure, as most password managers encrypt the stored information. If you don’t have access to a VPN, a proxy server is a decent alternative.

You can also speed up your boot process by closing all your programs before you turn your computer off. This way, you won’t have applications trying to start every time you boot your laptop. Like Dell, most companies have a page on their official website where you can download and install drivers. Touchpad issues can either come from the hardware or the drivers powering it in Windows. Once you track down which it is, solving the problem is straightforward. These steps can help you narrow the cause and get your touchpad working.

How to Do the Zercher Squat for Lower Body Size and Power

A simple barbell in a squat rack may not seem like a piece of modern-day technology, but it kinda is. Up until a few decades ago, lifters were either making their own racks by hand from scrap metal and wood, or they were figuring out how to get the bar lifted by any means necessary.

One popular method was created by Ed Zercher, a St. Louis-based weightlifter from the 1930s. Rather than get the bar onto his back, he developed a technique to get the bar from the floor into the crook of his arms so he could squat while clutching the weight to his torso.

This type of squat was dubbed “the Zercher squat.” Even if you’re a full-fledged 21st-century lifter, you can benefit from this old-school exercise.

How to Do the Zercher Squat

While the Zercher squat was originally intended as a solution for lifters without a squat rack, this approach does require the bar to begin either in a rack or set on benches, blockers, or another elevated surface. A Zercher movement for the rack-less lifter will be explained later in the Variations section.

Step 1 — Unrack the Bar

Man holding barbell in elbows

Credit: BarBend / Youtube

Set a barbell between your belly button and your chest, either in a rack or supported on benches, steps, or blocks. Stand as close as possible, with your feet directly under the bar at shoulder-width. Keep your shoulders back. Squat down just low enough to get your elbows under the bar.

Cradle the bar in your elbows, between your forearms and biceps, and curl both hands as close to your shoulders as possible. The palms of your hands should be pointed towards your face and your elbows should be tight to your ribs. Lift the weight by standing up. Lock your legs and stabilize your entire body. Take one full step backwards. Step one foot sideways to set your stance outside of shoulder-width.

Form Tip: For many lifters, physical discomfort from holding the bar in position is the biggest challenge. Wrapping the bar in a towel or bar pad (often meant to cushion the neck during back squats) is a solution as your body adapts to the pressure. Keeping your hands palms-up, not thumbs-up, will also help to disperse stress onto the muscles of the forearm instead of the bones of the forearm.

Step 2 — Squat Down

Men performing squat holding barbell in arms

Credit: BarBend / Youtube

Maintain a stable and wide stance, beyond shoulder-width. Take a breath into your belly and tense your abs. Shift your hips backwards to squat down until your elbows or the barbell (depending on arm length) barely touch your thighs. Keep your torso as upright as possible throughout the movement.

Don’t allow the weight to pull your elbows forward or your arms to straighten. Your hands should remain near your shoulders or your chin during the movement. Pause very briefly in the bottom position.

Form Tip: Maintain full-body tension in the bottom position. Don’t relax your legs, core, or arms. Don’t allow the weight to “unload” onto your legs, which decreases muscular tension and increases overall joint strain.

Step 3 — Stand Up to Lockout

Man in gym standing while holding barbell in arms

Credit: BarBend / Youtube

From the bottom position, keep your feet flat while pressing upwards to a standing position. Keep your shoulders back and squeeze your elbows into your sides to encourage upper body tension. As your legs lockout, squeeze your glutes to increase tension and ensure a strong standing position.

Form Tip: Pause very briefly in the locked out position to ensure total-body tightness. Don’t rise explosively to prevent the bar from bouncing in your arms; move with steady power and control.

Zercher Squat Mistakes to Avoid

Because the Zercher squat involves a unique and often unfamiliar bar position, there are several common mistakes many lifters may make which can reduce effectiveness and increase the risk of injury.

Leaning Forward

Much like the front squat, the Zercher squat supports the barbell in front of the body. This requires an upright torso position during the entire movement. Leaning forward shifts your center of gravity and pulls your upper body into a weakened position.

Man performing squat with poor technique

Credit: BarBend / Youtube

When the upper body falls forward, either the bar will roll out of your arms or you’ll manage to keep control of the weight while grinding out a rep with a serious leverage disadvantage, exposing your lower back to potential injury.

Avoid It: Maintain a vertical torso by keeping your shoulder blades pinched back and, even more importantly, by keeping the bar as close to your body as possible. Create tension through your arms, abs, shoulders, and back to hold the bar in position.

Short Range of Motion

The lower one descends into a squat position, the more glute and hamstring muscles are recruited. (1) Squatting to a relatively higher position may offer specific benefits, such as competitive powerlifters who only need to reach a parallel-thigh position and not any lower.

Man in gym squatting with barbell in arms

Credit: BarBend / Youtube

However, when a lifter unknowingly squats high or deliberately squats high as an “easier” option, they shortchange their overall results. Partial rep squatting can also increase stress on the knee and hip joints compared to squatting to lower depths. (2)

Avoid it: Because the bar is held relatively low on the body during the Zercher squat, the barbell acts as a built-in boundary, offering an unwavering target for depth. Make sure the bar reaches your thighs at the bottom of each rep.

Bouncing Off Your Legs

Maintaining control of the weight during an exercise is essential for developing muscle and power. Uncontrolled, explosive movements also open the door for unexpected injuries.

Man performing deep squat holding barbell in arms

Credit: BarBend / Youtube

While a guideline for proper Zercher squat technique is to reach the bar to the tops of your legs, some lifters descend so quickly that the bar impacts their legs and rebounds upwards. Clearly, smashing your thighs with 100-plus pounds at a fairly high rate of speed isn’t the best idea.

Avoid it: Lower yourself under control, don’t free fall. Imagine your phone resting on your legs and touch the bar as softly as possible without breaking it.

Benefits of the Zercher Squat

The Zercher squat is more taxing, and slightly more complicated, than other squat variations. That extra effort can pay dividends with increased muscle recruitment and more overall strength gains.

Leg Strength

The Zercher squat allows the legs to move significantly heavy weight with a stable and engaged core, reducing potential lower back strain (compared to other squat variations). Power output is optimized due to overall leverage, making the legs the primary mover and the most significantly recruited muscle group.

Leg Size

The Zercher squat has been shown to activate the quadriceps comparable to several popular squat variations, while also activating the glutes and hamstrings to a higher degree. (3) This increased muscle activation can directly lead to more muscle growth.

Upper Back Strength

While the upper back isn’t worked through a significant range of motion, it is heavily activated to keep your shoulders back while maintaining a stable upper body position. This constant work, resisting the barbell’s forward and downward pull, leads to a stronger upper back.

Core Strength

The abs and lower back are essential for preventing your upper body from collapsing forward under the stress of the weight. Coordinating the abs and lower back in this type of supportive role is essential for building total core strength.

Sport-Specific Training

The front-loaded barbell position of the Zercher squat can offer direct carryover for strength athletes who compete in similar front-loaded events. In strongman/strongwoman contests, this would include atlas stones, stone carries, and, most specifically, the “Conan’s Wheel” event.

Training Around Lower Back Pain

All types of squats can help to build lower body strength, but many squat variations require intensive lower back stress which can be a limiting factor for some lifters. Due to the unique bar position and increased overall core recruitment, the Zercher squat doesn’t significantly strain the lower back, allowing lifters to target their legs with reduced back pain.

Muscles Worked by Zercher Squat

The Zercher squat is predominantly a lower body exercise, but it involves multiple large muscles in the upper body as well.


The quads are significantly recruited during any squat, particularly as you reach the bottom position of the Zercher squat. The quads are responsible for straightening the leg and extending the knee, which helps you rise from the bottom position and get to a standing position.


The glute muscles play a key role to “extend” the hips and bring the legs directly under the upper body. Performing a complete lockout in the top position allows the glutes to maximally contract.


The hamstrings consist of several different muscles heads, each of which coordinate to flex or bend the knee. The hamstrings are recruited and act as “brakes” while lowering yourself into the bottom of the squat position.

Upper Back

The upper back (consisting of the trapezius, rhomboids, rear deltoids, and other smaller muscles) is highly activated from the moment you unrack the barbell until the set is completed. The upper back works to keep your shoulder blades retracted (pinched together) and prevents your upper body from rounding forward into a dangerous position.

Spinal Erectors

The spinal erectors, or technically “erector spinae”, are more commonly referred to as the “lower back” although they’re a pair of muscles which run the entire length of the spine. They work primarily to prevent the rounding of the back and to maintain a straight upper body posture.


The abdominal muscles are responsible for more than just flexing or “crunching” the upper body. They control all basic movement from the hips up, including rotation, bending to either side, and to prevent bending backwards.


The biceps, like the upper back, aren’t worked through any significant range of motion during a Zercher squat but they are highly activated to maintain a static position while holding the bar in place. It’s not uncommon for a lifter to feel muscular fatigue in their biceps after a set of hard Zercher squats.

Who Should Do the Zercher Squat

The Zercher squat can offer specific benefits for any lifter who can overcome or acclimate to the initial physical discomfort of the bar position.

Strength Athletes

Competitive strength athletes who perform front-loaded events can benefit directly from the Zercher squat. Athletes in any strength sport can benefit from the Zercher squat’s carryover to overall strength and core stability. Because of its significant upper back recruitment, it’s well-suited as an accessory exercise for either the squat or deadlift.

Training for Muscle

The Zercher squat isn’t a common exercise for muscle-building purposes, but it can serve as an effective squat variation to target the legs without excessive strain on the back.

How to Program the Zercher Squat

The Zercher squat can be programmed in line with multiple goals, but lower rep ranges are typically preferred to prevent fatigue as a limiting factor.

Heavy Weight, Low Repetition

The classic set and rep scheme of three to five sets of three to five reps is a reliable approach to build strength in any big lift, like the Zercher squat. The key to moving heavy weights is taking the time to adjust to the physical pressure at the elbows in the support position.

Moderate Weight, Low Repetition

Slightly reducing the weight while maintaining a lower rep range can shift the focus from leg strength to strength in the core and upper back. Two to four sets of four to six reps is an efficient way to train these total-body stabilizer muscles.

Zercher Squat Variations

Lifters may progressively work towards a full Zercher squat while adjusting to the bar position. Here are the most comparable options.

Goblet Squat

The goblet squat is a similar front-loaded squat variation, holding a dumbbell or kettlebell in the hands near chest-level. It offers reduced lower back stress, making it ideal for any lifter with back issues.

The goblet squat also allows for a complete range of motion, letting the lifter squat as deep as their hip and ankle mobility will allow. While the goblet squat is sometimes used by beginner lifters, it can be progressed heavily and can benefit even the most advanced lifter.

Sandbag Zercher Squat

Training with a sandbag offers countless benefits ranging from increased core stability to overall calorie-burning. It’s also an excellent callback to homemade training equipment, in the true spirit of Ed Zercher.

Using a sandbag instead of a barbell does compromise on potential load, since you don’t often find 300-pound sandbags, but the thicker diameter makes the support position extremely more comfortable, which allows you to focus on basic exercise technique and intensity.

Zercher Carry

The Zercher carry removes the squat portion and swaps it for a nice, long walk. Anytime you move while carrying a load, your core activation will light up. Zercher carries, in particular, will also involve your upper back (specifically the traps) to a very high degree.

A word of warning: Be sure to pay attention to your surroundings when Zercher carrying a barbell. You’ll be moving a wide load and the last thing you need is to have the seven-foot long barbell clip an object on one side and throw yourself into a spin.

Zercher Deadlift

The literal granddaddy of all Zercher lifts, the Zercher deadlift starts with the barbell on the floor rather than a rack, just the way Ed did them.

Sometimes called a “full cycle Zercher,” this movement is a multi-step process requiring you to deadlift the weight, hold the bar in position while squatting your body down, rest the bar on your legs, take the bar into the crooks of your arms, and then squat up.

This drawn-out technique involves so many moving parts, literally, that many lifters may not find it efficient for their goals. It is, however, a purebred piece of weightlifting history and is worth an experience, if only with an empty barbell.

Zercher Squat Alternatives

Not all lifters may need to incorporate the Zercher squat into their routine. There are several exercises which can offer similar benefits.

Front Squat

The front squat may appear to be a “Zercher squat while holding the bar higher on your body.” That’s a fair assessment. By using a “rack position,” the front squat keeps the weight in front of the body, supported across the front of the shoulders.

This allows the legs to be trained with drastically reduced lower back stress. The wrist and shoulder mobility needed to achieve a strong rack position can be relatively quickly trained with minimal direct attention.

High-Bar Squat

A simple variation of the basic back squat, placing the bar high on the shoulders and traps allows the lifter to maintain a more vertical torso, which reduces lower back strain.

This squat variation also offers much more direct carryover to competitive powerlifters, compared to the Zercher squat, because the bar is placed nearly identical to their contest lift. (Though, many competitive powerlifters opt to use a low-bar squat position, which places the bar more on the middle traps.)

Safety Bar Squat

The key benefit of the safety bar squat is the hand position, which accommodates lifters whose shoulder problems prevent holding a bar across their back.

A significant secondary benefit of the safety bar squat is increased upper back recruitment, due to the way the specialized handle offsets the barbell from your center of gravity. This upper back recruitment can offer comparable benefits to Zerchers.


The bar hurts my arms. What’s the solution?

Probably the single most common issue with Zercher squats is the initial discomfort of holding the barbell in the elbow-supported position. There are a number of very effective workarounds that allow you to gradually adapt to the feeling while working on the exercise.

You can cushion yourself by wearing long-sleeve shirts and/or elbow sleeves (some lifters wear knee sleeves on their arms because the knee sleeves are larger and more comfortable). You can also cushion the bar with a bad pad typically used when the bar’s on your neck, or by wrapping a towel around the barbell.

Increasing the diameter of the bar also reduces the direct pressure. If your gym has thick barbells or axles, those work very well. Attaching removable thick-grip handles can also work.

Lastly, if you don’t feel that adapting to the movement is a good investment of your time in the gym, and presuming you’re not a competitive athlete performing Zercher-type movements in competition, it’s entirely acceptable to simply choose a different exercise.

Will the barbell crush the tendons in my elbows?

No, it won’t. Biceps tendon injuries at the elbow are relatively rare in the gym and, even then, they most often occur at the shoulder, not at the elbow. (4)(5)

While the biceps tendon does attach to the elbow joint, it’s not being strained in the Zercher position because it’s under a static contraction. Biceps tendon injuries typically occur when the tendon is “overstretched” with too much weight, too much speed, or too much range of motion. During a Zercher squat, the tendon isn’t put through any of those conditions.

However, if you have pre-existing elbow pain or inflammation issues, the exercise becomes a different scenario. In that case, as with any exercise, you should choose movements which do not aggravate your condition or affect recovery.


  1. Kubo, K., Ikebukuro, T., & Yata, H. (2019). Effects of squat training with different depths on lower limb muscle volumes. European journal of applied physiology, 119(9), 1933–1942.
  2. Hartmann H, Wirth K, Klusemann M. Analysis of the load on the knee joint and vertebral column with changes in squatting depth and weight load. Sports Med. 2013 Oct;43(10):993-1008. doi: 10.1007/s40279-013-0073-6. PMID: 23821469.
  3. Erdağ, Deniz & Yavuz, Hasan. (2020). Evaluation of Muscle Activities During Different Squat Variations Using Electromyography Signals. 10.1007/978-3-030-35249-3_114.
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Featured Image: BarBend / Youtube


Dustin Martin’s fast return to match fitness as Richmond star will return NEXT WEEK – Daily Mail

Filed under: Fitness — admin @ 12:11 pm

Boxing sessions, gym work and running have kept Dustin Martin in tip-top shape during his absence from the AFL and the Richmond superstar is a ‘certainty’ to return against Collingwood next weekend.  

Martin returned to training last weekend after a five-week hiatus, with the 30-year-old taking time out to come to terms with the death of his father, Shane. 

Despite his lengthy stint on the sidelines, Martin has hit the ground running since coming back to Punt Road and has impressed coaches in a number of training sessions.

Dustin Martin is reportedly a 'certainty' to make his AFL return against Collingwood next week

Dustin Martin is reportedly a 'certainty' to make his AFL return against Collingwood next week

Dustin Martin is reportedly a ‘certainty’ to make his AFL return against Collingwood next week

Damien Hardwick opted not to take Martin west for the Tigers’ game against the Eagles, but the Herald Sun reports that the midfielder dazzled in a training session with the VFL side in Melbourne and insiders have decided he can return next week. 

‘He (Martin) trained with us on Wednesday and it briefly came up (whether he would play against West Coast) and we said let’s not take him to Perth,’ Richmond performance manager Peter Burge said.

‘He trained on Friday in a big session with the other guys who have a VFL bye and then we can look at him again next week. He has got through pretty much everything as planned which has been great and we look forward to him training again next week. We will revisit it next week.’

The 30-year-old has kept in shape with boxing and running while taking time out of the sport

The 30-year-old has kept in shape with boxing and running while taking time out of the sport

The 30-year-old has kept in shape with boxing and running while taking time out of the sport

While out of the game, Martin has been ticking over with boxing sessions, runs and gym work and has benefited from that work since coming back.  

‘We won’t declare if he is in or not but he is a very, very good player and as ‘Dimma’ (Damien Hardwick) put it yesterday, even if he is not 100 per cent fit as long as he is safe to play from an injury point of view (we will consider it).

‘He did about 11km of work and all the varying intensities we throw at the guys with a football component and a fair conditioning element, too.’

Club officials are confident he faces no risk of injury if he returns against the Pies next week

Club officials are confident he faces no risk of injury if he returns against the Pies next week

Club officials are confident he faces no risk of injury if he returns against the Pies next week

Burge said the club was never surprised by Martin’s conditioning after 260 games in 12 completed seasons as well as round 1 this year.

‘He is low maintenance, he is very good with recovery and his communication,’ Burge said.

‘We know how his body responds. He likes his boxing, he is more amenable to going for a run these days than 10 years ago and he’s been maintaining speed and strength markers in the gym.’


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